Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer.

Yes, you guessed it, I’m having a Blink 182 day!
Thought I’d have a different title to Sunday Rambles…its getting a bit boring tbh. Obviously, the contents the same… but I prefer using lyrics!

How many of you used to love Blink? How many still do? <3<3

*Spent the day with my girl Chelle at a wedding fair today, got some really good ideas for weddings. She’s engaged but sssh, no one really knows! Just in case you were wondering why we went to a wedding fair 😉
*Went for lunch with her too…. Roast chicken…lush!
*S took me out for dinner last night.. I had a salad bowl to start, and a chicken and mushroom pasta for main. I wasn’t feeling too great though, so I barely ate that much.
*I won two amazing prizes this week. 1)An annual membership to the Gourmet Society… you receive discounts to great restaurants…YAY! 2) 12 cakes and a cook book from I Love My Grub… mmm, cakes!

*Really been ill this week. We’re having  a refit at work and I think the long hours plus the paint fumes and dust have all come to a head. Been sick more times than I care to remember 🙁
*Its the anniversary of my gorgeous aunts death today 🙁  I wrote about her battle with cancer here . I can’t believe its been two years! 🙁 I miss her more and more each day.
*Was also my nans birthday yesterday. If she was still alive, she’d have been 91. Miss her more than anything too.

Mildred Mason 16th April 1920 – 6th December 1999
Heather Hodges 22nd October 1947- 17th April 2009

You may both be gone, but you’re never forgotten, always missed, always loved.

For now,


A look back at my sixteen year old self.

Five years ago, I had just broken up with my ex, and completed my GCSE’s. I made a lot of new friends that Summer, and also ended up in a lot of online arguments with people over mine and my friends physical appearance.

I found this on a website I used to use, as a diary entry, and this made me laugh… The things you say when you’re young…

Just because I wear glasses, doesnt mean I’m not comfortable with my looks. I’m not the best or worst looking person in the world and on my bad days, I look a right state but at other times, I can look reasonably ok.

I don’t smoke. Yes I used to. I used fags as a way to relieve stress due to exams. Basically I’m never going to smoke again.

Yes I do drink..but only occasionally and not excessively. I dont particularly want to be puking my guts up all night long.

I don’t do drugs and I never will. Reasons why.

I wont take people insulting my mates easily. Or for that matter people FAKING my mates. I don’t care what shit you send back to me, I have a thick skin. It’s developed over the years.

I’m so over guys that make it seem as if the worlds your oyster when your going out and when you break up, you realise just how manipulative they can be.

You can call me ugly.. I dont care
You can call me fat,.. I dont care
You can call me anorexic…I dont care
You can call me retard, loser, freak, greebo, goth, chav, emo, skater, grunger, whatever..I dont care
You can call me a druggie, suckup, wino, fag, junkie, slut, bitch, tart, slag, whatever … I dont care

But don’t ever big yourself up when you’re “trying” to put me down. It aint big , it aint clever, you look like a fool, and it just looks pathetic. I dont care what you small minded cretins, you arrogant morons, you pathetic little twats have to say.
When you call my mates slags think about what your saying. The majority of my friends list are virgins. And you, the person saying this shit, ain’t.

So instead of calling them slags and being hypocritical, why dont you continue being what you love to call everyone else. As for you fakers, I see why you fake. Cause you dont want people to see your ugly mugs!

For the last time, I’m sick and fed up of pathetic small minded prats who think that everyone adores them. You’re wrong.




While most of these points still stands, a few of them I completely destroyed over the next couple of years, especially when I turned eighteen, and started hanging around with some unsavoury characters, to say the least. I’m not proud of some of the things I did, but I did them – and they’re my past, I can’t change that.

I just thought it was funny to see the naivety I had as a sixteen year old, and how much that would change over the next couple of years.

Have any of you girls recently stumbled across long forgotten online entries that make you cringe a little inside?

Feel free to share.

For now,


Sunday Rambles once again

Hey chicks!

Time for yet another ramble on…yes, you guessed it, a Sunday! What have your smiles & frowns of the week been?

*Me and S are celebrating our two year anniversary today 🙂 I’m so unbelieveably happy with him, I can’t describe! I love him to pieces, and here’s to the next two years!
*Thinking about my paycheck at the end of the month – been doing loads of overtime – so kerching!!! Haha!
*Winning another blog giveaway over at Norfolk Crafts.
*Having a whole weekend off for the first time in ages – its absolute bliss!
*I am absolutely amazed at the amount of followers I’ve gained in the past few days. Obviously, I know that my giveaway is probably a reason for this, but I welcome all followers with open arms. I’m also astounded at the amount of giveaway entries I’ve received! Don’t forget to tell all your friends, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
*Being awarded the The Versatile Blogger Award by Charlotte – I love you girl!!

*Spent a lot of yesterday evening in bed with a headache. Managed to get rid of it in the end though!
*Missing Vix’s posts while she’s out in Goa! I absolutely adore her blog, and you can find it here
*Generally getting really behind on blogging and everything. I am incredibly sorry girls, I am trying my hardest but obviously doing thirty hours overtime in a week is a bit of stretch compared to what I’m used to! I don’t ever want blogging to become a chore so I am trying to post regularly, but it won’t be everyday because I just can’t manage that at the minute, as well as keep up with the housework, maintain a relationship with S and my friends, and find time and sleep! I will still continue to try my hardest for you girls, though – and I look forward to seeing even more entries into my giveaway!

Any girls got a blog that I haven’t got round to following yet? Leave me a link in the comment section, and I’ll be sure to take a look <3

For now,


Grand National Day!

Hey girls,

How are you all?
As everyone knows, as it’s all over the tv, the internet, Facebook and blogs – it’s the Grand National today!
Who have you backed to win today at 4.15pm? My picks were Chief Dan George and Oscar Time.

My dad and boyfriend strategically pick their horses based on odds and jockeys – I just pick horses who have familiar names – and it works for me! I once did a English school report on Galvani, and my parents went to the greyhounds a few weeks later when we were on holiday. There was a dog called Galvanize and it won for me! 🙂 It has happened a few times since, so I’m hoping my luck will be in today.

I chose Chief Dan George because my cousin is called Daniel and my uncle is called George, and I chose Oscar Time for the same reason – I have a cousin with that name!

No odds for me, I just like the names!

How are your weekends going? I’ve got the whole weekend off for once, and I’m loving it! Out in the sunshine – it’s lovely- although I have a few bees stalking me as we speak! I went into town with S and my Dad earlier, put our bets on, and we went to a greasy spoon cafe. Dad had good old bangers n’ mash, S had a bacon & cheese baguette, and I had a veggie breakfast. I am not a vegetarian, but I love mushrooms, hash browns, bubble and squeak etc, so it makes more sense to get that for me 🙂

In a little while, my mate Em is coming round and we’re going to play Buzz on the PS3. I can’t wait! It’s been far too long since I’ve had a Saturday off (unless you count my birthday three months ago…which I don’t :p)

What are you planning to do for the rest of the afternoon?

For now,


Sunday Rambles.

I am so tired! I did a 9am to 7.30am shift today, done 30 hours overtime this week, doing even more this coming week and my next day off is Saturday! I am aware my blogging is suffering as a result but I am trying my hardest to get on as much as possible, so bear with me lovelies!

*Getting twenty more followers in 24 hours, and LOADS of giveaway entries since I last logged on. Thank you so much, and don’t forget to tell everyone you know!
*Wrestlemania tonight at midnight – my boyfriend and our friend Dunk are major wrestling obsessives and I must admit I do enjoy a bit of WWE myself.. Can’t wait to watch this tonight!
*Thinking about my paycheck at the end of the month… lots of yummy overtime!
*Got the weekend off next week – YAY! Will also be mine and S’ two year anniversary 😀
*Entered over 200 competitions (not including blog giveaways) on days when I’ve been able to blog 🙂

*I am so tired, it’s unbelievable.
*Much as I love the fact that I am going to get loads of pennies at the end of the month, the fact that my back is REALLY painful is not helping 🙁

How have your weekends been? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below 🙂

For now,