This past weekend & this coming week.

I have seen a few people recently give you updates on their weekends, and their plans for the week ahead, and thought that this was a great idea. I often tell you about certain things that have happened or are going to happen, but I also often miss out some other stuff, and I find that I often forget things I’m going to do too! I’m hoping that by writing it down on here, my ‘baby brain’ may not totally wreck my week, aha.
This weekend:
  • I went round my friend Emily’s house for a little get-together. There was only a select few of us & obviously I couldn’t drink, but we had a nice time nonetheless. A few people got a tad merry & playing Buzz on the Playstation with half of the players merry & half of the players sober made for a very funny night indeed! Steve decided he was going to play on his own team, so I teamed up with our friend Duncan, and lets just say, we annihilated the opposition! If you haven’t ever played Buzz, its a must, especially if you’re a music buff!
  • Went to work yesterday – same old, same old really. Not going to bore you with the details.
  • Last night was my friend Chelle’s birthday get together in St Albans. We all met at O’Neills but me, Steve and Duncan didn’t stay too long as everyone was planning on getting very drunk, and since both me & Duncan can’t drink at the moment, and Steve was driving, we’d have felt very out of place.
  • Today, I’ve been a bit of a bum, to be honest. I’ve tidied up the kitchen though, and sorted out a few things at my parents house. I also popped down to my old place of work to see a few old faces, which was nice.
This week, I will:
  • Be going to work 5 out of 7 days…yippee!
  • Be going to my gestational diabetes test (diabetes in pregnancy) which will involve at least one blood test, maybe two, and possibly my Rhesus D injection… for someone who’s petrified of needles, lets just say I am far from looking forward to it!
  • Be packing things up ready for the move, which is in the next two weeks…eek!
  • Be attending my midwife appointment on Friday – 25 weeks gone now, 15 to go!
  • Be looking out for guest posts from you! – Interested? Email me at
I don’t have much planned for the week ahead, however I’m sure plenty of things will come up that I will need to do, its always the way!
What have you done this weekend?
Have you got anything nice planned for the week ahead?