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With so many businesses nowadays, it can be tough to get in contact when you really need to. Phone numbers ring out or you are constantly on hold, emails are unanswered, contact forms seem to get you nowhere. It can be so frustrating and it is often the bigger nationwide companies who we have trouble getting in contact with the most. It is refreshing to see sites like ContactNumberUKΒ who can offer alternative phone numbers and contact details alongside the more generic ones you find on the company websites so you can get in contact much easier.

I seem to spend half of my life on the phone trying to get in contact with some business or another. Steve is often on the phone to our ISP on one of his days off because the internet has gone downΒ yet again and I can’t get any work done. I work from home so it would be great if they would talk to me but because the bill is in his name, they won’t! As you can imagine, Steve doesn’t want to spend all day on his day off on hold so sites like ContactNumberUK have proved invaluable to us.


With everyone wanting something immediately nowadays, none of us want to be waiting around for a company to do what we want and sort out any problems we may have. We are of the generation where we want things sorted as quickly as possible and waiting on hold or sending email after email just doesn’t fit in with our plans. What we want is quick and easy access to a company – whether through the internet, a telephone call or by other means – and its good to see that companies themselves are starting to understand this.

I’m sure my days of waiting to be passed through to another adviser in a company or waiting to come off hold are far from over but just knowing I have a resource that I can use to potentially bypass these issues (even when the companies are receiving a magnitude of phone calls) is handy to know and fits in well with my life.

Do you ever have problems getting through to businesses when you need to? Do you use ContactNumberUK to see if they have any advice for you?

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