Cry Babies | A Review

Item sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

You must have heard the little jingle by now for Cry Babies – the advert sticks in your head and remains there all day. Jack and Olivia kept pointing the advert out and made it clear they wanted one so when they were offered the chance of reviewing one, I just knew I had to say yes.

These lovable dolls cry real tears. You give them a dummy and a cuddle to stop them from crying. They cry real water tears and make realistic baby noises when you take away their dummies. What’s better, their arms and legs are movable and they come with their own changeable onesie! Brand new to the collection for April 2018 are Dotty, Nala and Lady – they have an RRP of £29.99. Find out more from the website here or order one for yourself from Amazon here {affiliate link}.

We were sent Lady, one of the new babies in the collection. The kids were very excited for her to arrive and took great pleasure in investigating to see exactly how she cried – there’s a section on her back where you can unscrew the lid and add water so she can cry her real tears. She can cry for England, that’s for sure, but a cuddle and her dummy tends to put her right as rain.

Her cry certainly is as realistic as a real baby’s – when it went off randomly sometimes when Jack was playing with it, I’d wonder if it was actually Olivia making the noise! You can stop your baby from crying by giving her a cuddle or putting her dummy in her mouth – Jack much preferred giving her a cuddle whilst Olivia liked to give her dummy to soothe her.

The compartment for putting in water to enable the baby to cry real tears is quite big and can actually fit quite a lot of water in – I was amazed by the sheer amount you could managed to fit in there!

Just look at those real tears she cries! You can start the crying by either pressing a button or taking the dummy out and waiting for it to start. It builds up slowly much as a real babies would but soon develops into a full blown cry. I don’t blame Jack or Olivia for picking her up quite quickly and cuddling her or giving her the dummy as that cry can get really annoying after a while!

All in all, the kids are very happy with the baby they were sent to review – although they now want the rest of the range. I keep catching the two of them playing together with Lady and managing to calm her down from her tantrum, making some adorable cooing baby noises. I can guarantee that this is one of the first toys the kids will go for when they arrive home and its great. It really captures their attention and leads to imaginative play – I love hearing what Jack is saying when I catch the two of them playing with Lady, it’s so cute!

Have you ever bought one of the Cry Babies for your child? What did you think?

Degustabox Review | World Cup Theme

Box sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

With the World Cup fast approaching, it is little wonder that the theme is everywhere.The Degustabox brand are no different, sending out a tasty box of treats to see what we thought of them. You can pick up your own box here for just £12.99, including delivery. This is a great price when you consider the items always far exceed them – so what did we get?

KitKat Bites White Chocolate – £1.59

I don’t need to tell you how popular these were in my household, they barely lasted five minutes. We do love KitKats!

Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen Caribbean Creamy Chicken Curry Seasoning Mix – £1

A tasty inclusion which we used with the soft tortilla wraps for a tasty dinner – we love seasoned chicken and this was a delicious mix that we will certainly pick up again.

WeMade Lemonade – £1.50

These non carbonated drinks contain no artificial flavours, additives, preservatives or refined sugar. This tasted absolutely delicious and very juicy.

Say Aloe Reduced Sugar – £1.49

Rich in vitamin C, this aloe drink was very popular with Steve. It contains real pieces of aloe vera and Steve really enjoyed the refreshing drink.

Lucozade Energy Official – £1.10

We do love Lucozade Energy drinks – I prefer the other flavours to this but this is also a tasty drink and a very welcome addition to the box.

Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen Mini Coconut & Black Pepper Soft Tortillas – £1.50

These were very tasty and perfect with the Caribbean seasoning for a delicious midweek meal.

KitKat Senses Mix – £3.99

I have been seeing these in the supermarkets for a while now and kept meaning to pick one up so I was extremely happy to see them included in the box. The three flavours are absolutely delicious and these didn’t last very long at all.

The Good Cider – Strawberry & Dry Apple flavours

I love a good fruit cider and the strawberry one tastes absolutely delicious. Steve had the dry apple cider for himself and these were a lovely weekend evening treat.

Brioche Pasquier PITCH (Choc Chip brioche and Chocolate flavour brioche) – £1.39 each

These were a tasty addition to the box – we loved them as a delicious snack or a great addition to our breakfast.

All in all, I was very happy with this box – we enjoyed everything. Why not try a tasty food sub box for yourself?


Sleeping Through The Night

It is funny that I should be publishing this post after last night – Olivia has an awful cough and kept waking up before deciding to throw up over me at 5am – but up until last night, she was actually sleeping through the night, yay!

It has taken a while to get there and I feel like I have been living on autopilot for months since she was born. Of course, I didn’t expect her to sleep through the night straight away and I knew that all babies are different – especially as Jack was combination fed from about 3 days old whereas (apart from one week when she was tiny), Olivia was exclusively breastfed. I knew that their sleep patterns would be different. I just didn’t realise how long it would take Olivia to finally settle into a routine and actually sleep pretty much through the night. Talya actually has some great tips on how to get your baby to sleep – I wish I’d seen her post many months ago!

Happily this means I myself am actually starting to get a decent nights sleep. As Steve has been helping my brother out recently working nights, we’ve all been going to bed at around 7.30pm-8pm so Steve can have a little nap whilst the kids can fall asleep. I either work for a little bit longer or take some downtime, reading a book or catching up with something on TV.

Me getting a better nights sleep has seen me be more productive, more refreshed and more energetic in my day to day life. I’m getting more work done as I am not as tired and I’m also able to make more food from scratch, meals that take longer or things such as these chicken marinades ready for the freezer.

However I have found that I am now starting to rely on my alarm a lot more in the mornings as I have been in such a deep sleep, it is hard to wake up! I’m not alone – a recent study by Happy Beds found that more than half of people that use an alarm hit the snooze button in the morning. I probably hit it two or three times – I actually set four alarms for the morning, the fourth being the one I absolutely must get up for!

After almost 18 months of barely any sleep of a night, it is so nice to be able to fall asleep without a problem and actually stay asleep – not have to worry about being woken up by a clingy 17 month old or 6 year old. Whilst it has taken Olivia a lot longer than Jack to finally start sleeping through the night, I am so grateful that she has and I can finally get back to being human again rather than feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead!

How long did it take your little ones to sleep through the night?

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Marge and The Secret Tunnel by Isla Fisher | Review & Win 1 of 5 complete Marge In Charge book sets

Item sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack is a little bookworm, there is no doubt about that. We reviewed the Marge In Charge series a little while ago here so when offered the chance to review the fourth and last book in the series, we had to say yes. I’m so happy Jack loves Isla Fisher’s books – I remember reading a teen book she released back when I was younger and she had not long left Home & Away. I’m a big Isla Fisher fan and have followed her career avidly and am so glad that Jack enjoys her work as much as I do.

So what is the book about and what did we think of it?


Life with Marge is NEVER boring! Even shopping for new shoes turns out to be an amazing adventure, especially when the lights go out and the children are stuck in the shop! And when Jakey decides he’d like to visit Australia, Marge has the best idea ever. She and the children will dig a tunnel and visit a completely different country . . .

The fourth fun family story in the MARGE IN CHARGE series, written by actor & comedian Isla Fisher and illustrated throughout by Eglantine Ceulemans.

Our Review

Jack is very much getting into bigger books now. He is still getting the few sentences a page books with illustrations from school for reading at home but he prefers a more challenging read and I love that the Marge In Charge series offers this to him. For readers aged 5-8 years old, he is the perfect age group and he really enjoys reading them.

The previous three books in the series made him laugh out loud in places and he was hoping for the same warm fuzzy funny feeling with this book. It didn’t disappoint. We took some time reading together – just like the previous books, this book contained three stories in one. He also headed off on his own to read some to himself like the little bookworm he is.

The illustrations as always just enhanced the book and the fun filled adventures contained within. I’m pretty sure Jack would love to have Marge as a babysitter but I am not sure I could persuade his usual babysitter (my Mum) to behave like that, what do you think?

Yet again the author has pulled it out of the bag with a fun filled book that my son enjoys and keeps going back to. I’ve been telling friends about the series as I think everyone should check it out, they’re fab reads. Read on for your chance to get your hands on some!

About The Author

Isla Fisher began acting as a child and has worked solidly in television and film for the past 25 years. She has appeared in Home And AwayThe Great Gatsby and Definitely Maybe, to name a few. She also studied in Paris to become a clown for two years before realising that there is not much call for miming ‘the wall’!

Isla has played many roles over the years, from a bonkers bridesmaid in Wedding Crashers to the poster girl for consumerism in Confessions Of A Shopaholic. But her favourite role has been being a mummy to daughters Olive and Elula and son Montgomery. Isla has been making up stories at bedtime for them every night since they were born. These books are for her children, as a reminder of all the fun they have at bedtime reading books and sharing stories.

About The Illustrator

Eglantine Ceulemans spent her childhood reading Belgian comics. In 2007 she joined the Emile Cohl School of Art in Lyon, France, transforming her passion for illustration into a vocation. She loves working in an intuitive way, combining humor and sensitivity, and using different mediums and techniques. Eglantine currently resides in Lyon. Follow Eglantine at  or on Twitter: @lelephantine

Marge and the Secret Tunnel is available here on Amazon for £4.79 {affiliate link} and all other good bookstores.

Would you like the chance to own the series for yourself? Just fill in the Rafflecopter below for your chance of winning 1 of 5 complete sets of Marge in Charge books by Isla Fisher. This giveaway is UK only and ends at 23.59pm on the 21st of June 2018. Good luck!


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Updating Our Bedrooms On An Affordable Budget

I’ve made no secret of the fact that we plan to move soon. We currently live in a tiny two bed end of terrace house and still have Olivia in our room. We would put her in Jack’s room if we could but we just don’t have the space – his bedroom is tiny!

We are looking to move into a local three or four bed property and have so much we want to do when moving into somewhere new. We’ve already said we have a lot of stuff we want to update – a lot of our furniture and kitchen appliances have been with us for years and it would be nice to update those. One such thing is beds.

Jack has had the most recent change of bed – we bought him his very own single bed when we found out we were having Olivia as he was still using the toddler bed his cot converted into. With Olivia moving from cot to bed in a few months time (she is already trying to escape constantly from her cot), hoping to have a spare room for people to stay and also potentially adding more to our family, we are in definite need of new beds.

However these can get super expensive, don’t you find? When we first moved in here, we brought our cheap shoddy quality bed from our old house and it broke fairly quickly. We then forked out a lot more for a new bed and whilst it is good quality, I am not prepared to pay that much money again in the future, just for somewhere to lay my head at night. I want to be comfy and cosy but not at a complete premium when there are alternatives on offer.

Rhema Kallianpur

As I will be buying quite a few beds at once, I want them to be cheap but still good quality. People often say the two don’t go hand in hand but I disagree. Companies are realising that sometimes having lower prices works much better in their favour without compromising on quality – they can sell more and make more when lower in price than perhaps their rival can with their products at a premium. It all depends on the customers and their bank balance – and with so many of us now tightening the purse strings, we are more likely to avoid the extortionate and opt for the cheaper option as they’re both exactly the same, quality wise.

With companies such as DivanBedsCentre claiming to be cheap on price but not quality, you’d be a fool to pay extreme prices for something you could get for much less. I am always looking to save money when I am buying things and with so many other things to pay for, I will be aiming to get the most for my money. I think most of us mums are the same, don’t you?

I must admit I am considering getting everyone ottoman storage beds – after living here with such a lack of storage for so long, I am all for decent storage options. If the storage option doubles up as a bed then fabulous – two things for the price of one, don’t you agree?

I actually can’t wait to update my bedroom – although I barely spend any time in there, it is meant to be a haven and I’d love to actually have a bedroom that feels like one. Here’s hoping I get it soon.