Whats In My Bag?

Whats In My Bag?

1. This is my day to day bag. It’s a brown, leather bag from New Look, which cost £23.99. I absolutely adore it <3 I bought it with the gift card my Aunt gave me for my 21st birthday, and I am going to use it religiously until it either breaks or until I find another one that I like just as much. The thing I like most about this bag is that it looks far more expensive than what it is.

2. Impulse, from all major retailers, “Into Glamour”. Apparently, this is a ‘blend of exotic oriental scents and citrus notes’. I rarely use it, as I always put on deodorant and perfume before I leave the house, but this is perfect for a quick spritz if you feel a tad self-conscious about yourself.

3. Purple makeup bag, Avon. This holds most of my day-to-day essential makeup products, and its almost always overflowing.

4. My purple Blackberry <3 I would be lost without this phone. I use it for all the obvious reasons, and then some. It is my way of keeping in contact with the rest of the world no matter where I am, and I have never had a better phone – fact.

5. Gold toiletry bag, Champneys. This bag originally came with a Champneys bath set that I bought for myself just before Christmas in the Sainsburys 3 for 2 offer. Since the bath products have now found their way into my bathroom, I use this bag to carry the rest of my makeup, my diary, any giftcards I have received, and any other little bits and bobs that would otherwise be floating around the bottom of my bag.

6. Brown mock-croc purse, Smooth Criminal. I am currently on the lookout for a new purse, and I didn’t even mean to buy this one in the first place! I’ve grown to love it over time, but the only reason I originally bought it was because I had no cash on me, and the item I was actually buying cost five pounds. My friend who works in the shop isn’t allowed to take card payments under ten pounds, so we both decided I should buy a new purse. This holds my life in it, pretty much. It holds my money, my bank cards, my loyalty cards, photos of my loved ones, receipts, everything you could ever imagine. A good purse is an essential, because those are the things you never want to lose.

7. My house keys. Pretty much says it on the tin. The reason for the Rottweiler keyring? I love Rottweilers, put simply. Blockbuster and Clubcard keyrings are self explanatory.

8. My inhaler. I have asthma, and although I don’t really suffer from it too much, I always carry an inhaler around with me just in case. Its also handy to have as most of my family and friends suffer from asthma too, and generally don’t carry one around with them!

9. My work keys. Again, pretty much explain themselves. My keyrings on there are ‘strawberries dipped in chocolate are the best type of fruit’, a name tag, and a rhinestone effect-studded pen from La Senza that my manager bought me for my birthday 🙂

Now, for the contents of my purple makeup bag.
10. Collection 2000 No.3  True Moisture Creme – the only pale lipstick I find that actually suits me.
11. No.17 Bronzer – I am never normally a fan of bronzer, however, this one brushes on easily and finely, and does not make any mess.
12. The purple makeup bag again.
13. Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Roll-On – handy for those dark circles under my eyes when I’ve been doing some pretty strenuous hours.
14. Lush Light Yellow Colour Supplement – I have only used this once, as I originally got it for free using a voucher from inside More Magazine. However, I must say this works wonders for me, and I will be buying it again.
15. Avon Color Trend Pencil Play in black – To be totally honest, I had used eyeliner maybe twice up until this year, as I just could not apply it to save my life. Now though, I wouldn’t dare live without it!
16.Avon True Colour eyeshadow in emerald – I have far too many eyeshadows, but this is my pick of the moment – the colour is just soft enough for day, but just about bright enough for night wear too.
17.Avon Mango Sorbet Lip Tint – I am not convinced as yet of this product, as it can seem a bit full on to me, however, I am prepared to give it another try and see if my opinion changes.
18.No 17 Makeup Brush – This came in a set with some other brushes that my friend bought me, and this was the one that I liked the most, thus it made its way into my makeup bag.

19. Diary 2011 – My best friend Sophie bought me this pocket-sized diary for Christmas, and its my own personal job rota -this is where I list all of my shifts, and any changes made in shift patterns, so that at the end of the month, I know how much money I am due in my wage packet. I could not do without this <3
20. Nivea Rose – This is the only lip care product, excluding Vaseline, that I have stayed loyal to over the years. It not only protects your lips but also brings them out in a little colour.
21. Vaseline – The must-have makeup staple. What can I say? This works wonders for everything!
22. Girl2Go Pocket Beauty Up The Volume Volumising Lip Balm – My friend Michelle bought me this for Christmas, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. You can really feel the difference after just one application.
23. Rimmel Stay Matte Mattifying Foundation in 001 Ivory – The one foundation I keep finding myself going back to. I can try and try more and more new products, but this will always remain in my top ten beauty must haves!
24 – Sex and The City Compact Mirror, Boots stores nationwide – My friend Sophie also bought me this for Christmas, knowing that I am a fan not only of Sex and The City, but also of pretty compact mirrors, and it has remained in my handbag ever since. I am not usually a fan of gold, but there is something about this mirror that I absolutely adore <3

Well, this was a look into my bag – one of many bags I own, I hasten to add – but more about that later. I hope you enjoyed. I would love to see what you all have inside your bags? Leave a link in the comments section if you have a similar post.

That’s all for now.


About Me – Starting Over.

Yesterday, I decided that even though I started this blog a couple of months ago, I would actually get into my blogging in a big way, and not look at it as a chore or something that I only have time to do every other few days.

My aim is to post once a day, or every other day, depending on what I am doing.
I apologise now for not posting in quite a while, as I’ve had an extremely busy few weeks, what with working in a high street shop, and having at least five extremely important birthdays to attend – including my very own 21st 🙂

Basically, this post is to let you all know a little bit about me, and what you can expect from me.

My name is Rebecca, but I prefer to be called Bex. The only people who call me Rebecca are my parents, people who email me, and the bank 🙂 Even my grandparents call me Bex, they seem to actually prefer it!
I am 21 years old and I live in St Albans, Hertfordshire – home to Enter Shikari, and we also have a place on the new Monopoly board! Beat that!
Actually, I lie. I live in a small village outside of St Albans, but its so tiny, it may as well not exist 🙂

I live with my boyfriend, who shall be known on here as S for now, as I don’t think he would like to be broadcast on here just yet. As I said before, I work in a shop, so sometimes have to work a lot more than I was originally scheduled to do! I love my job, but it is tiring and demanding at times, and the odd bad customer does make you feel really bad about yourself. However, sometimes you can have the most amazing customers and they will lift your spirits again. I met the nicest customer today, who didn’t exactly do or say much, but she made my day just a little bit brighter.

I am the youngest of five – I have three brothers and one sister. They are actually my half brothers and sisters, but I don’t call them that as that makes it sound as if I only love them half as much as any of my full blood family, which is totally not true!
I have no pets, so far, but me and Mr S are looking into getting a dog in the not so distant future.

Thats just a brief insight into my personal life so far, my next post is going to let you have an insight into my everyday life and routine with a ‘Whats In My Bag?’ post to kickstart the reinvention of this blog 🙂



Catching Up.

Catching Up.

Well, its been a few days since I blogged. To be honest, I’ve had little time to do anything what with the run up to my 21st party on Saturday, sorting out the last minute arrangements, and also with work.

First off, I promised Mairead of http://www.maireadclabbyfashion.com/ that I would post up a picture of the Me and Zena charm bracelet and charm that I bought off http://www.spoiledbrat.co.uk/ with the £25 voucher I won on her very first giveaway.

Here is a picture from the site of the charm bracelet and charm itself:


Now, I’m not normally a gold person, I much prefer silver jewellery. However, there was something about this in gold that drew me to it! I’ve always wanted a charm bracelet, and my Dad promised me one a couple of years ago, which I am still to receive! 😀

Me and Zena TV charm £9.99 (its so adorable, I love it!)
and Me and Zena starter charm bracelet £10.00

Anyway, I was going to buy something to wear for my 21st birthday party with my voucher, but as soon as I saw this, I fell in love with it – I had to have it.

Now, for a £25 voucher, spending £10 didn’t seem a lot, so I set about finding something for another £10 so that once I had considered postage and packaging, I had used my voucher.

I umm-ed and aah-ed whilst browsing the online store, but finally found just the thing I was looking for.

I had found myself once again drawn to the Me and Zena range, and decided upon a cute little charm for my bracelet, which can be seen above!
Since receiving my bracelet, I have had many compliments on it, with plenty of people asking where I purchased it from. Here are a few pictures of me with the bracelet on: (apologies for the not so great photographs)

As before, I am sorry for the quality of the photos, I have taken them on my extremely rubbish digital camera. I only wish the pictures were better.
Here is a picture of me wearing it (excuse the work uniform!!!):

Again, the quality of the picture is abysmal, but you kind of get a sense of how it looks on 🙂

In other news, I have got no further in searching for a house with my boyfriend, focussing wholeheartedly on my party at the end of the week.

I have not found an outfit for it yet as I just cannot seem to choose! But when I do, I shall update the blog with pictures – this will probably be the day after my party, so you can see the outfit in all its glory!

Finally, I would like to share a link to a blog that I personally adore, by a girl who I think is absolutely brilliant! She is Charlotte!


Thanks for reading

Bex xo

The New Year.

So this year, I didn’t really make a resolution. Of course, I want to do the usual, such as keep fit, save money, cut down on my drinking etcetera, but I know this will never happen!

This year though, I am focussed specifically on my work, and finding  a house for me and my boyfriend. Hence why my blog is titled Futures. The url is based on a song I love by Jimmy Eat World, called Futures.
The lyrics just seem to bode well with what I’m trying to achieve.

Also, I have started entering competitions religiously since the beginning of 2011. I have been entering competitions now, on and off, for over six years since my nan and dad both got me into them. My nan even bought be a book called ‘How to enter and win competitions’ – bless her!- but I rarely entered, thus the rewards were minimal.

However, I have recently become well and truly obsessed with ‘comping’ again, and am a member or subscriber to every website/newletter there is going 🙂 I even follow the amazing Di on SuperLucky!
If you are interested in comping, she is extremely on the ball, and her luck is astounding!

I haven’t won that much since I started comping again, but I have managed to win three prizes now from the Malibu UK facebook page, and a signed Eliza Doolittle album.

By far my best win so far though, was a £25 voucher for Spoiled Brat in association with Mairead Clabby!

I was originally going to choose a dress to wear for my 21st but I instead chose a Me and Zena charm bracelet and a charm to go with it (pictures will be posted in the next blog). It has been a nightmare trying to find anything to wear for my 21st, so now I am searching on payday until I find something and I will post a few things up on here too 🙂
I haven’t got that much to say today really, but hope everyone has a good day and I hope to see some follows soon 🙂
Bex xo