A Weekend Away

A Weekend Away
If you noticed that I was little quiet on Twitter over the last couple of days (but not here – all thanks to scheduled posts!), it was because I was on an impromptu weekend away with my parents, Jack and Steve at our caravan in Camber Sands. We were originally going down to sort a few problems out but thought why not make a weekend of it and just take some time to chill out. Jack tried lots of new things – he went in the sea for the first time and loved it – until a wave splashed him in the face! 
It was so nice to get away and just spend some time without any distractions. Of course, the lack of internet connection did get to me after a while when I finally got some wifi and a flood of emails and notifications appeared! We spent our weekend letting Jack do different things – not only did he go in the sea, he also went on a miniature train in Hastings and I think he walked more in one day than he had ever attempted before – no wonder he fell straight to sleep that night!
Whilst at the campsite, Steve and I encountered some ‘celebrities’ in the fish and chip shop – good old Twist and Pulse from Britain’s Got Talent! It was utterly bizarre, especially watching middle aged ladies throwing themselves at them! 

I’m looking forward to going down again soon and have even invited my buddy Sarah to come down next year sometime – I can’t wait!

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A weekend catchup

A weekend catchup
There is only so much unpacking and housework a girl can take, right?
All I seem to be doing is unpacking more and more boxes and bags – or washing another load of clothes Jack’s dirtied. I dread to think how much money I’m spending on laundry products!
My mission to get fit is failing dramatically so far – especially when I end up buying 18 inch beasts like this:
Just noticed Jacks head in the top right corner; more interested in the tv than the giant pizza!
I am so fed up of takeaway food it’s unreal! However, we’ve been waiting on a cheque of mine to clear so we can actually go out and buy a fridge. Yes, we have been living for three weeks without a fridge and on takeaway food. It doesn’t look like this mum tum is disappearing for a while!
I’ve decided that I’m going to start getting fit after my birthday, for three reasons:
1) This means I can be naughty on my birthday
2) I’m getting Wii Fit from Steve for my birthday so I can use that to help me too
3) I can start at the beginning of a new month, and just pretend that the year started on the first of February so as not to mark down my resolution as an epic fail.
On another note, thank you so much to all of you – I finally hit 200 followers, and now beyond – last time I looked, I has 227! This is amazing and makes me feel really humble and happy, knowing that you all wanted to follow my rambles on my tiny corner of the internet. Thank you so, so much – and if you haven’t entered the Futures first birthday giveaway, then why not? You can enter here or just click on the button in the right sidebar.
Yes, it does say Try My Nuts 😉
My plans for this week are the same as usual at the moment: be a mummy and blog (when not doing either of these, I goof around like in the picture above). I’m expecting plenty of packages though, so expect some In The Post blogposts – and I’m expecting some of the giveaway goodies in those packages too!
I’m also going to be receiving big old boxes too – I shall be spending tomorrow ordering fridges, bookcases, cd/dvd towers and more, so I can finally call this place a home.
Would you all be interested in a home tour once I’m sorted?

This past weekend & this coming week.

I have seen a few people recently give you updates on their weekends, and their plans for the week ahead, and thought that this was a great idea. I often tell you about certain things that have happened or are going to happen, but I also often miss out some other stuff, and I find that I often forget things I’m going to do too! I’m hoping that by writing it down on here, my ‘baby brain’ may not totally wreck my week, aha.
This weekend:
  • I went round my friend Emily’s house for a little get-together. There was only a select few of us & obviously I couldn’t drink, but we had a nice time nonetheless. A few people got a tad merry & playing Buzz on the Playstation with half of the players merry & half of the players sober made for a very funny night indeed! Steve decided he was going to play on his own team, so I teamed up with our friend Duncan, and lets just say, we annihilated the opposition! If you haven’t ever played Buzz, its a must, especially if you’re a music buff!
  • Went to work yesterday – same old, same old really. Not going to bore you with the details.
  • Last night was my friend Chelle’s birthday get together in St Albans. We all met at O’Neills but me, Steve and Duncan didn’t stay too long as everyone was planning on getting very drunk, and since both me & Duncan can’t drink at the moment, and Steve was driving, we’d have felt very out of place.
  • Today, I’ve been a bit of a bum, to be honest. I’ve tidied up the kitchen though, and sorted out a few things at my parents house. I also popped down to my old place of work to see a few old faces, which was nice.
This week, I will:
  • Be going to work 5 out of 7 days…yippee!
  • Be going to my gestational diabetes test (diabetes in pregnancy) which will involve at least one blood test, maybe two, and possibly my Rhesus D injection… for someone who’s petrified of needles, lets just say I am far from looking forward to it!
  • Be packing things up ready for the move, which is in the next two weeks…eek!
  • Be attending my midwife appointment on Friday – 25 weeks gone now, 15 to go!
  • Be looking out for guest posts from you! – Interested? Email me at rebeccajlsk@gmail.com
I don’t have much planned for the week ahead, however I’m sure plenty of things will come up that I will need to do, its always the way!
What have you done this weekend?
Have you got anything nice planned for the week ahead?