My Money Goals For The Year Ahead

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A few years back I shared my money resolutions for the year ahead. Whilst I didn’t quite manage them all, I thought it was a great idea for an updated post where I could talk about my money goals for the year ahead. Let me know if you have any money goals for this year too.

Get debt free or as close to debt free as possible

This has been a goal for a few years now but hasn’t quite come to fruition, due to different circumstances that have come into play over the last few years. We’ve suffered from loss, depression and a whole lot more and my finances definitely took a hit. My finances definitely seem to be getting better now. Something I have considered is taking out a small loan such as one from iLoans to wipe out a few of my debts in one go, making sure I have only one repayment to make rather than a few different ones. It doesn’t make sense to be paying multiple people multiple payments when I could just do one.

Increase my income

I took on quite a few more clients last year and am hoping to take on a few more this year. I currently VA for a number of bloggers and also ghostwrite for a number of different clients too. I also do ad-hoc work for people and then do work on this blog and my others too. I’m hoping I can increase my income exponentially this year and am considering raising my rates a little too.

I’m hoping to find a long term writing commitment at some point this year. I did get contacted about writing for a magazine at the beginning of the year but it unfortunately fell through. I’d love to find something similar this year.

Michael Longmire
Build up my savings

Some may find it silly to build up savings whilst still in debt but where would I be if something major happened and I didn’t have the finances to sort it? A buffer in my savings account would be great for such occasions and I’d like to see a positive number in my savings account once again.

I once had a nice little savings pot but over the years, this has been used for various different things such as bills when I’ve been on maternity leave or Steve was off sick – I need to get my savings account looking healthy again.

Ensure my National Insurance payments are up to date

There is a way of checking online to see if you are missing any payments towards your National Insurance contributions. I have been lucky enough to be in employment or self employment for the majority of the time since I was 16 but there was a spot in 2010 where I suffered some unemployment. I checked and I owe a small amount that needs to be paid before 2022. I could go without paying it as its only a small amount from my pension but I’d rather it be completely up to date.


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