Planting Trees In Our Very Own Garden | Why Jack Would Love It

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I’ve mentioned before that we live in a house with a really tiny garden. We have found a house we really like that we have put an offer in on and are hopeful for. It has a lovely large garden and we can’t wait to get out in it.

Now I’ve mentioned before that Jack loves gardening a lot. With National Tree Week last week, Landmark Trading are aiming to provide a fun and easy way for people to interact with, and appreciate, trees. If we get this house, then we will be asking what changes we can make. We’d love to plant a tree that Jack can care for and grow. But we need to know exactly what to do when it comes to planting trees so we’ve been taking a look.

It is important to know exactly what you are doing when it comes to planting trees. Autumn or winter tends to be the best time for planting. This is even if you are planting a tree in a container. You need to prepare the site for planting – look at the drainage and loosen the soil so that it can be accessed to at least the depth of the root ball. You could consider perhaps adding organic matter which can help to improve soil quality. If the soil is waterlogged, drainage may be required so perhaps choose tree varieties that like a lot of water and raise the tree base slightly in a mound.

When planting a tree in the ground, make sure not to damage the root system and planting holes should be as deep as the roots but at least three times wider than the root system. After soaking, make sure that the first flare of roots is level with the soil surface when the tree is positioned in the planting hole. You should also consider fertilising after the first season of it being in the ground. You should also make sure you are aware of any tree diseases there are to avoid yours getting them if possible.

We’ll be investing in products such as tree guards and various tree supports to help our tree have the very best chance of surviving in our garden. Jack is so loving and caring of living things so I know he will certainly care for anything he plants in the garden to the best of his ability. Gardening can really help your child’s development.

We have always wanted a proper garden of our very own and finally it is looking likely. Hopefully we can grow things to our hearts content and have a thriving garden for Jack and Olivia to enjoy – it’s been a while coming. With National Tree Week just gone by, here’s hoping plenty of people have taken the opportunity to educate themselves about trees just like us and will take certain factors into consideration when it comes to planting and looking after trees in the future.

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