In The Post: Giveaway Win from The Only Exception

In The Post: Giveaway Win from The Only Exception
Last week, I won the prize on Day 3 of Charlotte’s 3 day giveaway in collaboration with Funky Divaa.
I won the earrings, and heres a picture of what they look like:
How gorgeous are these little beauties?
Now some of you may be saying – ‘Well, we didn’t know you had your ears pierced, Bex’ and you’d be right.
I don’t.
But I want to get them done, and now I have a reason to – to wear these pretty little things.
I adore them.
Also, Charlotte being the lovely person she is, included a little extra in the package too!
Knowing how much I love lipsticks, she included this:
This is a Constance Carroll lipstick in Raspberry! Can’t wait to try it out! Tried to take some pictures of me wearing it earlier, but they just didn’t look any good, so I shall get some up in the next couple of days 🙂
Charlotte also included a lovely little note, congratulating me on winning the earrings:
How cute?
Thank you to Charlotte for my lovely prizes <3
If you haven’t checked out Charlotte’s blog before, you can find it here 

This Ring.

This Ring.
Just a quick post for you all..
Excuse the state of my man hands 🙁
I found this ring when clearing some stuff out of my Dad’s earlier on today.
I have no idea where its from and its showing no signs of wear, like most cheap rings do withing minutes of putting them on, yet I’m loathe to believe its real silver or anything like that!
I absolutely adore it though, I think its beautiful…The only question is, where is it from? It can’t just appear!
If you have any idea, please let me know! A shop name would be very helpful!

Soap & Glory ‘Mist You Madly’

Soap & Glory ‘Mist You Madly’
Soap & Glory ‘Mist You Madly’ body spray, travel size miniature of 100ml
The other day, I was having a browse around my local Boots store, looking at their baby products when I found myself wandering over to the travel miniature shelves. I always take a look at this section when in Boots as I often pick up new products to try, and by only picking up a mini sample of the product, I’m 1)Not breaking the bank of Bex and 2) Not committing myself to the product if I don’t like it (which I would with full size products because I hate to waste my money!)
Now, I have enough shampoo & conditioner, Vaseline and so on to last me a lifetime right now, but the little beauty above caught my eye. I haven’t tried many Soap & Glory products but this bottle of body spray really stood out to me.
Priced at £3.11, this product is perhaps on the steeper end of what I would pay for a mini product, however the gorgeous packaging and of course, the smell of the body spray swung it for me.
Described as a flirty, floral, fragrant body spray, ‘Mist You Madly’ definitely is all of the above. I find it has similarities to Flower by Kenzo, my all time favourite fragrance, and I couldn’t resist spritzing myself with it once I’d left the shop.
So, my thoughts on this product? Well, I only bought this yesterday morning, but I have found this has been sufficient time to make a judgement on it! I really love the scent of this body spray, and it seems others do too – a few of my colleagues happened to mention yesterday during my shift how nice it was, and even the boyfriend approves!
I am definitely one of these people that always has a body spray tucked away in the depths of their handbags, I normally use the Impulse brand, who’ve never done me wrong. However, for the sheer fact that this body spray smells like an absolute dream and the fact that I received plenty of compliments on it (fickle, moi?), this product will definitely be the go-to bodyspray of choice and be a staple of my handbag for the forseeable future.
I rate this product 5 out of 5, I have not found anything wrong with it as of yet, but I shall be sure to update this review if I do!
Are you a fan of Soap & Glory? What products do you love?

This past weekend & this coming week.

I have seen a few people recently give you updates on their weekends, and their plans for the week ahead, and thought that this was a great idea. I often tell you about certain things that have happened or are going to happen, but I also often miss out some other stuff, and I find that I often forget things I’m going to do too! I’m hoping that by writing it down on here, my ‘baby brain’ may not totally wreck my week, aha.
This weekend:
  • I went round my friend Emily’s house for a little get-together. There was only a select few of us & obviously I couldn’t drink, but we had a nice time nonetheless. A few people got a tad merry & playing Buzz on the Playstation with half of the players merry & half of the players sober made for a very funny night indeed! Steve decided he was going to play on his own team, so I teamed up with our friend Duncan, and lets just say, we annihilated the opposition! If you haven’t ever played Buzz, its a must, especially if you’re a music buff!
  • Went to work yesterday – same old, same old really. Not going to bore you with the details.
  • Last night was my friend Chelle’s birthday get together in St Albans. We all met at O’Neills but me, Steve and Duncan didn’t stay too long as everyone was planning on getting very drunk, and since both me & Duncan can’t drink at the moment, and Steve was driving, we’d have felt very out of place.
  • Today, I’ve been a bit of a bum, to be honest. I’ve tidied up the kitchen though, and sorted out a few things at my parents house. I also popped down to my old place of work to see a few old faces, which was nice.
This week, I will:
  • Be going to work 5 out of 7 days…yippee!
  • Be going to my gestational diabetes test (diabetes in pregnancy) which will involve at least one blood test, maybe two, and possibly my Rhesus D injection… for someone who’s petrified of needles, lets just say I am far from looking forward to it!
  • Be packing things up ready for the move, which is in the next two weeks…eek!
  • Be attending my midwife appointment on Friday – 25 weeks gone now, 15 to go!
  • Be looking out for guest posts from you! – Interested? Email me at
I don’t have much planned for the week ahead, however I’m sure plenty of things will come up that I will need to do, its always the way!
What have you done this weekend?
Have you got anything nice planned for the week ahead?

My Temporary:Secretary haul.

My Temporary:Secretary haul.
Well, as some of you who follow me on Twitter may know, the other day I tweeted about some jewellery that I had seen that I had fallen in love with. I received a tweet back from someone (forgive me please, because I cannot think for the life of me who it was!) asking me if I’d ever checked out Temporary:Secretary.
Tbh, although I had heard the name around both the blogging community & Twitter, I hadn’t actually been to check out the website. I also started communicating with Sarah, the owner of Temporary:Secretary on her Twitter account (@TempSec) and so I thought I should take a look at the website & gather some impressions.
Now, as you know, money is extremely tight at the moment, what with being 6 months pregnant and all, however I was instantly drawn to nearly all of the jewellery on offer. I jokingly tweeted Sarah saying I was going to see if I could get my boyfriend to treat me to some, and would you know it, he actually said yes!
I thought that the best idea was to go for the £10 lucky dip bag as I would get five pieces of jewellery & it would save me having to sit there and deliberate for hours over which pieces to choose, as Sarah would choose for me.
Heres what I received:

Apple ring. I fell in love with this IMMEDIATELY. Loads of people have asked me where I got it from 🙂  

Ice Lolly necklace

Gorgeous little charm bracelet

Octopus necklace

Pince-nez glasses necklace

I haven’t got round to wearing all my jewellery just yet…I’ve had my apple ring on constantly though, and I wore the pince-nez glasses necklace to my great-uncles funeral today. I had plenty of lovely comments on the necklace & my Nan told me she loved it (she also told me she’s going to be sorting out a lot of her jewellery for me…I’m so excited to see what she gives me, she’s a seriously glam nan!)
However, I’m more than happy with what I received in my £10 Lucky Dip bag…everything is just so me  & I’m glad I left it to Sarah, rather than myself to choose some items!

A lovely handwritten Thank You note from Sarah

I am also more than impressed with the high customer service Sarah delivers. Receiving the personalised Thank You note with my parcel made my day & showed me people do still have manners nowadays (I may have been starting to give up on society, tbh!) I really do love my new jewellery & I will be sure to make another purchase soon when money’s a bit easier 🙂
Beautiful Temporary:Secretary business card & thank you note; Hero & Cape business card, also included in the parcel.
Have you ever ordered from Temporary:Secretary? I’d love to see what you’ve bought yourself! (leave links in a comment below the post)
Haven’t ordered yet? Check out their wonderful website here – you may find that changes very quickly!
       Have a great evening.