Pregnancy Update: Week 32

Pregnancy Update: Week 32
Oh dear.
I’m not very good at these pregnancy updates, am I? Back at Week 26, I promised you weekly updates..and now you’re getting one – six weeks later!
Excuses, excuses I know, but in that time, I have moved house, attended numerous midwife/antenatal appointments, done plenty of overtime and gone on maternity leave, so I think I can be forgiven… can’t I?
As I mentioned in a few of my previous pregnancy posts, I didn’t really seem to have much of a bump – that was until a couple of weeks ago, when my bump just seemed to appear!
Some say my bump is still quite small for 32 weeks (on a recent tour of the maternity unit at my local hospital, I was by far the smallest there!), whereas to others I’ve got quite a large bump – what do you think?
So what has happened recently in the life of Bex & bump?
  • We’ve toured our local maternity unit with Steve. We think we’ve pretty much settled on going into the midwifery led unit whilst in labour – only getting transferred to the main unit with doctors and midwives if I’m desperate for an epidural. After reading a piece on pethidine in Mother & Baby featuring the lovely Emma Louise from From Fallen Angel To Yummy Mummy however, I think I’m going to go for pethidine if I want any pain relief.
  • I’ve suddenly started developing stretchmarks – thank god there is such a thing as stretchmark cream! You can see some of the beasts in the picture above 🙁
  • I’ve had yet another Anti-D injection and am also due one in another fortnight… yay for more needles being stuck into me? I think not.
  • WE’VE GONE ON MATERNITY LEAVE!! Only problem is, there’s so many hours in the day to fill, and not enough to do…give me some ideas, people?
  • I had my baby shower (read about it here) and also received some lovely presents in the last few days from work, and my friend Kirsty. Expect some pictures up soon of all the goodies!
  • We have nearly finished buying all the essential stuff for baby now, just the cot to buy now…eek!
It’s getting so close now, it’s really quite nervewracking – I really wish this last 8 weeks would hurry up now though – time seems to be standing still, if not going backwards!
Are you pregnant, and writing a pregnancy update? I’d love to read it.
If you’re not pregnant, do you find these posts interesting?
I would love to know!

10 Day Friend Challenge – Day 7

10 Day Friend Challenge – Day 7
Day 7: A friend your parents love
It was extremely difficult to think of a friend that both my parents know, yet alone like. A lot of my friends that I made whilst working at the pub are known by my mum, yet my dad has no clue who they are! I didn’t really want to choose someone I’d already written about, but the only people who both my parents know and like are Michelle (pictured above), Laura, Kirsty and Sophie – who have all already been featured!