Olivia | Two Months On

I can hardly believe that I am sitting here writing Olivia’s two month update. Tomorrow she has her eight week immunisations and I am dreading it, much as I always did when Jack was tiny. Luckily Steve has the day off so I am hoping he’ll hold her whilst she has the injections and I can give her the cuddles afterwards!

So much has changed since last month. If you follow my Instagram, you will have seen just how much she has changed in such a small amount of time. Not only is she much more alert and expressive but she is also a very smiley baby – when she’s not hungry, tired or needing a nappy change, of course! She’s also making lots of cooing noises and is really strong – she’s really trying to hold her head up already and is holding it up for quite a while by herself before needing a rest. She knows what she wants when she wants it and will certainly let you know if you are not doing exactly what she wants!

Feeding wise, she’s now pretty much exclusively breastfed with the very occasional bottle. I talked about my breastfeeding journey recently and whilst we’ve had our ups and downs along the way, I’m happy with where we are at now. Β She also seems to be suffering from separation anxiety when it comes to me already – now that she has started to recognise our faces and voices, she gets really upset if I leave her for more than a few seconds if I leave her with anyone but Steve – and even then, sometimes she will get upset with him because she wants me. I’m sure this will pass soon but it is quite exhausting!

Two months in and I am loving her more and more each day – she brings so much joy to our lives and Jack adores her. I wonder what her next month will bring?

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  1. She is so so beautiful! <3 It's amazing how you can watch her growing and her emotions growing as well! That's incredible and I can imagine everyday is something new! Ah sounds magical <3

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