SuperZings – Will These Be The Latest Craze?

We were sent some SuperZings for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

If you have a child, you will know just how popular blind bags are with their generations and how they have to collect the latest ones until they have all of the collection. Jack himself has started many collections thanks to blind bags – and he recently had the opportunity to start yet another with SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom collectables.

SuperZingsWe received the starter pack (£5), a blister 4 pack (£7), 3 supercars (£2.50), 5 hideouts (£1.50) and 10 blind packets.(80p) to really get us started with our collection. For children between the ages of 4 and 8, the SuperZings are everyday objects brought to life – they have a Hero vs Villain rivalry theme. Each figure is clad in the typical superhero cape and eyemask.

There are more than 80 figures to collect – each figure has a matching ‘rival’. So you definitely want to find both the hero and the rival in the collection. For instance, we unwrapped a rare silver finish ‘Ironhead’ from the Star Team – his rival is Coink so we will want to collect him. We have two rivalries so far – we have both Pow Corn and Sugar Rush and they’re apparently rivals! We also have Pow Power and The Champ too who are rivals. Jack can’t wait to complete the other rivalries though!
There are 36 regular characters – each is available in two different colours (72 figures) and then there are 6 silver figures, 2 gold rare SuperZing figures and 1 ‘Enigma’ Super Rare SuperZing. Jack was very excited and very happy to find Enigma in his collection!

The Starter Pack and Blister Packs as shown above both contain four SuperZings and an exclusive Super Disc Blaster. These are more than enough to start off your child’s collection and start their love off for a brand new range. Jack collects Zomlings and these remind him much of these so if your child is a fan of those, then they may like these too.

When it comes to toys for young children, you want them to be affordable and child friendly and these really are – you can start off your Kaboom City collection of SuperZings with under a tenner which is fantastic. As well as the items shown in the pictures above, there are even more toys in the range for fans to add to their collection – there is a Kaboom Trap which is £5 – it comes with two exclusive SuperZings and can imprison villains. There is also a Mission Pack which is £12.

If your child loves superheroes, then they will truly love SuperZings – they have that real colourful comic book style that you expect heroes and villains to have. These really help to promote imaginative play too – Jack has been sitting there for ages playing with his – pitting the heroes against the villains. Even his little sister got involved!

Jack had plenty of fun ripping open his blind bags and opening up his packs to find out what he had got. He has two rivalries which he is chuffed about, three figures which were duplicated (same colour not the alternate colour) and he also managed to unwrap the ultra rare ‘Enigma’ SuperZing – no one knew what he looked like as on the leaflet, he is a shadow but we soon worked out that’s who he was and Jack couldn’t contain his excitement! For the amount of figures we unwrapped, he is very chuffed with his ‘haul’. We worked out he has 3 figures from the Star Team, 3 from the Furious Gang, 2 from the Central Patrol, 2 from the Mutant Bandits, 4 from the Cool Troop and 4 from the Mad Clan – how good is that?

SuperZings will be sold at The Entertainer, Tesco, Asda, Co-Op, Spar and many more stores and hit shelves this January – you can find out more from and follow on social media at @magicboxtoysuk. Who knows which figures you will unwrap – will you be lucky like us and unveil a couple of the rivalries and receive the Ultra Rare figure?

Do you like pocket money collectibles for your child? What toys does your child collect – or did you collect as a child?

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  1. Super Zings look really cool. When you’re a child, it always seems so fun to collect something. When I was younger, we collected Spice Girls photos (you were lucky if you got a signed one, and unlucky if you had a duplicate), Pogs and Pokemon Cards.

  2. My friend’s son just started collecting these and he wants all of them but not yet managed it, the price is good so he can buy as many as he wants.

  3. I used to love collecting things as a child! These look great! And enough variety and backstory to keep the kids interested! The rivalries are fab.

  4. These toys really do look like they have the potential to be the next big thing! I’m not surprised that Jack enjoyed opening the blind bags so much, I absolutely loved Puppy in my Pocket blind bags when I was younger, I could not get enough of them and loved collecting the full set!

    Abbey x

  5. These are amazing! I used to love collecting things as a child, especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get – like these blind bags!

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