Raising A Sporty Child

You wouldn’t think it if you knew me now but when I was younger, of primary school age, I was very sporty. I played for the netball and rounders teams and we also did basketball where we had our own teams within the school. Steve also played for school teams and was very sport obsessed and now Jack is showing a keen interest in sport.

Both my side of the family and Steve’s love sport. When we go round to Steve’s parents, you can almost guarantee some form of sport will be on the TV. Members of my family have been semi pro at sports – my brother got scouted for quite a big football team and my cousin went on a golf scholarship to the USA – so you can see where the love comes from. Golf is a real family sport on both sides of Jack’s family so it is little wonder he is so keen on it. Collette from Truly Madly Cuckoo has talked about getting your family into golf here – it is such a great family activity!

Something I have always said is that I will never push Jack into doing anything he doesn’t want to. He tells me what he wants to do and I help him. Right now he is doing an after school club which was football for the past two terms and is now cricket, tennis and athletics and is keen to start cricket outside of school too. He has golf lessons with a Pro at our local golf club and is always looking to sign up for local races – he’s actually got both myself and him signed up to the village Fun Run this weekend!

With that much sport on his agenda, you’d think he wouldn’t be interested in anything else but he is now keen to finally get the knack of riding his bike – especially with the village cycle race coming up in a month or so – and has been going on at us about getting a skateboard, just like the ones at Skate Hut! We have some ramps nearby and a skate park the next town over so he is keen to get one and learn how to do different tricks just like a few of his friends have started to.

Raising a sporty child can be stressful sometimes and can be quite expensive too. However there is also the warm feeling you get at seeing how happy it makes your child to do something he loves, especially when he achieves something – such as when he raised hundreds of pounds for Cancer Research UK from a charity race he ran. Plus the extra time I get to myself whilst he does something he enjoys is great – I get to get some other stuff done whilst he is improving on his skills.

I’m sure he will probably get interested in even more sports as the months go on, especially with summer here and plenty of sporty activities to do in our village!

Are your kids sporty?

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