Olivia | Seven Months On

I’m so late with posting this seven month update, Olivia is almost eight months old – oops! The summer holidays completely ran away with me! Again, Olivia has changed quite a lot since her last update and has really got her own little personality going on now.

She’s loving finger foods at the moment but still loves a bowl of porridge in the morning. She still loves her fruity wafer biscuits too and really likes rice cakes.She’s now rolling over a lot and is even managing to sit up unaided – she does get quite shocked when she realises she is sitting there all by herself though!

She is noticing the world around her more and more – she loves being out in the open air, looking at trees or sitting down in the garden, playing with the grass. She’s also started to notice animals a lot more – her grandparents currently have two dogs staying at theirs and Olivia gets so excited every time they come into the room!

She is still hair pulling constantly – I think it is a comfort thing – and she’s adoring her big brother more and more each day. I think it is going to be strange for her having Jack back at school as she’s had six whole weeks of having him at home, playing with her and doing fun things as a family. But hopefully she’ll continue to try to do the things she has been attempting and she may actually manage it without Jack going and getting it for her – she’s become quite lazy over the summer holidays at trying to get anywhere because she knows Jack will just get it for her. She’s been trying to crawl and is desperate to so maybe we might see that happen in the next few weeks…she just wants to keep moving!

I’m now starting to pick up presents for her Christmas gifts and birthday – starting early as she’s born exactly two weeks after and Jack is exactly three weeks before. Have you started Christmas shopping yet??

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