The Bucket List: 21-30 – People I’d love to meet

The Bucket List: 21-30 – People I’d love to meet
21. David Tennant
Do you really need to ask why? He was the Doctor. He’s been in Harry Potter. He is absolutely gorgeous….
22. Lindsey Kelk
This fabulous woman writes amazing books, tweets some random stuff and always replies to my tweets because like me, she is a WWE geek. We actually had a Twitter conversation whilst CM Punk was winning the WWE title at Madison Square Gardens. The only difference is, I was watching on my tv at home – and she was there! If you haven’t read any of her books, I fully suggest that you do – they’re definitely worth a read!
23. Edge (Adam Copeland)
Following on from talk about the WWE, I would love to meet this man. He had to retire from the company in 2011, and no one expected it at all! He was at the top of his game, and could have gone on to do a lot more, however injury meant he could not go on forever, for risk on injuring himself much more seriously. One of the best wrestlers to ever pass through the WWE, and there’s something about him too šŸ˜‰
24. Drew Barrymore
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Drew. She is one of my favourite actresses, she just seems like she’d be great as your best friend.
25. Matt Smith
Yes, another Doctor. Not quite my favourite Mr Tennant, but he’s the Doctor! He wears a stetson – they’re cool, didn’t you know? Haha.
26. Martina Cole
She writes some nitty, gritty books about the dark side of London, and I’d love to talk to her about where she gets her inspiration from.

27. John Barrowman
Another Dr Who themed person, Captain Jack Harkness. I’d love to meet John because he’s the whole package – he sings, he acts, he’s good looking…if only he wasn’t gay šŸ™
28. Barack Obama
Definitely one of the most important men in the world right now. I’d want to see what he’s really like.
29. Nicky Byrne
Just a bit of eye candy, you see….
30. All of you lovely bloggers šŸ™‚
Everyone who follows, reads and comments on this blog – I’d like to meet you all to thank you personally šŸ™‚

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The Bucket List: 11-20 – Countries I’d love to visit

The Bucket List: 11-20 – Countries I’d love to visit
Everyone has those places they’d love to go.
Even if just for one day.
I haven’t really got explanations for why I want to visit these places, but these ten countries are definitely on my places to visit in my lifetime.
What are yours?
11. Canada
12. Australia
13. New Zealand
14. America
15. Finland
16. Iceland
17. Japan
18. Egypt
19. Ireland
20. Italy
Have you ever been to any of these places? What did you think of them?
You can find Part 1 of my Bucket List here.

~New Feature~ The Bucket List: 1-10

Hands up how many of you have seen the film of the same name, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? I must admit, I myself haven’t, but I still understand the concept of such a list, and although I’ve seen plenty of 20 before 20, 30 before 30 and similar lists, there just isn’t enough that I want to do in such a short period of time.
However, over my lifetime, there is more than enough stuff that I would love to do, and I thought that I would introduce The Bucket List as a new feature on my blog – every now and then, giving ten things I’d love to do before I die.
This may seem morbid to you, but as someone who loves making lists (just like Bee from Vivatramp – check out her blog if you haven’t before!), I thought this would be a great idea to document what I would love to do, and let you know if I complete any of my goals.
Here are my first ten:
1. Learn to swim (I’m petrified of water due to an incident when I was 4)
2. Swim with dolphins (the only reason I want to do number 1!)
3. Write a novel (I have in fact written a whole book before, handwritten as well – however, being the clutz I am, I misplaced it)
4. Learn to drive (Not necessarily a want, but almost a necessity with a child on the way)
5. Have more children
6. Do an Open University course
7. Visit long lost family in Australia
8. Travel on the Orient-Express (As a lifelong Agatha Christie fan, this would be amazing!)
9. Marry Steve (Well, pretty obvious, really?)
10. Become godmother to a friends child (Who wouldn’t want to be considered for a role like this?)
What would you love to do before you die?