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Now if you’ve been a reader for a while, you will have realised that I love entering competitions. I’ve really got back into it recently so I thought I’d share my recent wins with you.

My most recent win was a copy of Living With Allergies by fellow blogger Emma Amoscato – read her blog here. I won this from the Mumsnet Influencers newsletter and am waiting for it to arrive. You can buy your own copy below: {affiliate link}


I was also very lucky to win a Mother’s Day giveaway with Hobbs – I won a £500 Hobbs giftcard and a 2 night stay in a Bespoke hotel. This is the best win I’ve had in a while and it made my day to receive the email. I’ve already received the gift card and am waiting for Bespoke Hotels to get in contact so I can book my stay.

I also won a copy of North Sea Rising by R.M Cartmel on Twitter with Crime Scene Books. I’m yet to receive this but it sounds like a great read. I seemed to have been going through a bookish time of winning as I also won a bundle of books from Happiful magazine on Twitter too. You’d think that would be the end of my bookish wins but I also won a fab kid’s book bundle for Jack from Laura aka 272BookFaith on Twitter as well!

Jack was lucky enough to win a book from Toppsta – a Science book which he has been really enjoying so far.

Finally, I also won an Apramo Flippa from Baby Magazine which is a baby seat with tray – like a mini highchair if you will. Olivia loves it and use it multiple times everyday. A great win for sure.

Do you enter competitions? Admittedly I’ve not been entering as many as usual. If you do, what has been your best win?

Recent Competition Wins | January

Recent Competition Wins | January

I have mentioned in many of my recent posts just how crazy January was with the birth of Olivia and death of my Dad. Not only did I have all that going on but I am also not taking any proper maternity leave as I just can’t afford to. I recently picked up a regular client who I write a number of articles for a week so with everything going on plus the freelance work and this blog? Comping took a major backseat.

However that isn’t to say I didn’t have any wins though. I may not have been entering many and I may have nowhere near as many wins as I did in December but I still had some fantastic ones.

Just before 2017 started, I set up a prize spreadsheet (using Di’s blog post as a guide) and wrote my wishlist. The spreadsheet is great for keeping me motivated and also so I can keep track of what has arrived and what hasn’t! So what did I manage to win in January?

  • A Baby Brezza Formula Pro worth £159.99 from Cheeky Rascals – this has been so handy with Olivia this past month. I am mostly breastfeeding but this enables us to make bottles quickly. It works with all bottle sizes and most major formula brands and we wouldn’t be without it now.
  • The No7 Lift & Luminate range from Slummy Single Mummy – I haven’t received this yet but I can’t wait. I am gifting this to a friend who loves No7 skincare.
  • A £75 VioVet voucher from Little Stuff  – VioVet is an online store where you can buy pet medication, food, toys and accessories. I don’t have any pets of my own but I entered this for my brother and won – so his dog will be getting treated very soon!

I may have only won three times in January but as you can see they are quite good wins. I have won twice already in February so far but their prize value is much much lower – the two come to less than £10 together. You can also see that both the Cheeky Rascals and Little Stuff wins were both advent wins that weren’t drawn until January – shows that putting in the effort in December pays off!

I’m hoping to get comping more in Feb and hopefully having some fab competition wins to show you at the end of this month. I hope to be taking part in Rachel’s new competition community and I’m loving her email newsletter rounding up some fab comps – get subscribing if you haven’t already!

Here’s hoping February is a winning month! How have you been doing so far in 2017?

Recent Competition Wins | December

Recent Competition Wins | December

I’ve always loved reading Rebecca from Mum of A Premature Baby’s monthly competition wins posts and I have occasionally posted my own. However when it comes to entering competitions, I seem to go through phases. I’ve recently got back into comping, mostly in the last couple of months and have been lucky to win some amazing prizes. I thought I would share with you my wins for December – and hopefully I will be making this a monthly post too.

I’ve also recently written my prize wishlist for 2017 – a holiday, an Apple watch and a new laptop are just some of the things featured – and set up my prize spreadsheet for 2017. I’m so excited to see what I can win next year – but for now, here is what I have won this month…

  • A Tomy Toys bundle from School Run Shop – Jack had the Paw Patrol Aquadoodle as a Christmas present and we’ve put the bath toy away for next Christmas for baby girl
  • Slice Shades from the Win Slice Shades promotion from Chicago Town – we’ve been lucky enough to win three times in recent months (purchase necessary)
  • A set of knitting & crafting books from GMC Books on Twitter – I gifted these to my friend Clare as they’re much more her thing
  • In The Night Garden calendar from In The Night Garden Live – this is now in Jack’s room
  • A copy of The Missing Hours by Emma Cavanagh from Dead Good Books on Twitter – I gifted this to my father in law
  • £120 on Tombola – I actually logged into the site to enter the Advent Calendar competition when I noticed I had some bonus credit – so I played it and won!
  • A photo frame from Be Personnel on Twitter – gifted this to my mother in law
  • Some fresh cream from my local Co-Op – they had a promotion going on if you scanned your membership card
  • Some kid’s pyjamas from Lily’s Little Learners – we’d already picked up a couple of pairs for Jack for Christmas so I got these for baby girl instead

  • Some cans of Cinnamora from Cinnamora Drink on Twitter – I had been wanting to win these for a while. I love cinnamon flavoured things and have been loving these since they turned up!
  • Batiste hair minis from Perfect10 on Twitter – these are going to be SO handy with a newborn and no time, haha!
  • Lindt chocolate hamper from The Ana Mum Diary – Yup, kept this all for myself, Steve and Jack!
  • Thermo Non contact thermometer from The Oliver’s Madhouse – I’ve been trying to win something like this for ages. This is going to be so helpful for baby girl and Jack!

Some really good wins this month – have you been entering any competitions?

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