Getting Prepared For Christmas With The Smyths Toys Catalogue

Hands up if you’ve already started your Christmas shopping? Or in my case, birthday shopping for them both as well as Christmas shopping as Jack’s birthday is exactly 3 weeks before and Olivia’s is exactly two weeks after. I’ve got them both one thing each for both birthday and Christmas but am starting to panic about how quickly the festive season is approaching.

The problem now is that Jack’s changing his tastes on an almost daily basis so I’ve been struggling to know what he actually likes right now and what he wants for Christmas. Luckily we’ve been taking a look at the new Smyths Toys catalogue – you can request your own FREE catalogue here or pick one up in store from Friday – and Jack has been circling exactly what he would like.

It can be so difficult shopping for kids with their changing tastes so these catalogues are so useful – not only do they keep children quiet for a while as they decide what they want but it also gives you some insight into the things they are into right now.

I already knew Jack was into Minecraft but I hadn’t realised he had got back into superheroes with such a passion until I looked in the catalogue! I’ve now got an idea of the kinds of things he wants and he has also picked something out that he wants to get Olivia too!

The catalogue has over 328 pages of inspiration – with a great selection of toys (indoors and outdoors), video games and even baby products for your very little ones. There is something for all ages and you will find all the top brands with the most competitive prices.

I’ve now got a whole list of stuff he’s interested in, ready for me to hit the Smyths store whilst he is at school one day. I’m also planning on taking my Mum so I can get stuff for Olivia without her seeing – Nanny provides such a great distraction!

I’m a big fan of shopping early and being prepared for Christmas – after all, it is such an expensive time of year for me. You may have seen that I tend to always buy some things in the Black Friday sales and you can also find me entering competitions for things I know my friends and family will like to keep costs down. Looking through the Christmas catalogues is just another string to my bow – it helps me find out what my children want and sort out my budget accordingly!

Whilst I think Jack’s hopes for the LEGO Minecraft set at £249.99 is perhaps a little too much, I now know of quite a few things I’m going to be popping into my trolley in the next few weeks.

Are you anywhere near prepared for Christmas? Do you let your children circle what they want so you can have some insight into what is going to be on their Christmas list in advance of them actually writing it? I’d love to know!

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  1. You are so good starting already. Thanks to your post I have made it my mission to be finished by the end of November, I can’t stand leaving it all to the last minute, so stressful! 😀

  2. As a child, I LOVED the catalogues! There was a real air of excitement when I was alllwed to get the pens out and circle all the toys I really wanted. I think it’s a great way of making sure you actually spend your money on something you know your children will actually enjoy and play with.

  3. E this is like the modern day Argos!! I remember going through the catalogue and circling everything I wanted haha

    This is better with it being JUST toys though. I used to hate all the furniture and electricals pages haha xxx

  4. haven’t even really thought about Christmas yet haha – I usually start to panic start of November, but it’s great you’re so ahead of things x

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