Make Your Wedding More Memorable

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Every couple getting married wants their day to be something special. A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment that should be full of joy and it should be a day people will remember. Trends in weddings come and go just like all fashions, but there are some things that you can do to make yours very special. 

Often, it is the small details that stay in people’s minds and you need to consider some things that are important to you and your partner when planning your wedding.


The décor at your wedding will be crucial. If you are having a themed wedding, and there are many to choose from, this can be incorporated into the way the venue is decorated. If you both love riding bikes, for instance, you could make sure there are a few dotted about the place, perhaps with baskets on the front holding flowers or treats.

Is the sea is a passion for you both you could use shells, pictures of fish and many other things to bring a nautical feeling to the day. Your interest may be something more niche that many of your guests are unaware of. This is a brilliant chance to show them all what passions you have apart from each other.


It will probably not be long after you have looked at diamond rings for your engagement that you start to consider who you will want to invite to your wedding. On the day, often there will be a book for the guests to sign and to leave a personal message.

Some bride and grooms are taking a different approach though and using things other than books to collect the signatures. Things such as globes of the earth, musical instruments like guitars, photos of the happy couple and all sorts of other things. You can use your imagination and basically let them sign anything that they can write on.

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There seems to be a new trend around the subject of wedding cakes. Often there is a traditional wedding cake but also a bride’s cake and a groom’s cake. These are usually much smaller than the main one and are decorated in some way that represents the interest of either the bride or groom.

The possibilities are endless of course, but these themed cakes can be something your guests will remember for a very long time.


Feeding many people the same food can be difficult. There will always be people that are fussy eaters who do not like the meal you have chosen and then there could be guests that are vegetarian or have special dietary needs. The food can make or break your wedding reaction so you need to find a way of keeping all of your guests happy with it.

It can be costly to have a menu that people can choose from on the day but often is not quite so bad if you give them the choices beforehand. Then the caterers will know how much to cook of each meal rather than having to waste lots of food because one option was more popular than another.

Whatever the food is it needs to be of good quality though, or your reception will not get off to a good start.

Remember as well that a few hours after the meal your guests will start to get hungry again. The traditional thing to do is have a buffet in the evening but you could make your wedding different by asking a mobile fish and chip van to call. This could be much cheaper for you too, as the guests would pay for whatever they wanted. Of course, not everyone would want them, but then you could have some buffet food on a much smaller scale.

Occupy Them

Weddings can be a very long day, especially for children or for people who do not dance. They can end up sitting for hours with nothing to do and having things to occupy them can be a great idea.

Photo booths usually create much fun and laughter, and maybe for the children, you could hire a bouncy castle or have a children’s corner with some toys and games for them to play.

Make sure whatever music you have is varied, as then there will be something throughout the evening to suit everyone’s tastes.

From clothes to food to the entertainment, there are many ways to make your wedding a memorable day. It just takes a bit of planning and some forethought and you may be surprised at the ideas you come up with.

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