The Merits Of Having A Bouncy Castle At Your Party

With Jack’s seventh birthday rapidly approaching, you can bet we are thinking of party options. We’ve done the big class party, we’ve done the little party with just a selection of his classmates and we’ve done the even smaller party with just three of his closest friends and he honestly couldn’t tell you which was his favourite.

Trying to find something to do this year that is both affordable and fun for the kids is key. We still haven’t worked out what we are doing for his birthday – will we be opting for the whole class being invited like two years ago or will we be choosing just a selection for something fun? Either way, we need to come to a decision soon.

Something I’ve seen a lot more recently at his friend’s parties is bouncy castles. Whether in the height of summer and outside or in the middle of winter in a sports hall, they seem to be growing in popularity – and Jack and his friends find them incredibly fun! There are companies out there that hire them out for such events such as Bounce Back Castles with so many different varieties of castle available to book – I didn’t realise there were so many to choose from!

But what exactly are the benefits of having a bouncy castle at your party?

They’re fun

It cannot be denied that kids absolutely adore bouncy castles. Jack would never get off them if given the chance. Him and his friends are always bouncing around on them and hate having to get off. Whether they are the main attraction at your party or an added extra to other activities, a bouncy castle is sure to be a very popular choice with party guests.

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They’re an affordable piece of entertainment

With so many varieties of castles available for hire, you’re bound to find the right one for your needs at the right kind of price. We all have set budgets for our childrens parties – and we don’t want to go over it! If you want something affordable that will definitely be in constant use, why wouldn’t you opt for a bouncy castle?

The entertainment factor is long term

As I mentioned, Jack would never get off if we didn’t make him! Castles will be in constant use throughout the party if you allow the children to do so – so the entertainment factor really is long term. One of our local pubs has a bouncy castle out in the summer – especially on the last day of term where we have a sort of picnic party on the local common, across from the pub. The castle is in constant use from everyone getting there around 1pm – and I’ve seen children still using it past 7pm – can you think of other party entertainment that has the fun factor for that long?

Think of the exercise

You may not think about it but all that jumping has got to be having a positive effect on your child’s health! They’re constantly jumping, running and trying to keep their balance. Some inflatables are suitable for adults as well as children so you can have a bounce too!

It eases the stress

Even if you have other activities going on alongside the bouncy castle, it is a relatively stress free piece of entertainment for the kids. Of course, an adult or two need to be around to monitor the children but you don’t have to worry about kids getting bored or causing mayhem – they’re more than likely too busy having fun bouncing around!

A bouncy castle is definitely something we are considering for Jack’s next birthday – we need to get it all sorted very soon. Have you ever had a bouncy castle at your child’s birthday party?

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  1. Both of my kids have had bouncy castle parties for exactly the reasons you have mentioned. They are great fun and one thing that whether they are 3 or 13 they will love.

  2. We love bouncy castles, I find that my kids totally look forward to bouncing on it at parties and as long as someone is watching how many kids are bouncing on it at one time, its always a great fun!

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