The Biggest Wedding Decisions You Have To Make

If you have a wedding coming up at some point, you will already be aware that it can be surprisingly stressful to get it all in order in time for the big day itself. However, it will be necessary to make sure that you do if you want it to go as well as possible, and particularly if you are keen to be able to enjoy the day yourself as much as you would obviously like to. The truth is that there are a number of decisions in particular which are especially big, and which you probably need to look into first and foremost, so that is what we are going to discuss in this article. As long as you have made sure to take care of the following, you should be able to look forward to a packed and enjoyable day for yourself and your other half.

The Venue

Without having a venue chosen, it is unlikely you will be able to start getting excited for the big day at all. But finding a looking in a good venue is notoriously hard, and you might find that it takes longer than you expected to be able to get it done. To make it a little easier for yourself, give yourself the opportunity to at least look around at a number of different venus before you actually land on any one of them. If you can do it in that way, you will find that you are able to make the decision much more effectively and easily. It will also increase the likelihood of the right venue owners actually saying yes, which is something else you obviously need to think about. Give yourself many open options to avoid having too much stress about the whole thing.

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The Rings

Being one of the many decisions you need to make together as a couple, and being something that will survive beyond the day itself, the choice of rings is actually incredibly hard to do. Most couples find that they need to look round at a number of places before they find the rings they want. First of all, you want to decide on a style. You might want to go for the traditional simple band, or you might think that the vvs diamonds at are more to your liking. In either case, just make sure that you are both truly happy with the choice, as you are both going to have to wear the ring for a long time to come.

The Date

You obviously want as many of your loved ones as possible to be there, so choosing a date is going to be especially important if you want to make sure that is the case. You might find that you spend a long time getting this right, in part because you have to liaise with so many people, including the venue owners themselves of course. But as long as you allow plenty of time to do it, you should find that you can effectively find a date that works for all.


The Key Touches That Bring Your Wedding Day Alive

When you start to think about planning your wedding and getting married, it can often seem incredibly overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to be a bridezilla if you really don’t want to be. Instead, you can just choose to enjoy the process and have fun! Yes, you really can. But to do this, you need to be in the right frame of mind. You need to believe that you’re going to be able to have the best wedding day ever. You need to make sure that you’re committing the time necessary to make sure that your wedding is everything that you want it to be. Yes, it can be a lot of work, but if you want to bring your wedding day alive, you have to give it your all.

So, to do that, you’ll find that it’s so important for you to channel your efforts into all of the right areas. Because there are always going to be some of the key things to a wedding that really allow you to make the day feel incredible. And, of course, these key touches will definitely be personal. Because something that you really care about won’t always be something that someone else cares about. However, you can still take the idea of putting your all into the right key areas of your wedding to make it your best. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can help you to make it absolutely perfect (or as close as possible).

The Theme

So first of all, you have the theme. If you really want to make sure that your wedding is just wonderful, then choosing a wedding theme that feels magical and very you, is so important. Some great choices here can be vintage themed, or fairytale, old Hollywood glamour, or even a set color that then impacts on anything else. This then not only allows you to pull together everything else in line with the theme quite easily, but it can set the great tone of the wedding too.

The Venue

Next, there’s the venue. Now, for a lot of people, that can seems incredibly tough to pick out. However, choosing your wedding venue can really set the scene of the ideal wedding that you want. So, think about what an ideal wedding venue would be like – such as an old castle, a fancy hotel, a gorgeous garden, or even something overseas. A lot of the time, your venue can add to the magic of your wedding day.

The Invitations

Now, there’s also the invitations too. When you think about it, wedding invites can seem like something so small. But they are just so pretty and can really set the tone of your wedding in the minds of your guests. So spending the time to select the most amazing invites is definitely what you need to do.

The Flowers

For some people, the idea of picking out flowers can seem a little boring. But really, the flowers are such an important and exciting part of the wedding. They can really bring a space alive. Think about how you can decorate the ceremony and the venue with so many wonderful and beautiful flowers, it can really create the wedding day of your dreams.

The Wedding Favors

Next, there’s the favors. Again, this can often be a really small part of the day that you either forget about, or you don’t really want to put any effort into. And that can feel incredibly normal. But, when you get creative with the favors, they too can add to the excitement of the day. Here, why not think about the kind of favors that are going to play into your theme. Perhaps personalized tea cups for your vintage theme, or shot glasses for your Hollywood theme.

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The Music

Now, the music can seem like an afterthought. But this is something that this playing all throughout the day. So you really do need to get it right. From the wedding ceremony songs that you choose, to the background music at the reception, and then your evening entertaining, how fun would it be to make sure that it’s all in the same kind of theme too? This can really amplify the feel of the day.

The Food

A really fun area that can really make the day special, is the food. Especially if you’re a foodie! Don’t feel pressured by your venue to make certain choices. Instead, think about what food you want, and find the caterers that you love that will make your wedding day incredibly special.

The Transport

And if you or your fiancé love cars, then make sure that you pick out transport to and from the venue that you absolutely love! Choose the cars that you would absolutely love to arrive in, and that will make your day extra special.

The Guests

And then, you have your wedding guests themselves! This can be something that stresses people out a lot, but just enjoy it. Remember, you want to share your special day with these people. So it’s going to be so important for you to be able to create a wedding guest list full of people that you love. If you know that you want to have key people there, then invite them. But definitely don’t feel like you have to extend invitations out of courtesy. This is a day that you want to enjoy, so make sure that the guests will be a part of that.

The Agenda

Finally, you then also have your wedding day schedule to think about do. And definitely feel free to choose this yourself. If you don’t want your guests to be waiting around a lot, or you don’t want to feel like you’re rushing from the ceremony to pictures to eat to dance – then don’t. Your wedding day can go as slow as you like, or go in whatever order you like. So definitely be selfish about being able to enjoy your perfect day.

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Why Wedding Themes Carry The Romantic Story

Why Wedding Themes Carry The Romantic Story

Many people have their own image of what a wedding should look like. However, when they’re coming up with ideas for their own wedding, that’s when the pressure is on. It’s much easier to think freely and blend around sporadically, all the things that you believe would go well together. Ultimately, when it’s your wedding you are planning, you become very specific. So what actually drives you to be this way? You can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere along the line in our life, we will be influenced by something heavily that will bend us in the direction of a certain style of wedding. Themes are the steely roots that shoot through the middle of the aisle, in among all the chaos and fervor, that keep your wedding planted firmly in your romantic ideal. It could be something about the Spanish aristocracy, their dress code, the colors, the historical power that influences your wedding to take on their theme. Maybe it has something to do with the Royal Family of the UK, and how their dress is traditional yet incredibly intricate and bold that makes you want a classic British wedding. Themes hold so much power because they have survived to become their own distinct culture.

The tale of the dress

Look around at a wedding, the guests, the food, music, the location and venue, the transport and the ceremony are all linked together to create the atmosphere you want on your special day. However we all know, there’s one thing, just one thing that has an insurmountable importance for a wedding, and that’s the wedding dress. It and you will be the star of the show. It will be the gleaming light that will transform you into a figure of breathtaking beauty. So surely you can’t just rely on marriage and bride magazines to influence your decision just because something is in style at the time right?

Wedding dresses have gone through transformations in style and design over the many decades. The theme of the dress can be asserted to one such time period, that joins with your soul. The recent history of these themes is easy to follow and understand. The vintage wedding dress is post-war and namely occupies the 1950s and 60s mainly. These would be incorporating a lot of lace. The floral designs that were slightly subdued but localized around the shoulders and neck area, as well as the hemline. Modern wedding dresses are in the post-period. They are largely influenced by ball gowns with large skirts the have a vertical ruffle effect due to the many folds. As you may be able to see, the theme of the dress harbors the power of history and lineage of design.

Leave no illusions

Themes must start from the beginning. As you progress further and further they will start to assume their own natural feeling. Start with your invitation with Paper Themes that hold true to your chosen theme. If you’re planning to hold your wedding deep into the countryside, among generations of farmers and people who toil the land to feed the nation they love, then the Rustic Foiled wedding invitation will instantly inform guests of the type of wedding you’re having. If you are going to have an upper-class wedding that is true to your family name, your standing or your cultural heritage, then the Natural Charm wedding invitation in its deep purple and gold design, and with a white chiffon ribbon, is a great choice.

The decorative dragon

Like a swirling dragon, that flies and slithers through all of your weddings, your decorative theme is going to carry the romantic story. Yes, your location surrounds your guests and they can see with their own eyes the beauty of the hills, fields, buildings and everything else. The venue is tangible, they’re inside it, they can touch the walls and be eye to eye with the interior design, taking in the splendid decor. However, minds get lost in the wedding itself. They are looking at you taking your vows, they’re also going to be seated at tables and enjoying your menu. They’ll also get up to dance and mingle. So you don’t want them to forget just exactly what you have chosen as your theme. In other words, you don’t want your important day to descend into just being another generic party that people will forget.

The centerpiece of each table should be in the themed colors, style, designs and taste. Whether it is a bouquet of flowers or a handcrafted figurine, it has to stay within the theme you have chosen. It reminds people of the period, historical importance and or overall ambiance of your theme. Even the seating itself can be in the style of your theme by way of its design, i.e. the curves, the height, the backrest contours, the broad or delicate legs and of course the material such as wood, copper and or fabrics. This goes on further to the chinaware that you pick. Again will the theme be carried onto the plates and the cutlery? The little details on the forks and knives will be charming, and the encompassing intricacies of the china plates is a stamp of the unique experience you offer your guests as they dine with you.

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Involving nature

The location and the venue will be the hallmarks of your theme. They are the big spires that lift up and raise your wedding to what it shall be overall. However, some people like to involve nature in their wedding. For example, some people want to complete their Mediterranean wedding by getting married at dawn just as the piercing bronze sun is peering out from under the clouds. For a Catholic Italian Wedding, you might want the midday church bells to be ringing so you choose a day where the sky will be clear and the time of the middle of the day to get the effect you want.

The theme of a wedding is the lifeblood of your day. It will be the single most important thing because it has an effect on everything you can think of. This is why knowing your history, the importance of a certain style, those that came before you and had something similar, all matter in your decision-making.

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Planning a Perfect Honeymoon?

Planning a Perfect Honeymoon?

If you’re looking to plan the perfect honeymoon a number of factors must be considered but none more than the destination you end up visiting.  The list below offers three suggestions to inspire your honeymoon holiday:

Mink Mingle

Known as being the “land of smiles”, Thailand has something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a laid back beach vibe, the hustle of the city, or the traditional culture of the hill tribes.

Thailand remains a firm favourite for honeymooners but it’s very different today, to how it used to be, even ten years ago.  There is much development, though there are still a few unspoilt areas remaining in terms of the smaller islands between Krabi and Phuket.

Indeed, there are a number of five star options perfect for honeymoons in the regions of Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui, but for a more authentic experience, albeit inland, you might want to consider visiting more remote parts of the North West, such as Pai, which can be found close to the border of Myanmar.


Another firm favourite destination, on every honeymooner’s bucket list is Italy.  There are two regions within Italy that are particularly perfect for honeymoons: Lake Garda and Lake Como (about an hour from Milan airport) and Tuscany (the best option being to fly  into Pisa).

The lakes offer a certain refinement whilst retaining a comfortable, authentic and down to earth vibe that is the opposite of the pretentious vibe that can be found in some of the major tourist spots.

Here, you can take scenic boat rides, go horse riding, climbing, walking and even paragliding.  It’s the perfect backdrop for a wedding, though if you’re on honeymoon here you should consider getting a wedding photographer in order to take a few beautiful shots – as the scenery is just perfect.

Tuscany is a further popular choice as enchanting region has marvellously mild weather, almost half of Italy’s artistic heritage, and traditional local people that make Tuscany feel less of a tourist destination and more like a welcome home.  

For a real treat, if you have the budget then you might want to head to Borgo Santo Pietro – which has been voted as THE world’s most romantic hotel and deserves a place on everyone’s honeymoon bucket list.


The final option is to go on a safari, as this will create a truly memorable experience.  For many, a wildlife safari is one the most desired trip of their life, and this is exactly what you should expect from your honeymoon.  There are budget options, but budget is a relative term, when it comes to facilitating a safari.

In summary, a honeymoon is the one time you should probably feel justified in splurging – and the three options above are guaranteed to provide great value, in terms of the experience you’ll have there.  Admittedly, they’re not the cheapest, and you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that Thailand is a cheap country – it can be, but only if you’re willing to live like a backpacker. If you want a “dream experience” then it will still be reasonably expensive.

That said, it’s not just about money – a honeymoon should be more than a luxury resort  – it should be a life enhancing experience where memories are made that last a lifetime.


Married life after the big day — what are the costs that lie ahead?

There’s a lot of hype in the run-up to a wedding day, it takes years and years of planning- I should know, we’ve been engaged for nearly six years! But what’s next when the vows are said and the day is done? Married life — and it can be costly! Together with Angelic Diamonds, retailers of engagement rings, lets take a look at the costs that you’ll face after the wedding day, from starting a family to moving to a bigger home.

Starting a family

Having children is usually the next big step after marriage. The average time a couple waits between getting married and having a baby is three years in the US and this can be costly. What can you expect to face after pregnancy?

Including nappies, clothing, nursery furniture, toys, and a pram, the cost of a baby can total £3,120 in the first year of their life alone. If you plan on attending activity classes with your new-born, such as sensory or swimming classes, you could face an additional annual cost of £465.50. I’ve never done too many classes when the kids were really small but it really does all add up. 

Feeding your baby will also cost – depending on what you use.. Add £165 to this yearly cost if you plan on breastfeeding, or a whopping £1,040 should you opt for bottle feeding. Expenses for childcare also need to be considered if you choose to go back to work after maternity leave. For a relatively well-off couple in the UK, the cost of childcare is the highest in the world. In Britain, the average cost of sending a child under two to part-time day nursery is £122.46 per week. For full-time care, this rises to £232.84. Obviously your location in the UK has an influence on how much you pay — part-time day nursery can cost around £42 more per week in London than the British average and full-time care increases by £73 in the capital.

When first born, heir first day at school can seem a long way off. But, if you are considering sending your child to a private school, you must consider the average annual outgoing of £14,102 – crazy prices!.  At the age of ten, it’s likely that they’ll be asking for their first smartphone like all their friends have! As you’ll most likely be the one to pay for this, you can expect to fork out around £27 per month — or £324 per year!

This is before you add the cost of an average holiday (£3,133 for a family of four) and those Christmas and birthday presents! Very costly indeed.

Upsizing into a bigger home

After the wedding, you might start to think about moving into a bigger home so you’ll face some extra costs when you do decide to make the move.

According to Compare My Move, the estimated cost of moving to a new house in 2018 in the UK is £8,885. This cost is based on the average UK property price which is currently at £226,071 and takes into considerations stamp duty at £2,021, estate agent expenses at £3,391. This overall cost also considers general moving costs, which can add up to £1,236.66. You also need to consider a few hidden costs if selling a house. One of these is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which can cost you between £60 and £120. It can often be worthwhile getting a professional survey of your new property before you buy it to check the condition of it to prevent you from losing out on money. These can cost from £400 to over £1,000 depending on the survey that you choose.

Getting a new car

Perhaps you now want to swap that convertible for a more family-appropriate car – it’s up to you how much you spend on a new car, but you should expect it to set you back a few pounds! In fact, the running costs of an average family car in the UK costs £1,000 more than in the USA and Australia, £1,825 more than Japan and £2,000 more than in China. Doesn’t this seem crazy? According to What Car? the top ten family used cars sit between £8,000 and £14,000. And, if you were to choose a top new car, you can expect a family-suitable vehicle to cost between £16,995 and £29,495.

If you’re unsure on how much to spend on a new car, MoneyUnder30 advise the following:

  • If you’re looking for a cheap car that gets you from A to B, you should budget around 10-15% of your annual income.
  • For a safer and reliable vehicle, budget between 20 and 25% of your annual income.
  • If you consider a car as a lifestyle item and not just as a form of transport, consider spending around 50% of your annual income on a car.

Even though strict saving might have temporarily paused when the wedding arrives, it’s likely you’ll have to dig deep again for the future! With starting a family, moving to a new house and buying a bigger car, married life can be expensive — but it’s so worth it!