Declutter & Donate Your Preloved Clothes Today!

When it comes to decluttering our wardrobes, it can be so tempting to throw our old clothes out and revamp them entirely. But what if I told you that you can declutter and raise some money for charity at the same time?

With Steve and I currently trying to lose weight and having lost almost three and a half stone between us so far, we are going through our clothes and getting rid of the ones that no longer fit – we need smaller sizes so are getting rid of all the bigger stuff. We normally donate to our local charity shops but it can be quite difficult to get the clothes to the closest charity shop as we live in a village and have to go outside of the village to take them.

However, there are ways of donating your clothes to charity which don’t require you having to go out of your way to get them to a charity shop. iCollectClothes are based in the UK and have a great business model. They attract small charity organisations – those ones that may struggle to raise funds when up against the bigger name charities. They spread the word about them and help to raise valuable donations towards their cause. It is a great way to donate your clothes – decluttering them and helping charities benefit from them too.

So how does it work? The person donating the clothes chooses which charity they want the funds to go to and fill in all their important details. The company arrange the request and collect the clothes and then sell the collection of clothes to raise funds for the donors chosen charity. It is quick, it is easy and stress free for all those involved. You have a less cluttered wardrobe and the charity gets some much needed funds.

I believe this to be such a great idea. It helps you to raise money for causes you feel passionately about. There are currently a few small charities that are available for you to raise funds for. There’s Do Not Delay if cancer charities are close to your heart, the Remus Horse Sanctuary if you prefer to raise funds for animals and even the Colostomy Association if you want to raise funds and awareness for people living with a stoma.

If you are looking for a great way to donate your preloved clothes so that others can get some use out of them and money can be raised for charities you feel passionate about, then I would certainly recommend checking out iCollectClothes. With a passion for supporting the smaller charities in society, they are helping you to raise funds where they are needed post – and what could be better than that?

I’m definitely going to be sorting out a few more bags for iCollectClothes and our chosen charity as we continue to declutter through our bedroom and get rid of all the clothes that no longer fit us. After all, if we are not using them it would be better that someone else got some use out of them, right?


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