Is Your Garden Fit For Winter?

Just because the evenings are getting a little chillier, there’s a distinct bite in the air, and the sun isn’t shining for as long each day, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be able to utilise your garden. 2018 has seen a scorcher of a summer, with families enjoying more days at the beach, barbecues in the back garden, and picnics in the park. Don’t think that just because we are waving goodbye to these balmy summer days, that we have to say cheerio to our outdoor space for another year too. Take a look at these ways you can ensure that your garden is fit for winter.

Get Comfortable

You shouldn’t be enduring a cool winter al fresco dining experience, shivering in below zero degrees Arctic blasts with your teeth chattering under a hat and scarf. Instead, consider installing some outdoor heating to make your chillier season a more pleasant experience. Chimineas are stunningly beautiful, architecturally unique and can add a touch of flair and individuality to your patio area. With the fire roaring, you can toast marshmallows with the family, enjoy an evening outdoors or simply enjoy stargazing on a snowy night.

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If you have a decking area, make sure that you treat it with a non-slip coating or spray. Wooden deck boards can break up your garden and add another zone to your outdoor space. However, a spot of rain or some soggy leaves can turn this surface into a death trap. Add a splash of ice and wintery conditions, and you may fear your own back garden. Add some grippers, cover the decking or use a non-slip spray to ensure your own safety outdoors.


Even if you don’t have the finest horticultural knowledge, you can still flex your green fingers. Everyone want their gardens to look pretty, no matter what the season. While your daffodils may flower in spring, and your sunflowers might grow tall in the summer, it can be tricky to know what to have in your garden come the winter. Choose something elegant and easy to look after. Planting a few bulbs of roses, crocus and dahlias, mean that you won’t have to be getting your hands covered in soil every season, as these colourful flowers will bloom every year. This is the ideal solution to your aesthetic garden issues if your outdoor space descends into a bit of an overgrown jungle as soon as it becomes a little too chilly to mow the lawn.


To protect you from the elements, consider getting hold of an awning or patio covering. This means that you can enjoy reading the latest bestseller next to your chiminea come rain or shine. By ensuring you are safe against any weather, and that you’re comfortable, you can still enjoy the outside area of your dwelling.

Winter can be the most stunning season, and it seems such a shame that we don’t utilise our gardens more just because it gets a little colder. Use this guide to inspire your winter garden.



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