Why We Want A Conservatory Or An Orangery In Our New House

I’ve mentioned before that the house we live in is quite small and we need a bigger house for our needs. We have a list of things we require from a new place such as bigger bedrooms, a decent sized kitchen and plenty of storage but something we have always considered and always wanted is a conservatory or orangery.

But why do we want one? Simply put we need the space and I think a conservatory would be a great addition to a house. Many of our friends who have one use them as a playroom and I believe that is what we would use one for too. Right now Jack only has a tiny bedroom so plays downstairs most of the time. However our living room and dining area isn’t the biggest either and we all seem to be always falling all over each other, trying to do our own thing. With Olivia crawling, it just isn’t a great situation to be in.

Orangeries are also a great idea too – combining the brickwork of the house and a traditional conservatory, these look great. But don’t just quote me on why I want a conservatory or orangery. There are plenty of reasons why they are great.

  • They restore space. As I mentioned, space is a big issue for us so anything that gives us more is fine by me!
  • Can be used for many purposes. We would use one for a playroom but others will use them for something different. Some use them as office spaces, others use them as a simple place to relax.
  • You can look out onto your beautiful garden. If you’ve got a lovely garden, then why wouldn’t you want to look out on it?
  • They improve the resale value. Whilst we currently rent, we definitely will be looking for a property with a conservatory or orangery when we buy, not least because we know that they increase the resale value. Everyone is looking for them on a property. They can add about 7% in value to the property – why wouldn’t you want one on your property?

When the children have gone to bed and the toys are tidied away, I may even use it as a place to go and relax and read a book with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate. Just having a place that I can sneak away to when I want some time to myself is just what I need.

These are my reasons for wanting one – do you have one on your property?

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