The 3 Big Reasons Why Winter Lawn Care Is Still Important

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Ways to tackle winter lawn care for busy parents… 

It is so easy in winter to throw everything garden-related out the window and stay cosy inside as much as humanly possible.

The issue with this is that when summer starts to show its face, you will no doubt have a very sad-looking lawn and garden to contend with when all you really should be doing is soaking up as much vitamin D as you can!

For this reason, looking after your lawn in winter is an important task. Granted, winter lawn care doesn’t need to be a daily or even regular chore; doing odd jobs now and then like clearing leaves will go a long way.

Or, if you would prefer not to have to venture out in the cold, you can let professionals take over.

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Let’s have a look at the three main reasons why winter lawn care is just as important as looking after your lawn in the warmer months…

  • Fail to prepare, prepare to fail…

The first big reason why you should look into winter lawn care is the big pat on the back you can give yourself when your lawn isn’t looking forlorn and deprived by the time summer arrives.

Although the amount of winter lawn care you can really do is restricted with rain, snow and all things in-between, there are some little tasks that can make a big difference in the long run!

Clearing leaves and debris from your lawn’s surface is one way to help it survive autumn/winter – if your lawn is constantly covered it will simply be unable to breathe. To help with allowing your lawn to breathe, you could also get ahead of the game and poke small holes into the surface of your lawn before the colder weather comes around. You will thank yourself later.

If you feel like you simply don’t have the time to invest in lawn care – as a busy parent I can relate – there is, of course, the option to let professionals do the work. Greensleeves offer an affordable lawn care service with a range of seasonal treatments, even in winter, to keep your lawn happy and protected from the elements. If you are always on the go and preoccupied with children and family duties like most parents, you can schedule Greensleeves’ visits in all year-round to keep your garden looking its best without so much as a thought.

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  • Safe space for children

The second important reason why even parents/guardians with busy schedules should take winter lawn care into account is for the children. Having a safe and healthy space for children to play in outdoors is an important part of childhood and whilst there is the option to take children to local parks, having your own space will make both yours and their life so much easier!

Picture this, it’s a sunny day but you have some jobs in the house to be getting on with – if you have a healthy and secure garden you can let your kids loose to entertain themselves. What a luxury!

  • For appearance’s sake

The third and final big reason for investing time or money into winter lawn care is simply for the sake of appearances! Think of all the summer gatherings, barbecues, firework displays and more that you could host if you are proud of your lawn…

If you keep your garden in good nick you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised at the nature that congregates too. Leaving bread or seeds out on the grass or in a bird feeder will encourage winter birds like the famous robin to pay your backyard a visit. There is nothing more serene than looking out the window on a chilly winter morning and seeing a multitude of animals happily enjoying your garden.

Hopefully, these three big reasons why you should spend some time on your winter lawn care have motivated you to layer up and get stuck in – or to give the professionals a call and book in some lawn care treatments!

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  1. Completely agree with this. There’s sometimes so calming about sitting out in your well cared for lawn and watching the little animals enjoy it too! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I have done nothing with my lawn this winter, it is an absolute state after last summer killed it all off as well. I’ll have to try and bring in some of these tips and see if it peps it back up.

  3. we definitely need to give it a mow next time it’s dry – it’s getting a bit long and unruly looking! luckily it has sort of maintained itself otherwise though 🙂

  4. I could never completely get rid of my lawn like so many people do. I have to admit I leave most of the care to my husband who enjoys it much more than me. If for any reason he couldn’t do it, I would certainly think about calling the professionals in.

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