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For someone who loves a snack

Abakus FoodsIf you are buying items for someone who loves snacking, why not consider getting them some of these fab snacks from Abakus Foods? Choose from a variety of items such as jujube crisps, hickory nuts, stuffed jujube with cashews and so many more. They have some lovely gift jars here from just £12.99.

When you need an on the go essential

XO Balm, £12.50 for 45ml, is available from XO Balm. It is a multi-use balm you can’t live without.  This natural beauty solution  has many other uses, making it an ideal on-the-go essential. It comes with an applicator and is housed in a mirrored compact tin. The unique formula is designed to soothe and strengthen the skin, as well as moisturise and nourish all parts of the body, face and hair.

Each of XO Balm’s four ingredients has fantastic benefits, but combined they deliver a unique blend of hydration, protection and nourishment. It contains Coconut Oil which hydrates and protects the skin, keeping it plump and rejuvenated. It also contains Beeswax which acts as a protective and breathable layer for the skin; locking in moisture and protects skin from damaging environmental factors. Also included is Olive Oil which softens the skin and prevents moisture loss while protecting from environmental damage and finally, Chia Seed oil which soothes irritation and reduces inflammation, and contains vitamins and minerals. This would make a lovely stocking filler


For the pets Britain’s finest grain free dog and cat food, Canagan recently released a range of wet food pouches for cats, one of which you can see above. With 80% meat or fish and an array of chelated minerals, the new range offers a complete and balanced grain-free meal for kittens, adults and senior or sterilised cats.

If you pride on feeding your pets with decent quality pet food and want to involve them in Christmas gift giving this year, why not get them some food that they can enjoy whilst you are tucking into your Christmas meal?

For the beer lover

HofmeisterHofmeister Beer would make a fabulous gift for any beer lover. The Hofmeister brand first hit the UK back in the 80’s when it was a 3.2% ABV pale lager produced by Scottish Courage. It was famous for the cool and loveable Bavarian ‘George The Bear’ and the iconic advertising line ‘For great lager, follow the bear’. Following a 13-year hiatus (the original brand was axed in 2003 by then owners Heineken), the new Hofmeister brand is back and has been made over into a 5% ABV Helles lager, slow-brewed in Germany by a fourth generation family-owned brewery located on the edge of Ebersberger Forest in Bavaria. They even recently won best lager at the World Beer Awards which tells you how good it is!

We received some bottles for inclusion in this guide and let me tell you, they went down a treat. We’d been planning on taking some to the in laws for my father in law and brother in law to try (as they love trying different beers) but there may not be any left for them to try….

If you would like to gift them some Hofmeister this Christmas, why not pick up this Hofmeister 2 Pack Selection and Glass for £16 or this Hofmeister 5 Pack Selection and Glass for £22? Alternatively you can purchase from Amazon here. Happy drinking!

For the bookworm mum

the supermum mythmum hacksI reviewed The Supermum Myth here and Mum Hacks here and mentioned how I think all mums should check them out as they are great reads and really make you think. If you are buying for a time starved mum who tries to be supermum all of the time then why not gift them these books this year? You can buy The Supermum Myth from Amazon here for £9.39 (*) and Mum Hacks from Amazon here for £9.99 (*).

For the one who wants a calming and relaxing Christmas

rescue remedy

Christmas can be a hectic time, so help friends and family take a moment to unwind and enjoy the festivities, by putting NEW RESCUE® Spearmint Chewing Gum (£4.95)  in their stockings. With the act of chewing suggested to help calm and relax the mind, the chewing gum, with its liquid flower essences centre, is both a handbag and desk essential.

You can even keep a cool head over the busy festive period with NEW RESCUE PLUS Lozenge (£3.99). Whether you’re doing final checks on the turkey or flitting between family members ensuring their Christmas spirit is still going strong, the lozenge has a soothing orange and elderflower liquid centre and contains pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) which helps support normal mental performance. These are both available from Sainsbury’s, independent pharmacies and health food stores, grocery stores nationwide and online at Amazon (*).

For the one who loves unique gifts

twenty fingersIf you have someone who loves something a little different, why not gift them a bespoke product from Twenty Fingers. I reviewed mine from Twenty Fingers here and gifted it to my mum who absolutely loves it. It is something a little different from the norm which makes it feel even more special.

For someone who is eco-friendly

Do you have an eco-friendly family member or friend who loves cooking? Why not gift them a Wonderbag, the award winning eco friendly slow cooker. The product is basically a non-electric heat-retention cooker. It continues to cook food that has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 12 hours without the use of additional fuel so it’s super eco-friendly and portable. It comes in two different sizes – small for £35 and large for £45 – and a variety of colours. They are even currently offering free shipping. This would make the perfect gift for someone who loves cooking.

The one who loves scented stuff

Who doesn’t love a Yankee Candle or two? If you know someone who loves scented candles, why not purchase some for your friend or family member – especially some of their festive range right now? You can purchase Yankee Candles in a variety of scents and sizes from Amazon here (*).

I hope this has given you some great gift ideas for this year. What are you purchasing for your friends and family members?

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  1. Oh wow, these look pretty interesting! We have the XO balm, I’ve just started using it and it’s working wonders so far. I agree, you can’t beat a Yankee Candle either, I’ve got a few lined up as gifts this year too! x

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