5 Funny Little Things About Jack & Olivia

I was recently tagged in this quiz by Jenna from Chic Geek Diary – you can read her answers here. Here are five funny little things about Jack and Olivia – they are both such characters and so adorable!

  1.  He is obsessed with Trolls and will sing ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ constantly to make Olivia laugh. He sings it pretty much all the time and Olivia cracks up. The funniest thing is that at school Jack and a few of his friends have formed a ‘Troll band’ where they all sing songs from Trolls together….would be hilarious if they decided to join the talent show!
  2. On the theme of singing, he was once singing Christmas carols at the bus stop that he had learned and people came over and gave him money – that only made him sing longer and louder! I think I have a mini busker on my hands.
  3. Olivia will find the strangest things funny. Jack bowing, someone sneezing – the most obscure of things can set this little minx into a fit of giggles and it is very hard to keep a straight face.
  4. She can get so confused by the smallest things too – and it is so cute to watch. When Steve is at work, we sometimes video call him on Facebook Messenger. Well I wanted to show him her reaction to the ringing as we wait for him to pick up – she has a right little chat – so I called him despite him sitting next to me. She had just been sat on him and when she saw him on the screen, she looked so baffled as to how he had gone from the sofa to the screen and had to check he was still actually on the sofa!
  5. The two of them together against the world. If I leave the room normally, Olivia kicks off – she’s very clingy to me at the moment. However if she’s with Jack, I could go to the moon and back and I don’t believe she would ever notice – she’s so enamoured with him and he adores her. Hope this lasts forever.

I tag Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy, Rachel from Rachel In Real Life and you if you would like to take part – what funny things do your kids do?

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