Dressing It Up For Summer

When it comes to summer, no one wants to be covered up. When I was younger I loved nothing more than wearing short dresses or short shorts and strappy tops – who wants to overheat in the sunshine? Since having the kids, however, I haven’t been as confident in my body and so wearing stuff like this has fallen by the wayside, even if I do love wearing them?

With the plan to lose weight well underway and to get confident in my body again, I’ve been looking at some short dresses to give me some more motivation to be happier in myself for summer. I hate being wrapped up in the summer but when you don’t feel confident in yourself, what else can you do? I want to break that wall down and adding some new dresses to my wardrobe is a surefire way to do that.

After having Jack, I went through my wardrobe and got rid of all my clothes like this; something I bitterly regret now. Some of those dresses held so many memories and I just tossed them out, knowing I would probably regret it later on.

One of my favourite dresses that I made the mistake of getting rid of


Clearing out and updating my wardrobe is my big thing for the next few weeks. I’ve been decluttering like mad to 1) get rid of stuff we no longer need to make space for our new sofa and 2) to make some extra cash. I’m going to go through all my clothes and perhaps put the decent stuff I no longer want up for sale for cheap and then use the money towards some summery clothes for the season ahead. I need to get some summery short dresses back in my wardrobe and get back to wearing them again and feeling good in myself. Only I can do it though – wish me luck!


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