Everything You Need To Know To Prepare Your Kids For School

Starting school can be a tough time for kids; they might be anxious about this big change in their lives, what they’ll have to do, and the people they are going to meet. This is why doing your utmost to ensure that your kids are prepared for starting school is a great idea. You’ll reduce nerves and anxiety and they’ll feel better prepared to learn and make great friends.

Read on to find out what you should do to prepare your kids for school:

Discuss Their New Schedule

Your kids may be anxious because they aren’t sure what their days are going to be like anymore. Discuss their new schedule with them. Tell them when they’ll be at school, the breaks they’ll have, food, and what time they’ll get home. This could ease their concerns that school is going to be like a prison and they’ll be there all day long. The days actually tend to fly by!

Attend An Orientation Session Together

Attending an orientation session gives them a chance to meet teachers and other kids, and allows them to get a feel for the lay out of the school and what to expect. This is an important step before sending them off for their first day.

Organise Playdates

If you can, organise playdates with kids you know will be going to your kid’s school. They won’t have to worry about making friends so much this way, and they’ll be glad to see a friendly face. Being a kid that nobody knows can be tough!

Talk About Their Feelings

It’s important that you open up a dialogue about your kid’s feelings, and make sure you don’t invalidate them in any way. Even if their concerns sound a little silly to you, you should never say that in front of them or make them feel that way. Listen to them carefully, and then address their concerns in a way that helps to ease their worries. Maybe they feel like they won’t make any friends, or that they’ll miss you too much, or they have a worry about something completely abstract. Let them know that you’re there to speak to them whatever their worries might be.

Highlighting The Positives

Always talk about school in a positive way, and make sure you highlight the positives of school to get them excited about going. You can talk about subjects that they are already interested in, playground equipment, and other things that you know will ease their fears about school.

Reassure Them

Make sure you reassure your kids that if anything does happen that they are unhappy about, you will do your utmost to rectify it.

After School Activities

If your child loves gymnastics, books, or something else, you could see if there are any after school activities available for them to join. This is another great way to help them to make friends and build their confidence, not to mention learn to love a learning environment.

Properly preparing your kids for school will give the whole family and easier and happier life!


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