My Money Resolutions For The New Tax Year

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With the start of a new tax year comes another wave of resolutions; this time though, they are all money related. As we all take notice that the new financial year has started, we inevitably all decide that this tax year will be the year we save ‘x’ amount, earn ‘x’ amount or simply cut our budget.

I’ve already got plenty of financial resolutions for the financial year ahead. There are so many things you can do to give your finances a refresh – and perhaps even a boost too. But what are they?

Check Your Accounts Properly

How many of us give our bank accounts a brief glance but don’t think to look deeper? You may be missing that payment going out that you thought that you cancelled years ago. It hadn’t been cancelled and you’ve been paying a few pounds every month to it and you didn’t even know – it all adds up and that money would look so much better in your savings account than being spent on something you aren’t even aware of. Locate any such payments and get rid of them for good.

Check to see if you have PPI

So many people are affected by PPI and don’t even realise it. I was just about to check myself a little while back when I received a cheque from a company I had PPI with many years ago. It wasn’t for that much but every little helps – and who knows, you may have lots to come back, especially if you had multiple financial products with PPI that you were mis-sold!

People claiming mis-sold PPI has already seen refunds of over £30 billion so why miss out – check to see if you’ve got PPI and if you are owed anything! Claims have to be submitted by the 29th of August 2019 so there is plenty of time but I’m going to be double checking my own sooner rather than later.

Skim It

This year I am going to take advantage of ‘skimming’ much more. This is where you have an odd amount in your bank e.g £51.52 and you move the £1.52 to your savings account. The amounts are minimal so you don’t really notice but it soon starts to make a nice amount in your savings. My bank account actually offers such a feature so I will definitely be taking advantage of it!

Earn More, Save More

Sounds easy – but it probably isn’t. However I plan to make this tax year my most successful and profitable yet. This means I will be taking a look at the prices I charge for my freelance work and adjusting if I see fit; widening the range of services I have to offer and perhaps even being a bit more proactive about looking for work.

These are just a few of my financial resolutions for this financial year ahead – what have you got planned?

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