Sleeping Through The Night

It is funny that I should be publishing this post after last night – Olivia has an awful cough and kept waking up before deciding to throw up over me at 5am – but up until last night, she was actually sleeping through the night, yay!

It has taken a while to get there and I feel like I have been living on autopilot for months since she was born. Of course, I didn’t expect her to sleep through the night straight away and I knew that all babies are different – especially as Jack was combination fed from about 3 days old whereas (apart from one week when she was tiny), Olivia was exclusively breastfed. I knew that their sleep patterns would be different. I just didn’t realise how long it would take Olivia to finally settle into a routine and actually sleep pretty much through the night. Talya actually has some great tips on how to get your baby to sleep – I wish I’d seen her post many months ago!

Happily this means I myself am actually starting to get a decent nights sleep. As Steve has been helping my brother out recently working nights, we’ve all been going to bed at around 7.30pm-8pm so Steve can have a little nap whilst the kids can fall asleep. I either work for a little bit longer or take some downtime, reading a book or catching up with something on TV.

Me getting a better nights sleep has seen me be more productive, more refreshed and more energetic in my day to day life. I’m getting more work done as I am not as tired and I’m also able to make more food from scratch, meals that take longer or things such as these chicken marinades ready for the freezer.

However I have found that I am now starting to rely on my alarm a lot more in the mornings as I have been in such a deep sleep, it is hard to wake up! I’m not alone – a recent study by Happy Beds found that more than half of people that use an alarm hit the snooze button in the morning. I probably hit it two or three times – I actually set four alarms for the morning, the fourth being the one I absolutely must get up for!

After almost 18 months of barely any sleep of a night, it is so nice to be able to fall asleep without a problem and actually stay asleep – not have to worry about being woken up by a clingy 17 month old or 6 year old. Whilst it has taken Olivia a lot longer than Jack to finally start sleeping through the night, I am so grateful that she has and I can finally get back to being human again rather than feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead!

How long did it take your little ones to sleep through the night?

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