Make More Time for Playtime by Creating a Low Maintenance Garden

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Having a home with a garden when you have a family is always a huge bonus. Kids love to play outside, so having a backyard where they can do precisely that is a great way to get them out in the fresh air and being active.

Before kids, your garden may have been a neat and tidy place, a space where you could feel serene, relax, and listen to the sound of the birds in the trees. After having kids, you probably found that this all changed and that your garden looks more like a playground than a place to relax.

If you aim to spend more time outdoors having fun with the kids, the chances are that you want to make your garden a place that’s easy to maintain. A low maintenance garden will make life a lot easier, and of course, leaves much more free time for fun outside with the kids. Having a low maintenance garden means that everyone can enjoy the space more, without needing to worry about its upkeep.

Here are some ideas on how to create a fuss-free garden that can be enjoyed by all the family:

Divide it Up

Keeping parts of your garden separate for different uses can make it a lot easier to keep neat and tidy. Keep breakable items away from the area where kids play football and other ball games, to prevent broken greenhouse windows, or plant pots cracked by rogue footballs.

Manageable Flower Beds

If you are struggling to keep up with weeding your flower beds, you may want to transform them and make them easier to manage. One way to help prevent weeds growing amongst your flower beds is to fit some garden membrane. Garden membrane covers the surface of your flower beds and prevents weeds from being able to penetrate through. You can buy garden membrane on a roll from most garden centres, simply choose the size that you need, and you can then trim it to fit your flower beds at home. When buying the weed control membrane, don’t forget to purchase hooks or stakes that are designed to keep it in place.

At home, simply clear your flower beds, taking care to remove sharp stones that may damage the membrane. Once you have done this, you can fit the weed control membrane and secure it in place. The next stage is to add your chosen aggregate over the top; this could be bark chippings, or how about slate chippings. This will provide you with an attractive, easy to maintain and weed-free flower bed, which you could place some beautiful pots of plants on to.

Go Potty

Plant pots are the ultimate easy to look after addition to your garden. As mentioned above, they are ideal for adding some extra interest to your weed-free flower beds. The kids will love helping to take care of the potted plants and flowers in the garden, as they are so much easier to water with a watering can as opposed to needing a hose.

If you want to teach the kids about growing food, why not give them a pot each to grow their own? There are loads of fruit and vegetables that can be grown in containers, from strawberries to peppers, and the kids will love watching them grow, taking care of them, and eventually eating them.

If you are keen to let the kids learn more about wildlife and nature, this is still entirely possible in a low maintenance garden, and regardless of the size of your garden. Lavender in pots is a great way to fill your garden with beautiful colour and fragrance and is really easy to take care of. With lavender in your garden, you will find that butterflies can’t stay away, so there will be plenty of them to spot. Lavender is also great for attracting bumble bees too.

Love Your Lawn

Your lawn is an area of the garden that requires constant work, whether it is weeding it or mowing it. When you are trying to achieve a low maintenance garden, it can sometimes feel like getting rid of the lawn altogether is the only solution. However, artificial grass is a fantastic alternative and is something that can be added by synthetic grass installers, or you could even have a go at doing it yourself. Either way, you will be left with a great lawn for the kids to play on that requires very little maintenance and no mowing at all!

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