What Do You Want From Your Wedding Day?

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Because if you don’t know what you want from your wedding day, how are you ever going to plan one and be satisfied with it?!

Weddings are big days in our lives, and they’re always going to mean a lot, no matter the kind of person you are. They’re going to be a romantic time, and each and every one of your guests are going to have something different to remember about it!

But what are you going to remember about it? What do you even want to be there? What decorations, what kind of food, what music etc. How do you even go about planning a wedding day when you have no idea where to start? Well, hopefully, you can start right here. It’s time to work out what kind of wedding you want, and let’s hope you’re all the happier for it!

Know Your Budget

It’s the first thing to work out, before you do any other sort of planning. After all, you need to have the right amount of money on hand before you go hiring DJs and catering companies. You won’t know what you can pay before you put in a booking, and you definitely won’t get what you want when they pull out due to your lack of funds.

You’ll Want Some Good Photos

At the very least, that is. You’re going to want some physical reminders of your big day, that you can say for sure. And the best way to make sure of that is to have a good wedding photographer on hand – but where do you start in finding one?

First up, look online. There’s a lot of Wedding Photographers out there with professional websites and public portfolios, and they’re a good place for you to begin your search. Look through their past work, and if you see something you like, be sure to get in contact.

Then you can ask around your friends and family, to see if they have any recommendations for you. Maybe your younger sister is trying to start a career in freelance photography; why not give her a little boost here by asking her to do the photos for your big day? It’ll be a lovely personal touch for the both of you.

Nick Karvounis
You’ll Want to Take Your Time

There’s a reason you book a wedding venue well ahead of time – because you need a lengthy schedule in place before you do any further arranging! You want to have a proper timeline on your hands, to make sure you’ve got plenty of chances to find the right place to hold the ceremony, and that you can taste as many cakes as is required to find the right catering company. So give yourself 6 months maybe, especially if you’re someone who’s quite decisive about the big things in your life…

Ready for your big day? Your wedding day can be perfect, and just as you imagined, as long as you take the time to figure it out first.

What Your Guests Remember From Your Wedding Day

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As much as your wedding day is about you, you want your guests to enjoy your day too. So here’s what your guests remember from your wedding day.

The Food

Food is very important especially as a wedding day is usually heavily fuelled by alcohol. So it’s good to have a decent amount of food served at the wedding. Think about the food that caters for the majority, rather than giving guests the opportunity to note down every intolerance they have. A good medium is to have one or two meat dishes and one or two vegetarian dishes. Allowances should be made for those who are allergic or vegan, but there will likely be very few.

The Bar

A good bar will certainly go down well with guests, but you should be wise of when to open the bar, ideally after the ceremony so there are no guests getting boozed up or too drunk to remember the most important bit. Make sure there’s enough drink to last for the whole day and have a variety of drinks, including spirits and soft drinks to cater for everyone.

Thomas AE

That Bit In Between Your Ceremony & Breakfast

When your ceremony is over, and you’re now happily married, the next agenda on the list of your day is to have photographs taken. This will be a mixture of you and your partner, family members and friends. You’ll then normally have a big group photo at the end before the wedding breakfast. It’s important to think about what to offer your guests while you have your photos taken. It might be worth having the big group photo first and then opening up the bar or serving some canapes to keep your guests fed and watered. This period of time is something that a lot of guests will judge the day on.

The Music

Music should certainly be at the top of your list for prioritising as it’s what gets the party started. So decide on what type of music you’d like and think about your guests and what they’d enjoy. You might want to mix it up and have a band on first to do some covers and then a DJ to play on for the rest of the night.

Your Theme

Everyone’s wedding theme tends to be different and whether you opt for bridal wedding day traditions or not, is completely up to you. This is the aspect of your wedding that you can really go to town with. The more personality you inject into it, the more your guests will notice and appreciate the touches you put into your wedding. Think about what you and your partner love and try to incorporate within your wedding day. The venue also makes a difference to your theme, so make sure what you want fits the style of your venue too.

The most important people on the day though are you and your partner. When all is said and done, it’s your memories of the day that is the most important to remember to enjoy it and relish every moment from the day. It’ll certainly go quickly!

Make Your Wedding More Memorable

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Every couple getting married wants their day to be something special. A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment that should be full of joy and it should be a day people will remember. Trends in weddings come and go just like all fashions, but there are some things that you can do to make yours very special. 

Often, it is the small details that stay in people’s minds and you need to consider some things that are important to you and your partner when planning your wedding.


The décor at your wedding will be crucial. If you are having a themed wedding, and there are many to choose from, this can be incorporated into the way the venue is decorated. If you both love riding bikes, for instance, you could make sure there are a few dotted about the place, perhaps with baskets on the front holding flowers or treats.

Is the sea is a passion for you both you could use shells, pictures of fish and many other things to bring a nautical feeling to the day. Your interest may be something more niche that many of your guests are unaware of. This is a brilliant chance to show them all what passions you have apart from each other.


It will probably not be long after you have looked at diamond rings for your engagement that you start to consider who you will want to invite to your wedding. On the day, often there will be a book for the guests to sign and to leave a personal message.

Some bride and grooms are taking a different approach though and using things other than books to collect the signatures. Things such as globes of the earth, musical instruments like guitars, photos of the happy couple and all sorts of other things. You can use your imagination and basically let them sign anything that they can write on.

Beatriz Pérez Moya

There seems to be a new trend around the subject of wedding cakes. Often there is a traditional wedding cake but also a bride’s cake and a groom’s cake. These are usually much smaller than the main one and are decorated in some way that represents the interest of either the bride or groom.

The possibilities are endless of course, but these themed cakes can be something your guests will remember for a very long time.


Feeding many people the same food can be difficult. There will always be people that are fussy eaters who do not like the meal you have chosen and then there could be guests that are vegetarian or have special dietary needs. The food can make or break your wedding reaction so you need to find a way of keeping all of your guests happy with it.

It can be costly to have a menu that people can choose from on the day but often is not quite so bad if you give them the choices beforehand. Then the caterers will know how much to cook of each meal rather than having to waste lots of food because one option was more popular than another.

Whatever the food is it needs to be of good quality though, or your reception will not get off to a good start.

Remember as well that a few hours after the meal your guests will start to get hungry again. The traditional thing to do is have a buffet in the evening but you could make your wedding different by asking a mobile fish and chip van to call. This could be much cheaper for you too, as the guests would pay for whatever they wanted. Of course, not everyone would want them, but then you could have some buffet food on a much smaller scale.

Occupy Them

Weddings can be a very long day, especially for children or for people who do not dance. They can end up sitting for hours with nothing to do and having things to occupy them can be a great idea.

Photo booths usually create much fun and laughter, and maybe for the children, you could hire a bouncy castle or have a children’s corner with some toys and games for them to play.

Make sure whatever music you have is varied, as then there will be something throughout the evening to suit everyone’s tastes.

From clothes to food to the entertainment, there are many ways to make your wedding a memorable day. It just takes a bit of planning and some forethought and you may be surprised at the ideas you come up with.

Want To Win A £500 Bathroom Makeover For Your Wedding Day With VictoriaPlum.com?

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Yes, you read it right. One lucky couple will win a bathroom makeover worth £500 for their wedding day from VictoriaPlum.com. The reason that Victoria Plum are running this competition? Well they have been celebrating Wedding Planning Day which was on Friday the 1st of March and what better way to celebrate than a competition?

If you are part of a couple who are tying the knot before the 1st of October 2019, then you are eligible to enter. The prize you will win is a mini bathroom makeover, perfect for those getting ready photos on the wedding morning and helping to showcase the beauty of you, the married couple, on your big day.

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Not only will your bathroom receive a deep clean but you’ll also receive some lovely new accessories and maybe even a lick of paint to bring it into the 21st century.

So now you know about the competition and you fit the criteria – how do you go about entering? All you need to do is visit this page and follow the instructions. The bathroom must be in the home of the couple or one of the partners; a friend or a parent’s house. A photo of the bathroom in its current state must be included and entries can only be made by UK resident who are over 18 years of age. You must also include the date and location of your wedding upon entry and should you win, you will need to provide Victoria Plum with an ‘after’ shot of you getting ready in the bathroom on your wedding day.

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The competition will run from Friday 1st of March 2019 until midnight on Monday 15th of April 2019. One lucky winner will be selected at random and contacted directly by the company to organise the makeover. Terms and conditions apply – you can find them here.

About The Brand 

VictoriaPlum.com has been providing inspirational bathrooms at affordable prices since 2001 and has become one of the UK’s leading online bathroom retailers. Having expanded its range of brand names, to include the likes of Mira Showers, Ideal Standard and Grohe, they are looking to offer their customers a greater choice than ever before.

Sticking to their principles of operating without expensive showrooms or salespeople, they offer inspirational bathrooms at affordable prices and pass on the savings to the customer. For more information on VictoriaPlum.com and its products, visit the website at https://VictoriaPlum.com or call 0344 804 48 48.

How to Plan Your Classical Wedding – Violas, Veils and Vol-au-vents

If you’ve always dreamt of your wedding day as something from a Jane Austen novel, then classical is the way to go. It’s a wonderful feeling to seemingly take a step back in time, away from smartphones, reality TV, traffic jams and jogging bottoms, to a period of propriety, piety and (not in the literal sense) Pride and Prejudice. Sweeping lawns with plenty of room for croquet and badminton, gorgeous flower arrangements and, of course, the gorgeous strains of classical music lifting your spirits are just the kinds of ingredients

Here are a few stylistic tips to help you plan the classical wedding you’ve always wanted:

Outdoor Reception

To really evoke the green pastoral countryside of yesteryear, the best place for you to host your reception would be a large garden, possibly a marquee in the grounds of a stately home (which are often hirable for events). This way, you’ll have plenty of room for games, musical entertainment and outdoor seating so you can enjoy your reception in the fresh air. There are several stately homes across the UK which offer their services for weddings, often including accommodation in the deal. The prices tend to start at around £1500 and reach upwards of £20000 for a weekend

Indoor Ball

A classic scene from Austen’s most well-known tale is the ball, with the carefree Elizabeth Bennett trading dance steps and sarcasm with the uptight Mr Darcy to a beautiful backdrop of candlelight and chamber music. If you do hire a hall or stately home, you should have access to a function room, which you can bedeck with ornate tablecloths, doilies and candelabras. And for the full effect, organise a few rehearsals with your guests so they can learn the dance steps from the Netherfield Ball. Those of your friends who are fans of the book and adaptations (with or without zombies) will surely be delighted to oblige!

Canape Waiters

There’s no better way to make your guests feel elegant and sophisticated than by hiring waiters to tend to their every wish! The number of waiters you’ll need is entirely dependent on the number of guests you’re expecting – roughly, 1 waiter per 15 guests tends to be the trend, although there are also wine waiters and supervisors to take into consideration for larger scale events. For the canape menu, you might like to consider prawn cocktails, vol-au-vents, pate, sardines, and, for the sweet of tooth, profiteroles.

Lawn Games

You may as well make the most of all that freshly mown grass – and lawn games are by far the most fun way of doing this! Setting up classic games like badminton and croquet barely take any set up time – all you’ve got to do is set up a net and hammer in a few hoops, and you’ve got hours of fun for everyone from nephews to great aunts. And even though they’re not strictly Regency-era, you can’t go wrong with giant Jenga and colossal Connect 4.

 Rob Sarmiento

Liquid Refreshments

The perfect accompaniment to a summer wedding is undoubtedly Pimms, but home made lemonade is a deliciously refreshing substitute for the teetotalers and children. Gin based cocktails and champagne have enough classiness about them to suit your theme, but you might also like to serve some slightly rarer brews. Drinks popular in the Regency era include carrot beer, parsnip wine, raspberry brandy and Flip (hot beer, brandy and sugar). All the rustic flavours of the countryside distilled into one interesting and enjoyable beverage!

Dress Code

The Regency and Victorian periods are often revered for the smartness of elegance of their fashion trends. Ladies: Lace on everything! Long dresses with such as Empire line gowns were the style at the time, and look fantastic trimmed with lace hems and sleeves. If you want to go all out, you might also like to give a pair of lacy ankle-length boots a whirl. Gents: hope you can handle the heat, because you’ll be wearing starched shirts, cravats, waistcoats and fitted tailcoats, and topping it all off with a felt top hat – but it’s all worth it for the Beau Brummell dandy look.

Classical Music

Live music from classically trained professional musicians will complete the illusion that you’ve somehow married in the early 1800s. There are a range of options available when you’re looking to hire the finest purveyors of Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven. The most traditional musical entertainment to hire for a garden reception is a string quartet – with their tight-knit combination of cello, viola and violins, a string quartet can reproduce the majority of classical composers’ works. If, however, you budget or venue dictates otherwise, you can hire a string trio or duo for a less full but still beautiful sound, or a solo musician such as a harpist or classical pianist. 

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