A Quick Guide to Keeping Your Dog in Good Health

Getting a puppy or a new dog is just the first step; the kids are happy with their new friend, and the entire family is enjoying the company. Most puppies are very cute and very active, so there is no shortage of things to do with them.

While owning a new dog or a puppy is exciting, you must not ignore the fact that it is now entirely up to you to provide the dog with a happy, healthy, and balanced life. To keep your dog in good health, here are some quick tips you can follow right away.

The Right Food and Supplements

Feeding a dog is relatively easy now that there are so many dog food products to choose from. You just have to know which one to get based on the dog’s breed, age, weight, and other factors. It is also recommended to pick up multiple flavors and to watch out for signs of food allergies and other potential problems when you first feed the dog with dog food.

The same can be said for supplements and vitamins. Similar to humans, dogs can’t always get the nutrients they need to grow at a healthy rate from the food they consume. To help fill the gap in your dog’s daily intake, you can use supplements and vitamins.

Browse through top online retailers such as https://www.petcarerx.com/ to find out more about the available supplements and vitamins. Different products are designed for different purposes, so you can always find one that suits the specific needs of your dog perfectly. Don’t forget to take the dog’s breed, age, and weight into consideration before making a purchase.

Regular Exercises

You should also keep in mind that all dogs need regular exercise to maintain a happy and balanced life. The only difference is the intensity of the exercise required, and it differs based on the breed of the dog and your dog’s characteristics.

With smaller breeds such as Shih Tzu and Mini Pomeranian, for example, a 20-minute walk is often more than enough. Dogs with a more active personality may require more, while dogs that are quieter will prefer less exercise.

Also, use the dog’s regular exercise as an opportunity to get into an exercise routine of your own. You can get the kids involved and turn simple morning and afternoon walks into activities for the entire family.

Obedience Training

Not all dog owners are interested in tricks and advanced obedience training, but that doesn’t mean that basic training can be ignored completely. You still need to housebreak the dog and provide some basic obedience training. Training is meant to introduce some structure into the dog’s life; every dog needs an organized life to be happy.

Once again, you can turn the training sessions into fun activities for everyone. Get the kids involved in teaching the dog how to heel. Create a routine for the dog too; you can, for example, schedule 15 minutes of training before every meal to boost the effectiveness of the training sessions.

Add these three ingredients into the dog’s life, and you will be able to keep the dog in good health without a problem. The tips we covered in this article will help you get started right away.


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