Kicking The Habit | How Steve Finally Quit Smoking

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For as long as I have known Steve, he smoked. Whilst he didn’t smoke perhaps as regularly as some people, he still did and he was always trying to stop – and failing. With the news that we were expecting Olivia, he finally tried to kick the habit for good and decided to try vaping after seeing many of his friends make the jump from cigarettes. He had tried a couple of times before but hadn’t really got on with it so this time around he decided to really research it and find out more about it.

Instead of just heading into a shop and picking up what was needed, he looked into what were the best products available out there on the market within his price range and what he could expect – he didn’t quite realise just how much information there was to read about vaping as a whole. This guide to vaping gives all the information you could ever need – what vaping is, why you should start, the different products available – and the components of those too. We’re always told to do our research into things if we are interested in undertaking them – you wouldn’t go on a hiking trip in a far off country without researching a little, would you? – and the same goes for when you are making a major change like this.

After researching for ages, Steve picked up some products and gave it a try – and the rest as they say is history. Whilst you still have to buy e-liquids and coils (and obviously the tech if you are wanting to upgrade), I can definitely see a difference to our bank balance now he isn’t buying cigarettes or tobacco. I’d become so accustomed to the cigarette smell from being with him for so long – so much so that I actually gagged recently when a friend smoked in front of me as the smell was so strong and I wasn’t used to it anymore as I hadn’t been around it for months.

Loving my new Aspire Cleito 120 from @aspirevapeco

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Steve is really into vaping now – and even has his own vaping Instagram as shown above – and I don’t think he will ever go back to smoking – he’s tried one cigarette since he’s quit and it made him feel sick. I’m so glad he’s finally kicked the habit – it definitely makes a difference to us all.

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