Christmas Gift Guide | For Men

Christmas Gift Guide | For Men

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It’s getting to that time of year again – the Christmas fever has hit and we are all picking up gifts for our loved ones. Here are a few gift ideas for the man in your life:

Anki OVERDRIVE – £149.99 (Buy from the Anki website here or it is available on promotion from Amazon(*)

I reviewed the Anki OVERDRIVE here and mentioned how it wasn’t just for kids and how much Steve enjoyed playing with it. Whilst the kids in the house will love it, this is the perfect gift for your partner, brother or father if they love some tech and car racing. It will keep them busy for hours!

Winchester Teak Double Oval Bench – currently £199 – available here

If your partner is a hard one to buy for but likes to sit out in the garden of an evening with an ice cold beer, just chilling out then perhaps this bench will be a great present. It may be on the more expensive side for a gift but it could just make their day. I reviewed the same bench here.

Dobell Burgundy Dupion Tie – £6.99 – available here

What man doesn’t need a new tie? Steve has tons of ties and this would be a fab one to add to his collection. He seems to have one in every colour!

Encona Carolina Reaper Hot Chilli Sauce – £1.50 roughly in supermarkets, more expensive here on Amazon as limited edition (*)

Now some people would think of this as a horrendous gift as they just can’t handle heat but for Steve, his brother and his Dad? This is the perfect gift! They all love hot sauces and with the Carolina Reaper being so incredibly hot, they would be eager to try this hot sauce so it would make a great stocking filler for them. If you have any hot sauce lovers in your life, get them this while you still can!

Sugru Mouldable Glue – £12.99 – available from the Sugru store on Amazon (*)

I include Sugru in almost every gift guide and that is because it is just such a handy stocking filler gift for those DIY loving Dad’s and husbands in our households. It is a handy addition to any toolbox or shed for when required and the man in your life will always be happy to receive one of these as an extra little stocking filler.

The Art of Football football t-shirts – from £25

These Art of Football t-shirts make a great gift for any football lover. My father in law is a big Spurs fan and we received this fab Spurs shirt for him for Christmas. It makes a change from other football shirts out there, it is a much more unique and meaningful football related gift.

Still struggling? Why not pick up him up some of the fantastic River Island menswear if he likes his clothes? If he’s into golf, what about some novelty golf balls (*) or some chocolate golf balls (*)? If he’s a bookworm, why not get him one of the newer Lee Child novels (*)? No matter what the man in your life is into, there is bound to be the perfect gift out there for him!

What do you plan on getting him this year?

My Mother’s Day Wish List

Now that I have two children, Mother’s Day this Sunday is going to be even more special for me. Of course, the best presents are the ones they make themselves – I can’t wait to see what Jack brings home from school on Friday as they always make something for us at school – but I’ve been thinking about what I would love if they were to buy me something. Here are my top picks:

  • A good book – I may not have been able to get any reading done this year so far with everything that has been going on but I’m determined to get back into reading and I’d love the kids to get me a good book.
  • New pyjamas – I love new pyjamas and I may have seen some I absolutely adore in Primark the other day. I’m also after the Beauty and the Beast t-shirts too, haha!
  • A new Tangle Teezer – I’ve had a Tangle Teezer for a while now but I would love a new one – especially this Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash  which is ideal for use in the shower. Anything that saves me a few seconds of my time is ideal for me!


  • A box of chocolates – So I may be on Slimming World but Mother’s Day is totally an excuse to have a few syns, right?
  • A nice bottle of wine – I don’t really drink when breastfeeding but I don’t mind the odd tipple and a nice bottle of wine would go down a treat
  • External hard drive – Not very glam but extremely practical and would really help. work-wise

If I get just a picture and card from the kids, I will be happy. Mother’s Day really isn’t all about the gifts, it is about spending time with the family. However if they wanted to get me any of the above, I definitely wouldn’t complain!

What are you hoping for this Mother’s Day?

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My Top Black Friday Picks From Amazon

My Top Black Friday Picks From Amazon

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When it comes to Black Friday, you are either a lover or a hater of it. I love it but I definitely don’t go as crazy as other people do. I tend to stick to one website in particular, Amazon, to find my deals as usually they cannot be beaten on price and what we want to get. I nearly always manage to grab some Christmas presents for family and friends in the sales which we wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford at any other time of year so I always keep my eyes out for some good deals.


With Black Friday here tomorrow, I thought I would share my top Black Friday picks from Amazon this year. To see the products on the website, just click on the pictures (these are affiliate links & I will receive a small commission should you purchase anything).

We probably have enough tablets in our household right now but this Amazon Fire tablet is something that has been on my wishlist for ages and is currently down to just £29.99 from £49.99. I don’t have a need for it right now so probably won’t purchase but I bet I will be kicking myself in a couple of months time!


Articulate is a very very popular game so this Articulate Your Life game from the same range is a total steal at £11.99 down from £32.99. If you have a friend or family member who loves board games, this is definitely worth picking up!

I’m quite shocked at the price of this – this My Friend Teddy Freddy Bear Soft Toy is reduced from £39.99 down to £6.39 – a saving of over 80%. The bear is interactive, connecting with an app so this super low price is absolutely astonishing!

If a trike is on your list (and I know it is on many!), this Little Tikes 4-in-1 Sports Edition Trike is half price, down to £50 from £99.99. Trikes can be so expensive so grabbing one on a deal like this is a necessity if keeping to a budget.

As always, you can find some Kipling bags in the sale and this one is currently £26.49, down from £74. Steve’s mum loves handbags and we’ve picked her up a Kipling bag each year for the past few years – it may happen again this year!

Finally my last pick is something to pick up in preparation for the New Year. We all go on our fitness kicks once the New Year rolls around and the sales of fitness trackers goes through the roof. Get ahead of the crowd with this fantastic deal on the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker which is currently half price at £39.99 down from £79.99.

Will you be shopping the Black Friday sales? What bargains have you seen?

Five Amazing & Affordable Gifts For The Doctor Who Fan In Your Life

Five Amazing & Affordable Gifts For The Doctor Who Fan In Your Life

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After the success of last year’s Doctor Who gift guide and seeing that Sarah really liked her birthday gift last week, I thought I would share my top ten gifts for the Doctor Who fan in your life. I love Doctor Who and quite a lot of my friends do so things related to the programme or the actors always end up being given as gifts throughout the year on special occasions. Do you like Doctor Who – who’s your favourite Doctor or in fact, your favourite sidekick or villain?

If you see anything perfect for the fan in your life, just click the picture to be taken to the relevant website.

This Weeping Angel talking plush toy is one of the presents I bought Sarah this year and I just couldn’t resist. Priced at just £11.11, its a must have for any new Who fans and I am debating whether to get one for myself. Ask anyone to name a villain from Doctor Who and Weeping Angels are always one that crops up. I bet the majority of us also can’t look at statues the same since watching DW, am I right?


This hardback book, priced at just £9.09, is a collection of illustrated stories and a lovely Christmas gift. Only released in October, its very likely the recipient has never read these stories and will love sitting down and spending hours poring through them.


Another book but an absolute steal at £4.99 and quite fascinating! This cookbook caters to all skill levels and offers recipes for things such as Ood Head Bread and a Peek-a-Boo Pandorica Cake. I may be asking for this myself this year!

If the person you are buying for already has a Funko Pop collection then this 12th Doctor with guitar would make a fab addition for just £10.53. If they haven’t, why not help them to start one? This is so cute and I know plenty of my friends with Pop collections will be picking him up.

Finally something for the more gadget minded DW fan. If you think a remote controlled flying Tardis would go down a treat, then look no further. This one is just £14.99 and will provide hours of fun for fans young and old.

Do you have a particular TV show that both you and your friends seem to love, like I do with Doctor Who? What gifts are you planning to pick up for them this Christmas?

Christmas Gift Guide | Mother & Baby

Christmas Gift Guide | Mother & Baby

Being almost eight months pregnant, I felt that I should end my gift guides with one for mother and baby. Featured below are some fantastic items for babies or their mums who deserve a little bit of TLC. What would you add to the list?

Paediatrician and dermatologist approved and suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin, this handy little kit for newborns and babies contains a 50ml baby bedtime bubbles for sweet dreams, a 50ml baby wash for hair and body, a 50ml baby moisturiser for precious new skin and a 15ml nappy cream for happy bottoms – products that are definitely essential when you have a newborn, I can assure you. Child’s Farm have a lovely range of products for your child so why not head over and take a look?


As the UK’s premier perinatal brand, they have come across so many mothers who have unknowingly purchased poorly made, cheap and toxic wraps that quickly fell apart and provided no support for their baby. The YogaBellies® Baby Wrap was designed to overcome these problems and provide reassurance for mothers everywhere. Their organic stretchy baby wrap slings are manufactured in the UK from 100% cotton and are hand-finished in the UK which means they can verify exactly how it was made, what it is made from and most importantly, they know that it meets stringent safety standards for you and your baby.  A perfect gift for you and baby for just £49!


If an expectant mum you know is suffering from nausea or morning sickness, perhaps a SeaBand would be a good gift – I talked about my experiences here and I found it really worked. Natural and discreet, this would be a great stocking filler.


Perhaps Cocofina Coconut Oil would make a great stocking filler? At just 79p per sachet, it contain the perfect volume of oil for the busy on-the-go mum. Coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so is the ideal natural skincare cream for baby and mum. It contains Lauric acid which when ingested (in coffee, tea, salads, cooking) naturally enhances the quality of Monolaurin found in breast milk and fr new mums that are breast feeding this adds an extra benefit for baby’s developing immune system. It is also a miracle cream that effectively soothes soreness after feeding and is a highly effecting nappy rash cream. A great all rounder, right?


Colief Mum To Be Moisturising Cream is a pre- and post-pregnancy rich moisturiser, which helps to soothe dry, itchy skin as it stretches, and helps skin to recover in the important months after birth. Its gentle hypoallergenic formula is packed full of pro-vitamin B5 – a powerful natural skin healer and protector – as well as almond, avocado and grape seed oils. Colief Mum To Be Cream also contains vitamin E and soothing calendula to ensure that the skin is kept constantly moisturised. This would make a lovely present for under the tree.


A Theraline pregnancy/feeding pillow is probably high up on expectant mum’s Christmas list this year – we all want to be super comfortable both before baby is here and after birth when feeding. Priced at £44.95, this would make a great gift for any expectant mum – I know I would be ecstatic to find one under my Christmas tree!


This Dr Brown’s gift set (RRP £49.99, available at Boots) is an ideal gift for any mum, whether breast or bottle feeding. Bottles are always useful – when expressing or bottle feeding – and this set reduces colic, has a wide neck and has everything you could ever need to start feeding your baby. I would be happy to find this under my tree this year.


Launched just today and available for around two weeks, the Lidl baby winter collection is adorable and priced very well – most items come in at under £5 each, bargain! I don’t have a Lidl near me but I desperately need to find one to take advantage of this collection, I think!


Bobux Soft Soles are always a lovely gift option for a baby’s first Christmas as they usually can’t walk by then so soft soles are quite novel. Priced at £20 and including a range of styles (from the more traditional character designs to the vogue collection, they are simply adorable. A full range of Bobux shoes can be found here.


Bookabees is suitable for kids aged 0-11yr and it’s the only kids book club where the kids and parents are actually involved in the curation of the book lists and decide which books get delivered each month. Delivery comes in a personalised named box along with other fun, surprises each month. There are three different subscription types available or alternatively, prepaid gift card options.


Made from soft, safe silicone with handles that are thin enough for your little ones to hold and use from a young age, the Matchstick Monkey is just £9.99 and perfect for small hands looking for something to hold with ease. Perfect for teething little ones, its a revolutionary teething lifesaver.


Sudocrem Care & Protect is a nappy rash ointment that we all know of – designed specifically for babies – that offers triple protection against nappy rash at every nappy change. It creates a protective barrier that seals in the skin’s natural moisture and protects even the most delicate skin against external irritants. It conditions the skin – Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 help to protect the skin and keep it soft, healthy and moisturised. It guards against infection – as well as sealing in the good stuff, it acts as a barrier to protect delicate skin from the bad stuff, like the chemicals in urine and poo, and from chafing and rubbing. It is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested. It is also free from artificial colours and preservatives and it also won Product of the Year 2015 in the category of ‘Best Nappy Cream.


Available from £27.99, this offering from Cheeky Chompers is the ultimate chewy combination and gift for the little teether in your life! A stylish matching Neckerchew and Comfortchew in a handy pack. Available in multiple designs, it adds a stylish touch to any baby or toddler outfit. It is fully reversible and made from super-soft jersey cotton that is delicate on young skin but highly absorbent, making it suitable for all day wear. A special absorbent middle layer locks dribble and moisture away from small chests and reduces irritation.
Machine washable at 40 degrees, BPA and phthalates free and 100% safe to chew on. Suitable from birth, the Comfortchew is a soft, soothing and stimulating ‘blankie’ designed to bring together baby’s favourite essentials in one – a comforter, a teether, tags, and the feel of their favourite teddy. Perfect for teething stages and beyond, the soft chewy textured Hippo-teether gives a great ‘bite’, using an innovative, dimpled design to massage and soothe tender gums and encourage new teeth to break through.


A luxurious treat for Mum now, this Murad Eye Lift Firming Treatment (£45) is the perfect gift this Christmas to any exhausted mum to a newborn.  This firming eye mask is the first in a new line of professional treatments from Dr Murad that he uses in his dermatology office in LA. It’s designed to give filler like results with zero down time! All you need to do is simply apply three pumps of the mask formula under each eye, apply the eye pads to lock in the ingredients and help them penetrate the skin. Hyaluronic Acid filling spheres attract moisture deep in the skin for an instant plumping effect while Firming Polymers firm and tighten. You see an instant results in 10mins and results continue to improve with regular use!


Nothing beats a relaxing bath so these bath salts from Rhythm of Beauty would be a lovely gift to find under the tree on Christmas Day. I’d probably go and take a soak before Christmas dinner!


This New Mum Gift Set from Letterbox GiftShop, priced at just £27.95, has only been launched a few weeks and is already incredibly popular. It is so easy to see why – a new mum is treated to a loving selection of gifts, all beautifully wrapped in their letterbox friendly gift sets. If you’re interested in buying one, my readers can get 10% off any gift set (including this one) plus free delivery with the code FUTURES10. Happy ordering!


The Scout Count & Colours Band from Leapfrog is the perfect gift if you’re looking for a colourful and engaging way to help discover colours, names and numbers. It eatures five colourful instruments, plus a light-up piano played by popular puppy pal Scout. Every press or tap gets Scout bopping, playing and singing along to music, helping babies to connect their movements to each fun effect. Three modes help little ones to discover colours, names, numbers, musical genres and instruments, all accompanied by rock star Scout! (RRP £14.99, 6m+)


This storage from Little Helper is both a cute and practical gift that will make every new mum’s life easier – after all, she will be overwhelmed with cuddly toys and similar once baby arrives!


The Musti Eau de Soin fragrance from Mustela is alcohol free, suitable for your baby from birth. This gentle scent will help baby senses to develop. Its calming fragrance is made from cornflower and light extracts, with the most delicious aroma.


The Baby Relax Balm with five 100% natural essential oils will help soothe fractious babies, totally naturally and harmlessly, truly a godsend for fraught parents. All it takes is a gentle massage on your baby’s body with a small amount of balm, a couple of times a week, and your baby will relax and sleep more easily. Puressentiel is the European leader of aromatherapy products sold in pharmacies.


With an RRP of £16, this personalised heart name bodysuit from Sgt Smith is a gorgeous present for a newborn baby. If it wasn’t for the fact my babies surnames are Keene after their Dad, how good would this be for me?


If someone you know is into apps, consider the Baby2Body iOS app. Although different from your typical stocking-stuffer gift, this is the ultimate gift for pregnant women and new mothers looking to stay healthy and happy during their pregnancy or newmotherhood while looking and feeling fabulous themselves. It is a woman’s daily guide to a healthy pregnancy and a happy motherhood. When a woman signs up with her baby’s due date or date of birth, she’ll immediately get digestible and actionable tips personalized to her needs on that day. The content is focused on her wellbeing, fitness, food and look, and every day she’ll get an update on baby’s growth.

The app also offers an upgrade to premium content for £9.99/month that includes nutritional recipes, exercise video tutorials, in-depth articles, meditation podcasts, checklists, top tips, helpful reminders and more! People can give the gift of premium Baby2Body content to expecting and new mums through our website here.

These are just a few of my gift ideas for mother and baby – what would you pick?