Pregnancy Update: Week 35…almost 36

Pregnancy Update: Week 35…almost 36
Yes guys and girls, we’re nearly there!
I hit 36 weeks tomorrow(this is a scheduled post, tomorrow actually means Thursday 27th October!) –  (where has the time gone?) –  and the little munchkin is definitely making its presence known more & more as the days go by.
My bump has ballooned over the past couple of weeks as the baby tries to engage in the position it will stay in until birth.
I’m actually hoping that the baby doesn’t engage just yet, or if it does decide to, it turns around! That would be because the baby is still breech and I would love to have a natural birth in the midwifery led unit at my local hospital, however if the baby is still breech, I have to go into the main maternity area, and possibly even have a caesarean. It is possible to have a breech birth naturally, however a breech baby cannot be delivered in the midwifery led unit in case of complications.
I am going for another scan at 37 weeks to see if the baby is still breech, and if it is, me and Steve will be visiting the consultant to discuss our further options – he is talking about a certain procedure they can do to try and turn the baby around – however, my midwife has said that this can sometimes be uncomfortable and if this proves to be the case, and they cannot complete the procedure, I will most likely have to have a caesarean..
Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t have to!
Here’s my bump (clothed in its favourite maternity top, Mr Bump!). I have developed even more stretch marks over the past few weeks as my bump has ballooned and my baby brain gets worse and worse. I do apply my stretch mark cream, but being the complete bird-brain I am, I also often forget to do so until Steve tells me off!
At 35 weeks, the baby is said to not have much room to maneouvre – although him or her won’t be turning somersaults inside me, I can still expect the level of kicking to stay the same. Most of the basic development is complete – the kidneys are fully formed and the liver can process some waste products (How lovely!). The baby will spend the next couple of weeks putting on weight.
At 36 weeks (which I hit tomorrow!), the baby is still ‘packing on the pounds’, putting on an average of an ounce a day. The baby is considered full-term (eek!) at the end of this week, and should be engaged in the head-down position. If not, an external cephalic version may be scheduled to try and coax the baby to turn head-first from the outside (basically what I may need to have, and apparently involves a midwife or consultant trying to turn the baby around by slightly pushing my bump!)
I can’t believe its getting so close now! I can’t wait to meet my little boy or girl now – although we still don’t have a definite name for a girl! I’m going to pack my hospital bag tomorrow, better to be prepared.
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