Checking Out The Smyths Baby Room Catalogue

AD – This post is in collaboration with Smyths

Smyths is a shop I spend a lot of time in. We have a store the next town over and I could easily spend hours in there. Forget all the toys and stuff for my kids, there’s plenty in there that I want. The majority of Jack and Olivia’s birthday and Christmas presents came from the store and they are one of our go to places when Jack needs to buy a present for a friend’s birthday party.

The brand have just released their Baby Room catalogue which is filled with gift inspiration for kids under three. I’ve been checking it out – seeing what products they have to offer and making a mental list of some items I plan on getting Olivia in the near future. Why not take a look and see if any products take your fancy?

As is to be expected in a baby catalogue, there are plenty of pushchairs, strollers, car seats and other baby accessories. There’s also plenty of nursery furniture available too. I knew that you could get these items from Smyths but did you? So many think of the brand as just selling toys and games! There’s even products for sleeping, for weaning, for potty training and for when they are on the move. Smyths really have covered all bases when it comes to every stage of your child’s life from birth to age 3.

I loved going through the catalogue, making notes of products I know Olivia would love and seeing some old favourites such as the Big Steps Play Musical Activity Cube (which I reviewed here). There’s a great selection of brands available such as Big Steps, V-Tech and Fisher Price and gifts that suit every price point.

There’s also a variety of indoor and outdoor toys.  If you are looking for a scooter or a trike for your child, there are plenty to choose from and if play equipment for your garden is what you are searching for, there is plenty of that too.

What I also love – and didn’t actually know that they offered until today – was the note about free car seat fitting on the back of the catalogue. You just need to ask their certified Baby Experts for free advice and a free car seat fitting in-store. I was also made aware of their new Facebook group ‘Smyths – The Baby Room’ which I also didn’t know existed until today. Both these things fill me with confidence that Smyths are totally a brand to consider when it comes to all things baby.

It seems that Smyths have plenty to offer families who have children between the ages of 0-3. Not only do they have a vast selection of toys and games for this age group but they also have an amazing selection of baby safety products and so much more. With the ability to get a free car seat fitting in store and be able to buy all your baby needs in one place, it sure would be difficult to make the decision to go elsewhere.

Did you know Smyths had all this to offer? Do you shop with Smyths – whether in store or online?

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  1. I love heading into Smyths, although we are way past the baby stage now. Glad to see they are offering more and more things for younger families now too

  2. I totally love Smyths and tend to get the bulk of our toys from there too as we have a store which is local to us. I find that they have a wider selection and sometimes better offer in store for young kids

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