The Four Seasons: A Year Round Garden Fit For Spring And Back

The calendar says March and the boffins tell us that means it’s spring, but we Brits know better. Thanks to the Gulf Stream and global warming, the seasons are lasting longer. The mini “Beast from the East”, for example, has just left a new trail of snowy destruction in its path. Sure, the weather should be warming up, but we will believe it when we see it happen with our peepers! For gardeners, it isn’t a joking matter because the bad weather kills plants and flowers dead. And, it takes plenty of money, time and effort to create an amazing outdoor living space.

Drastic times call for drastic measures, so here’s how to develop a year-round garden.

Plant For Autumn And Winter

Spring and summer plants are beautiful and colourful, but they are flimsy. One strong gust of wind and they will get ripped out by the roots. What you need is vegetation which is durable and sturdy while visually beautiful at the same time. Step forward autumn and winter flowers. Bred to survive the British elements, they are as strong as an ox and hold up perfectly well in bad conditions. Plus, they mix purples, browns and greens to great effect. For the best results, add a bit of colour when the weather turns with roses, tulips and daffodils.

 Gaelle Marcel

Buy With Rain In Mind

Even when it’s supposed to be warm, the British weather throws a curveball. Well, it isn’t a surprise any longer because we have been getting wet summers for years. Therefore, you are better off planning for the devil you know rather than hoping and wishing for a change. Take furniture as an example. To begin with, wood or galvanised is a savvy option because they don’t erode as much as wet steel. Next, check out waterproof cushions at Bridgman so you don’t have to wash them every five minutes. Finally, fix the shed so it doesn’t leak.

Build An Outdoor Space

The term “outdoor space” doesn’t mean a garden. It means a place you can enjoy regardless of the weather or time of year. Picture having a BBQ while the rain pours down. Never appealing at first, but people change their mind when they see a roof. Shelter allows you to use the space outside without getting wet through and having a terrible day. Underneath the screen, add comfy furniture and a space heater in case the mercury drops.

Be Transparent

It’s okay putting up barriers to protect garden elements from, ahem, the elements, but there’s a risk. Opaque materials will block the light from the sun and stunt the growth of plants and flowers. Even autumn and winter shrubbery will struggle to flourish if it doesn’t get enough UV radiation. Thankfully, you can have your cake and eat it by building transparent shelters which stop the weather yet let through sunlight. A greenhouse is a typical example, just on a large scale.

Do you want a garden that lasts all year round? Can you think of any other methods to add to this list?


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