Mum Time – The Importance Of Making Time For Yourself As A Mother

Written in collaboration with Mary Davis

In today’s world women juggle a career, relationships, family, a household, activities and many do so all while being mums as well. The question is therefore, are women making enough time for themselves while trying to do everything? It is extremely important to make time for yourself and do things that contribute to your overall wellbeing.


Mums, especially ones with small children are always on the go, running around after their children, doing errands and taking care of everyone in the family. While taking care of family always remains a priority, it is also important to factor in a bit of “mum time”. Alone time is important because it reminds women that they are not only mums, but also women who have interests and activities outside the house and who enjoy doing more grown up thing from time to times.

Regularly taking time for you has proven beneficial for mums and the whole family, as it shows children how important it is to have personal interests and it encourages them to find an activity or passion of their own. A bit of mum time is also beneficial for mental health and recharging while taking a step back from stressful and overwhelming situations. Mum time is also great practice for a future in which the kids grow up and no longer need assistance 24/7, it allows mums to prepare for the free time they will slowly start gaining back as their children prepare to leave the nest.


A few activities perfect for taking some mum time range from catching up on a favorite tv shows or books, to getting a fresh haircut and manicure as well as getting out of the house for a relaxing walk or fun activity. Mum time can be the perfect time to catch up and watch any new and recent movies. Streaming platforms like CHILI for example are perfect for this, as they offer a lot of up-to-date content from which to choose from. Mum time is also a great chance to catch up on reading and finishing that book that has been left untouched for quite some time. Taking a nice long bath can also be a great way to relax, wind down and pamper yourself. Getting a new haircut or simply getting a blow-out can be enjoyable and the perfect way to prepare for a nice dinner out without the kids. Going to the gym for example is also a great way to work off any stress an feel better in your own skin. Catching up with friends over a glass of wine or lunch is also a fantastic way of hitting pause on mum duties.

While it can certainly seem difficult to put yourself first when juggling children, a family and a million other things, even a few hours a week of some alone time or in the company of someone not inside the household can be extremely beneficial for a mother’s mental health. Understanding the importance of taking some time off can also make you a better parent, also by showing children that they must always take care of their health and happiness.

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