I know, I know.
Everyone is going to be writing these posts but all I can say is that I am disgusted by the ‘youth of today’.
I am 21 & still considered a ‘youth’ in the eyes of society, but do you see me setting things on fire, breaking windows, looting and generally harming people and their property?
No, you don’t. Because I, like most sane young people, am trying to make something of myself & don’t get involved in stupid situations such as this. I know that all of you are just the same, & are appalled by these pieces of scum.. I’m sickened and disgusted by what they’re doing to our country.
However, although I am following what happens in the riots, I feel that as a country, we cannot let things halt to a standstill. We all need to carry on as normal, even though things around us definitely aren’t.
Keep safe people <3 I can’t really find anymore words to say on the subject, except keep safe.. <3