Create A Garden That’s Good Enough To Eat

One of the most practical things that you can do with your garden is to grow fruit and vegetables in it. There are a number of reasons why this is such a great use of the space; you are saving money, giving yourself a practical hobby and having fun at the same time. If you have never done this before, it can be a little tricky to know where to start, but don’t worry; this article is here to give you a helping hand with some of the basics involved.

Gather Your Equipment

You are going to need a host of specific gardening tools and equipment before you go any further. And you are better off getting some good-quality tools as this will make the jobs ahead of you so much easier. To start off with, you will need a trowel for weeding and digging small holes, some gardening gloves for protection, a watering can, a wheelbarrow, and a rake. Shears and a pitchfork are also going to come in handy.

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Choose a Location Where Your Garden Will Grow

The three most common types of garden can be comfortably split up into three categories. A traditional garden is the most obvious type, which utilises the space that you have already. You ideally should choose a site that gains a minimum of six hours of sunlight and is south-facing. If you have a garden which has poor soil (or no soil at all) you could start a container garden. Your third choice is a raised-bed garden which is a manageable choice which gives you control over the soil and better weed control.

Decide Which Plants to Grow

Choosing which fruit and vegetables that you want to grow depends very much on what appeals most to your taste, the space that you have available, and the conditions in your area. If you are struggling for inspiration, it is worth checking out a grow your own fruit resource or speaking to the specialists at your local garden centre. Many basic vegetables are relatively simple to plant and look after, and you can get a lot of the information that you need on the back of the packet.

Prepare Your Soil

Your soil is the lifesource of your fruit and vegetables, so you need to make sure that it is as high-quality as possible. This means it having a few different positive characteristics. First of all, it should be well-aerated so that air circulates through it well. It should also be free of obstructions like stones. Finally, it needs to be rich in organic matter like compost and aged manure. You can test the acidity of your soil in a straightforward manner by buying a simple test, and adding different substances depending on the result. Everything else comes back to how well you maintain the soil through your gardening habits.

Follow these simple steps and you will give yourself the basis from which you can grow fruit and vegetables that the whole family can enjoy.      


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