What Type Of Mum Are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of mum you are? No two mums are the same but plenty of us mums share some distinct features. I believe me and my friends have very different parenting styles but sometimes our ideas do align – they are subtle but visible.

There’s a great tool out there by Sunlife; a quiz where each question is designed to seek out your mum features and find out which mum group you most relate to. I took the ‘What type of mum are you?’ quiz myself and found out that I was apparently ‘The Sharp Mum.’

A sharp mum is described as an idealistic mum who is always looking for opportunities to help your kids learn and achieve their goals. I would say this is true – I’m not pushy but I will encourage Jack to do the things he is good at. He loves golf and is okay at it for his age so we got him some junior golf clubs for his birthday; he loves writing and we recently went into school to see his learning journals – he had written a poem which, even though I suppose I am biased, was brilliant for a six year old – so I have encouraged him to enter some writing competitions. However, if he doesn’t want to do them, I won’t force him – only if he really wants to do them himself.

They say that a sharp mum is charming, persistent and familiar with the benefits of Google – I’d also agree with this. Jack is only allowed on our devices when we give permission and we do have parental controls but I do often help him with his homework, looking through Google together for information.

When it comes to having to make decisions or sort things out you make a great mediator and your choices are smart and intuitive. The kids know you rule the roost and your explanations never give them any reason to doubt you; they trust you implicitly. Now I would say that Jack does trust me but does test the boundaries a lot – but I suppose that is to do with his age as well. He is getting more independent so he is bound to act out a little more.

I would say this is also true of my own mother from when I was little. She would encourage me – but never force me – and always supported my decisions, even if my father sometimes did not. As I have grown older, I have realised that we are more alike than I used to want to admit and whilst she does drive me up the wall, if I turn out to be half the mother my mum is to me, then I will be happy.

What type of mother are you – have you taken the quiz to find out? Were you surprised by the answers? I wouldn’t have called myself a sharp mum per se but the description given does fit me almost 100%. I’d love to know what type of mum it says you are…let me know in the comments below.

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