Book Fiend

Yes, you read that right. In a way to boost my Boots points and treat myself, I had a good old splurge on the other day. I browsed through tonnes of CD’s, DVD’s and the like, yet nothing caught my eye. Then I noticed there was a book clearance, and oh my, did I spend, spend, spend!

I am going on holiday at the end of this month, so I definitely needed some new reading material, however when I’ve already got a pile so high it reaches my knee to read, it probably wasn’t a wise idea to buy as many as I did.

Add to that the fact that I won Lady of Quality and Arabella by Georgette Heyer from Alex’s blog giveaway at Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks and I certainly have a decent enough pile to read.

I have always been a reader, however, recently, I have found my time to read depleted by working, being ill, housework and actually spending time with my family and friends. Not to mention blogging.

I am also one of these people who have phases. I will read constantly for  a whole week, and get through three or four books, and then it will take me a month to finish the next one.

So I bet you are all wondering what I’ve been buying? Well, here goes…

*Following on from winning Alex’s blog giveaway, one of the books that another blogger won really stood out to me. It’s called Class and its by Jane Beaton, and is about a teacher who moves to a new school in Cornwall, and the effects this has on her relationship. Not to mention there’s a very dishy teacher at the boys school up the road 😉
*Being an avid visitor, I invested in two of Martin Lewis’ books. Yes, trying to save money is not going to be helped by a book splurge, but I was treating myself, so nuh :p
I bought Thrifty Ways for Modern Days and The Money Diet.
*Sticking with the thrift theme, I also bought The Thrift Book by India Knight. I have read this before having borrowed it from the library (oh, how I love libraries!) , however I wanted my own copy.
*Two collections of short stories by some of the most talented authors around, Big Night Out and Girls Night In. Featuring Marian Keyes, Candace Bushnell (author of Sex & The City) and the ever-glamourous Joan Collins, I can’t wait to delve into these!
*The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar and other stories- Simply put, the story of Henry Sugar captivated me as a child and I think Roald Dahl was one of the best authors to ever put pen to paper 🙂 His imagination is unparallel to none!
*Finally, two Mary Westmacott collections. That name may be unfamiliar to you, but if you are an Agatha Christie fan, you would know that Mary was her pen name for her selection of romantic stories. I have searched high and low for these collections for many years, and finally finding them on Play, I had to snap them up!

So, these are going to keep me going. Whats in your pile of summer reads?

For now,


Boots Mega Points Bonanza!

So girls, who amongst you have taken advantage of the super points bonanza currently going on this Bank Holiday weekend at Boots?

I’d love to see what you’ve all bought. To be perfectly honest, yesterday I was quite boring and bought my friends birthday presents and nothing for myself! I’m actually rather annoyed with myself, and plan to take full advantage tomorrow on the last day of the points giveaway.

For those of you that don’t know, Boots are offering ten points for every £1 once you spend over £15 in store. It’s a great offer, as you can earn pounds when you would originally be earning pennies in points. Now, if it can be bought in Boots, I am the kind of person who will buy it there. It may be slightly more expensive than somewhere else, but the Advantage card and the points certainly swing it for me… why shouldn’t we get a little something back whilst buying our health and beauty products, or even our lunch?

I have been raving about this points extravaganza at work, on Twitter, everywhere, and I think my other half is just about fed up with me now, haha!

How have your weekends been? I worked yesterday, and then went for a lovely Italian meal with my friend Sophie. We shared garlic bread, then I had tagliatelle al funghi for my main course, whilst she had tagliatelle al tertrazzine. As per usual, I completely forgot to take pictures.

Today, me and the man have just been relaxing at home. I have got some housework done, we have caught up on our V+ recordings, and he even made me gooseberry crumble. Yummy! Unfortunately, there are also no pictures of this as I devoured it as soon as I could possibly could.

Tonight, I think we’re going to sit down in front of the box, and watch Britains Got Talent. I was so annoyed that it wasn’t on last night! Talking about last nights telly, do any of you watch Dr Who? What do you think of that cliffhanger they left last night? Talk about having us fooled!

I also started watching Saw VI last night, but started to fall asleep on the sofa, so we’ve set it to record tonight, and we’ll watch it tomorrow evening after Glee, hehe. The man’s also recorded How To Train Your Dragon and another childrens film – I swear I’m dating  a big kid!

I would love to know what you girls & guys have been doing this weekend, and what Boots purchases you have made this weekend!

On a last note, I have found a great new blog that you simply must follow here – shes absolutely amazing! Also, if you have Twitter, please don’t hesitate to follow me at @OhNoItsBex .

For now & enjoy the rest of your weekends,


Off on a charity night out….

Just a quick post from me today, lovelies 🙂

I am going out tonight for a charity night at my local pub. Its in aid of the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) charity, and is something very personal to the landlords family. I can’t wait to party tonight, and see the donations mount up.

The OH joined in on the charity golf day today, and got a hole in one! He’s so happy, I understand its a good thing to do, but I’m pretty clueless to be honest. He also got the longest drive, and won a shirt, a trophy, some golf balls and a bottle of champagne – we shared it out with the landlords family.

Tonight, there is a singer performing, who just so happens to be Shayne Wards uncle again, so there is a possibility Shayne himself could appear again! I am trying to persuade the OH to bring the camera down but we shall see.

There is a pink theme so everyones got to wear something that colour. It will be interesting to see what ensembles people have come up with!

I can’t wait to go out and raise some money for an extremely worthy cause. If you would like to donate, you can do so here .

This post is dedicated to Amelia Harrington-Smith

For now,


Favourite Perfumes.

Favourite Perfumes.

Everyone has their favourite scent. Whats yours?

If you’d have asked me three years ago, I’d have said this little beauty here:

Flower by Kenzo RRP £36.99

This perfume is described as having heart notes of opopanax and white musk, with some top notes of bulgarian rose, wild hawthorn, cassie and palma violets. According to The Perfume Shop, it makes the wearer feel feminine, individual and spontaneous.

I personally adore this perfume, it was the first proper perfume I fell in love with. You know the little samples you get in the magazines? I smelt a Flower one many many moons ago, and I lusted after the perfume from then on, begging my parents to buy it for my birthdays, for Christmas etcetera. Unfortunately, they never bought it for me, however, once I got my first proper job, I treated myself to a bottle of it. I now have three bottles of it, as everyone found out it was my favourite perfume and I got bought it by my managers at the pub when they left, and then when I eventually left the pub after two years of working there a couple of months later, two of the customers bought me a bottle too. I had only just bought myself a bottle! So, I now have three bottles…but I’m not complaining.

Another fragrance I love is this perfume here:

Britney Spears Curious RRP £39.00 currently on special offer at £17.99 at The Perfume Shop

Described as having heart notes of vanilla infused musk and top notes of dewy lotus flower, this fragrance is meant to make you feel daring, outrageous and youthful. I have to agree, even though I am only 21, wearing this reminds me of nights down the pub when I was 18 and the things that used  to happen…ah, memories.
Almost everyone I know owns a Britney Spears perfume of some description, whether its Curious, Fantasy or another. In a world full of celebrity endorsed fragrances, Britney has really won the perfume critics over with her gorgeous range of fragrances.

My other favourite was bought for me by the OH’s parents, and can be seen here:

Versace Woman RRP £39.00 currently on offer for £32.99 at The Perfume Shop

This beauty took a little while to grow on me, Being a loyal supporter of my Kenzo fragrance, with the odd affair with Britney, I was reluctant to let another perfume into the fold. However, this perfume soon found its way into my heart and onto my pulse points. Its heart notes are plum, raspberry and lotus, with top notes of bergamot, frangipani and jasmine, this fragrance is meant to leave you feeling elegant, feminine and sophisticated, and it certainly does what it claims to do.

You know that woman, we all know one, whose perfume seems to define her personality? Strong, powerful yet feminine and elegant? This perfume definitely gives off this vibe, and I definitely feel a lot more confident when I am wearing this. Just like the label it comes from, Versace Woman certainly gives the impression of stylish sophistication, and I love it.

Perfumes are my extravagance in life, they’re worth the extra little bit of money, for the amount of satisfaction they give you.

What are your favourite perfumes? I would love to know! You can either leave a comment here or I would love to see a post about it. If you do post, be sure to leave me the link!

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25 things before 25.

Today, I was on my break at work, and happened to go onto the More magazines Facebook page, which I am a fan of. I saw a blogger that I personally follow on here, Jade , had posted a new mini blog for More magazine on their website. The title of 25 things to do before you’re 25 drew me in, and I must admit it was a very interesting read – you can find it here

I thus spent the rest of my day at work pondering over what twenty five things I would like to do before the age of 25. So far I have come up with:

-Get married/become engaged to the other half.
-Start a family
-Complete a degree in either History or Retail Management
-Enter more writing competitions and hopefully win some 🙂
-Learn sign language

I am thinking of putting these up in a tab, and adding to the list once I think of more.

How many others of you think this is a great idea? Admittedly, I have seen similar things on other blogs, such as 100 things to do before you die, or 30 things before 30, but 25 before 25 seems more achievable, and I’m certainly going to try and complete all my goals.

I shall get my thinking cap on straight away.

Love always,

for now,