It feels like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the very first time and now here you are, seven years old. Your life has changed so much since those days when you were ever so tiny. You’ve done so well, adapting to having someone else sharing the attention of us, your parents – although it is safe to say you do get a little jealous sometimes.

You’ve been trying so many more things this year – you found a church group you really enjoy going to on a Friday night and like attending their Sunday services every now and again as well as their holiday clubs. Your sister has even started going to their baby and toddler group!

You have still been enjoying football and golf has taken a backseat for now but I am sure that will all change once the weather is better. You’ve lost your first tooth, then your second and you’ve got two very wobbly ones right now too!

You are loving school still although you are finding Maths a little trickier than you did before. You still love Science though and you love talking about what you got up to in PE. You are also loving the fact that Daddy works at the school too so you get to see him all the time.

Your relationship with your sister is still fab although now she’s getting older, you do bicker a lot. You wind each other up but I suppose that is the job of siblings.

I can’t believe you are seven now, please stop growing. You are turning into a young man right before my eyes. I love you.

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