Britax Römer Has Expanded Its Range With The Launch Of The 2-In-1 KIDFIX² R and KIDFIX² S Child Car Seats

I have not been compensated for this post. As an ambassador for this brand, I am sometimes asked to share information on new product launches, review some products and host some of competition for some of their products. Today’s post is letting you know about their latest products.

Britax Römer, the leader in child mobility, have today announced the launch of the KIDFIX² R and KIDFIX² S child car seats. These are joining the award-winning highback booster KIDFIX range.

The KIDFIX² R and KIDFIX² S are 2-in-1 child seats suitable for children in the Group 2/3 car seat stage (3.5 to 12 years of age; 15 – 36 kg; up to 150cm in height) and come with state-of-the-art safety features and the option to remove the backrest for children above 135cm for added flexibility.

These are highback boosters up to 150cm in height and are modelled after Britax Römer’s popular KIDFIX XP and KIDFIX XP SICT car seats. The high backrests come with softly padded side wings for comfort and side impact safety. The upper and lower belt guides ensure the seat belt is correctly positioned, while the SecureGuard helps protect the child’s abdominal area by adding a forth contact point to a three-point seat belt.

The KIDFIX² S comes with additional Side Impact Protection (SICT) which offers superior protection to a child in the event of a side collision. It reduces impact forces by minimising the distance between the car and the car seat and deforms to absorb the energy before it reaches a child.

Comfort on the go

Between the ergonomic headrest and V-shaped backrest, children will travel in cosy comfort from day one. The headrest protects and provides comfort for a child’s head and neck and can easily be adjusted to the correct position with one hand, even while the child is sitting in the seat. The unique, V-shaped backrest provides a spacious fit for children of all sizes. As the child grows and the car seat’s headrest is moved up, the V-shaped backrest ensures the child’s shoulders – typically the widest part of the body – corresponds to the widest part of the seat, up until the child reaches 150cm in height.

For children above 135cm, parents have the option to remove the backrest of the highback booster for instances when additional flexibility is required. The booster cushion of the KIDFIX² R and KIDFIX² S comes with cutting-edge safety features extensively tested in Britax Römer’s crash test centre. A unique belt clip optimally positions the vehicle seat belt directly over the shoulder of the child for the duration of the journey. The booster is installed using ISOFIX connectors and comes with the SecureGuard feature to ensure the lap belt is positioned over the pelvic bones of the child. European regulations followed in the UK require children to sit in a car seat until they are 135cm or 12 years of age, whichever comes first.

Award Winning KIDFIX Family – Made In Germany

The KIDFIX² R and KIDFIX² S are Britax Römer’s latest additions to join the award-winning KIDFIX range. All KIDFIX child seats have been designed, developed and manufactured in Germany. This enables Britax Römer to carry out numerous tests in its in-house crash test facility and guarantee the highest possible quality.

The KIDFIX family has also been extensively crash tested in real cars.  More than 95 percent of cars crash tested by Euro NCAP in 2017 used a Britax Römer child car seat. Of these, more than 25 global automotive brands selected a member of the KIDFIX family for cars of various sizes and designs, such as the Mercedes Benz C-Class Cabriolet, BMW 5 Series, Ford Fiesta, Mini Countryman, Citroen D S7 CROSSBACK and Land Rover Discovery. These range from city cars to SUVs and large family vehicles.

While consumer organisations test child car seats on sleds in specific environments, Euro NCAP tests the entire restraint system – the car in combination with the child car seat – and crashes actual vehicles in real-life accident scenarios. Excellent child protection in these simulated crashes is a condition for cars to achieve five stars in Euro NCAP.

The KIDFIX² R and KIDFIX² S are now available to purchase, starting from £150. For more information, please visit

Clas Ohlson are coming to St Albans

I’ve mentioned before that I live in close proximity to St Albans, a great little city that I am proud to call my home. A lot of businesses like to open up here as it is a haven for those who need somewhere to live that is close to London without paying London prices. St Albans sees a lot of commuters moving in and so the city also sees new brands moving into the cities shops as well.

The main shopping area in St Albans is The Maltings and this is where the new Clas Ohlson shop will be opening up. Known for selling an array of products, the store is opening tomorrow and I am excited to have been invited along to the launch – expect a post later on this week.


The store will officially open at 10am on Thursday 1st October; there will also be a host of great offers available, including 20% all products in store, for that day only and a free cordless screwdriver for the first 100 customers. The fun will continue on the Friday and over the weekend with free gifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the first 100 customers each day including £10 Clas Ohlson gift cards and LED work lights. Clas Ohlson are also working in collaboration with Heart FM to offer one lucky winner a gift of £10,000 by cracking the safe – more information will be announced on the 28th September.

If you’re a local blogger popping along to the launch, please do let me know. If you’re local to the area in general, why not go and take a look at the newcomer to Maltings? If you visit on Saturday, why not try to Crack The Safe with Heart FM?

Are you going to pop along?

I have received no payment for this post,  however I have been kindly invited to the store opening.