Homemade goodies & hopefully a new camera!

Homemade goodies & hopefully a new camera!

As I said earlier, S has been busy today making loads of yummy food! I have taken a picture of the curry (the cupcakes were all eaten before I could get a pic) however it isn’t of great quality as I’m still waiting for my new camera – I should hopefully be getting it tomorrow 🙂

This is homemade chicken curry with extra pineapple, cooked in the slow cooker. There is rice there, it’s just hiding under all the curry goodness. We cheated with shop-bought naan breads, poppadums and mango chutney – but boy, was it delicious!

I’m liking this new found love for cooking that S has – I’m definitely getting treated well out of it! What yummy treats did you have to eat over the weekend?

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Ways to up your savings – Online!

This post is about the different websites out there where you can make money for free – all you need is a little bit of spare time.

The obvious starting point would be to say ‘Enter competitions!’ but you can’t guarantee you are going to win…however, it is always worth giving them a go. For this reason, I use Loquax and Di’s amazing blog Super Lucky . I also make sure to enter any blog giveaways I see – but only if I want the prize. If you win, then you’ve got something you want or need, and you don’t need to pay out for them. I also enter all the prize crosswords in the newspapers and any magazines I have lying around – £500 for the cost of one stamp is a worthy investment, I believe.

But as I said, this post is about how to make money online, and I take my inspiration from this blog here: From Aldi To Harrods . The blog is about Emma’s day to day life as a 23 year old, desperately trying to make some extra money. Obviously, she also does things offline to earn money, such as go to boot sales, babysitting, dogwalking etcetera, but she is also very knowledgeable in the best places online to not only earn but save money too.

As well as aiming to make money from sites, I also try to save money when purchasing stuff if I possibly can – looking for discount codes or buying refurbed items rather than brand new from a site like Freestyll.

Today though,I am going to introduce to you to a couple of my favourite sites to make some pennies to add to your savings account.

Survey Sites

*Toluna – This was the first site I signed up to, and as mentioned in an earlier post from today, I have cashed out twice from my surveys. You don’t receive cash for these surveys, however a £15 voucher for either Amazon, Debenhams, HMV or Love2Shop will do me very nicely, thank you 🙂
*Valued Opinions – Again, this site pays in vouchers, and I haven’t cashed out with this one yet. However, I have a tidy little £7.75 residing in my account currently.
*New Vista Live – To be honest, this is possibly my least favourite out of the sites I am joined up to. I was extremely excited when I first joined, as it seemed different to the others. However, they rarely send me surveys,and when they do, they are boring and repetitive. Only for the patient. I currently have £2 in this account.
*One Poll – I have only recently joined up to this site, and have received only 1 survey as of today, so I can’t really make a judgement right now.
*YouGov – Again, I have only recently joined this site, and completed only 1 survey, however, I have heard that there are rarely any surveys from here, so I’m not holding very high hopes.
*Global Test Market – I joined up to this a week ago, and have already received about ten surveys. I still need about 900 points to cash out, but I’m feeling hopeful.
*Survey Network – This little beauty is definitely the best of the lot. I have made £7.05 in four days, from about four surveys! Pretty fantastic, I think! This site gather surveys from all the survey sites they can find, and you very rarely get screened out (screening out is a possibility with all survey sites, just to warn you). Screening out is where you aren’t a suitable canditate for the survey holders research, but don’t worry, there will always be plenty of other surveys to complete 🙂

Cashback sites
*Quidco – I must admit, I have signed up but haven’t got round to using this yet..but this is for when you want to buy that amazing dress online, and you want to earn a little back for spending your hard earned money. A great concept.

Review sites
*DooYoo – Like to review stuff? Want to be paid for it? Then join at this wonderful website. I joined yesterday, and have already posted five reviews. You do get the odd veteran commenting your review saying snidy things, as I found this morning, but I just deleted the message, beefed up my reviews, and within one day, I have a review which has been rated the highest you can get! You receive a certain amount of points for writing the review (only if its over 150 words, though), and you can receive other points for comments, ratings etc. You can cash out for vouchers at 20,000 points, however, I’m holding out for 50,000 points and a cheque 😉 . I am reviewing everything and anything I can think of, and its well worth it. Why not give it a go?

Online Bingo
*LoveIt! – This is the only site I use, but I rarely go on it. You will have to make a deposit of £10, but after that, take advantage of the free credit they give out on occasion, and if you’re like me, only play once a month, and once you’ve added a bit more to your pot, log out. I am still way over my deposit of £10, and keep playing the 1p slots, usually adding another £2 winnings to my pot each time. Its a slow process, but worth the wait.

*GetJam – Like watching videos and want to be paid for them? Join getjam then! If you have a smartphone, you are perfect for this. For no cost to you, you can watch videos from the site, earn berries, and then turn those berries into cash once you’ve reached the threshold. I started this week, and have heard many great stories from my friends who’ve earned an extra £10/£20 each month – just for watching videos.
*Groupon – A great way to make savings on plenty of things in your area each month, and the referral bonuses are mind-blowing!

I don’t personally use these, however I know some of you do so these are worth a mention.
*Music Magpie

Blog sales are also useful too, I myself will be hosting one very soon!

I hope this has been useful to you, and if you would like to join any of the above sites, then leave your email in a comment on this post, and I will send you a referral code 🙂

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Sunday Rambles.

Hey everyone, how are your weekends going so far?
Heres my smiles & frowns for the week!


-My prize from Charlotte’s giveaway arrived on Friday – can’t wait to try them out!
-Yet again, I found I had more followers – thank you so much!
-Had contact from Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream about possibly becoming penpals, can’t wait!
-I’m being treated like a princess today! S is currently making me Chicken Curry for dinner in the slow cooker, with naan bread & poppadums, and he also found the time to bake some fairy cakes – YUM! Will get a picture up as soon as possible.
-As some of you may know, I am doing anything to up my savings at the minute. I have found a great number of survey sites etc, and I am doing well currently. I know plenty of you are dubious about these kind of sites, but I have been using sites such as Toluna for a few months now, and I have cashed out twice – so I do think its worth it. I will be posting up about the different sites I use over the next couple of days!
-Talking about money, I bought a Gordon Ramsay book from the 99p store the other week. I happened to mention to my friend Dunk that I was going to put it on Ebay once I’d read it, and he asked me how much I’d sell it for.. I told him that I’d start it at 99p – and he gave me £2. I told him to take it back (he wouldn’t), but now I’m £1.01 up on the book haha! All going towards my savings!
-The Cheltenham Gold Cup was on this week, and me, S, and my parents all had a few bets. S was the luckiest though – his horses either won or placed in the top 4, so he came out massively on top…Yay! I’ve told him he has to take me out for dinner now with his winnings 😉
-Having three days off in a row from today – pure bliss! I definitely needed some time off that wasn’t just one day, hehe.


-As usual, I’m moaning about money. Yes, I know I’m trying to up my savings but until I do so..it’s still going to be a problem.
-Missing my friends. Plenty of my friends have moved away from the area, and I find it hard to get to see them, what with work, money and travel situations. I would love to see them much more than I currently do.

Well, today my smiles outweigh my frowns which is amazing 🙂 What good or bad things happened to you this week?

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A Place By The Sea.

S and me are currently obsessed with this programme, and are watching rerun after rerun on some obscure home channel! Watching this programme is making us want to move out even more, and by the sea is very appealing – we’ve both said we’d love to wake up to a sea view in the morning!

I can’t wait to move out, but it’s finding somewhere within our budget thats the problem. However, I have seen a challenge I would like to take up once I’ve moved out! I found it on Jen’s blog, and its the Second Hand Home challenge. I will definitely be trying this challenge out – obviously I will buy the essentials new if they need to be but I will try to thrift as much of the other stuff as possible.

The place we live in now is part-furnished so we will obviously take our stuff from here with us, but there are a few items that have randomly appeared in my house from other peoples houses (i.e when they make biscuits and give us some) and we haven’t got round to giving them back! Some items I have no idea where they came from. but they will appear at our new place, I guarantee it!

I am seriously obsessed with homeware by the way, I read so many blogs about peoples houses & read so many magazines about houses – I’m so nosy & I love readers homes! – so I can’t wait to finally have my OWN place to put my stamp on it 🙂

Are you as obsessed with homeware as I am?

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REVIEW: Beauty Formulas Anti Age Night Cream

REVIEW: Beauty Formulas Anti Age Night Cream

(Who likes my Audrey Hepburn notebook? :p)

I found this little beauty in my local 99p store! The store only recently opened up – right next door to a pound shop – but I thought I’d take a look and see what I could find. I bought this, some batteries and Gordon Ramsay’s autobiography – I know, exciting, right?
However, I thought this would be good to review and finally tested it last night.
The application of the cream was okay – I must admit, I was disgusted by the feel of the cream whilst it was in the tub – it felt like cottage cheese – but once I’d started to apply it, it became smooth. But what do you expect for 99p?
It was a little greasy once applied, and ten minutes later, the skin around my mouth was a little dry and taut, but the rest of my face felt baby soft after an hour, and when I woke up this morning, my skin felt fantastic!

Obviously, after one use, I’m not going to notice any real difference, but for 99p, I’m not going to complain.
It isn’t going to become one of my beauty staples, but if you  are on a very strict budget, I would definitely recommend it!

Available at all 99p stores, for the price of (yes, you’ve guessed it) 99p!

Have you found any bargains in your local 99p/£1 stores recently?

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