Taking A Look Back At Our Family Homes

This past month has been extremely stressful but so special too. So special because I’ve been watching my baby girl grow day by day but stressful because of my father passing away and everything that comes with it.

Unfortunately because my parents weren’t married and my Mum never got put on the tenancy (it’s council accommodation), we were sure she would be given just a few weeks to leave – as you can imagine, that was incredibly stressful and my friends and family have been helping my mum see what she can do. Luckily just this week she received a letter telling her she had succeeded the tenancy (as my Dad had never used the one sign over he was allowed) and that she can stay – which was a weight off our shoulders. Steve and I were beginning to think it was another of our special homes to say goodbye to – my childhood home, where we first lived together and the home we brought Jack home to from the hospital.

With Steve’s parents planning to move away and selling his family home and his Grandad’s recent down sizing of his home before he sadly passed away recently, all our childhood homes seemed to be disappearing in front of our eyes – yes, we’d still have the memories but that isn’t quite the same as standing in them – and whilst some people might feel it is strange to feel sad about a house, when it makes up such a big part of your lives you are going to feel a little sad.

My childhood home holds so many memories for me – living there with my brother before he got married and moved out – him making me tea when I was poorly with chickenpox; growing vegetables in the garden with my Dad. I know that Steve’s Grandad’s home, a 17th century old rectory with all the original antique marble fireplaces and other original features, holds so many memories for him – swimming in the pool with his brother and cousins then keeping warm and drying off in front of the old school, oil heated Aga. I myself remember my first time visiting and it seemed an amazing place for children to grow up and play.

Whilst Steve has fond memories of his grandparents house, it is safe to say Jack will have fond memories of playing at my in laws house – getting his train set out, sleeping over, cuddling up with their pet dog Marley and helping his Grandad care for the birds in the garden.

Taking a look back at our family homes, it is clear to see why they are so important to us – from growing up with our siblings and cousins to bringing home our first born child – they all hold so much meaning. What special memories do you have of your family homes?


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