2011 Conclusion Challenge: 10 things you want to say to 10 people

To Jack, you’re so worth the nine months of horrid heartburn and backache- even when you’re screaming the house down!
To Steve, thank you. For giving me a beautiful son and for just being you.
To Mum and Dad, thank you for all your support over the past few months – it truly is appreciated.
To Michelle, for being such a brilliant friend – I am truly grateful. You kept my pregnancy quiet for so long when no one else knew, and I really appreciate you being my sounding board during the early months.
To the Clintons girls and boys, for making work fun and for helping me out during the final few months of my pregnancy – thank you.
To Charlotte, you have become a great friend over the past year – I cannot wait to meet you!
To Phil, for being a fantastic brother all year round.
To Laura, for being like a big sister to me.
To Emily, for providing me with plenty of laughs over the past year!
and finally to Dunky, who pretty much became part of the furniture at my old house  – thank you for being a great friend!