Pregnancy Update: Week 38

I know, I know.
By the time you read this, I’ll be onto week 39 and I’ll actually be two days before my due date.
Anything could have happened in the time since I’ve written this to when it gets posted… if you’re interested to know how I’m getting on, check my Twitter here.
Now I’m at week 38, what exactly is happening with my baby in the final few weeks?
  • My baby is ready to meet the world, although still building a layer of fat to help control body temperature after birth.
  • All my baby’s organs are fully developed, the lungs being the last to reach maturity.
  • I’m apparently meant to be suffering with feeling huge and uncomfortable in these final weeks – this is definitely true!
  • My hospital bag should be packed and I should have a birth plan ready, should I go into labour, (Be proud of me, I actually got this done!!)
  • I should have discussed pain relief and my birth plan with my community midwife – this has also been done.
Not much happening now really, is there? Seems just like a waiting game to me!
Now that it’s all so near, I can’t wait to meet them – although the prospect of me being a mother is still quite daunting in itself. However, I have a great support network – having such a large family certainly helps. I’ve also got friends with childrens, friends who’ve not only had children but work as or have worked as midwives, friends who are nursery nurses, friends who have plenty of experience with children. I also know that there’s a few bloggers that I can ask for advice if needs be, too.
Not much left to say, except…wish me luck!
& I will let you all know very soon 🙂

Things I should do more often.

Things I should do more often.
I got the idea for this post from the lovely Buttons and Bunnies. Recently, knowing that the baby could appear at any given time and frantically trying to schedule posts from me AND guests so that the blog doesn’t go completely silent has left me a little lost for words. Sometimes I’m able to sit down and write word after word – other times the words just won’t come out – Jen writes about this issue amazingly here.
So, when I saw BunBun’s post, I just had to write a list of my own!
What do you wish you could do more often?
  • Spend more time with family/extended family. I come from a big old family, & I don’t see half of them as much as I should.

  • Relax more. Even though I’m on maternity leave, I never make time to relax as much as I should.

  • Tidy my room.
  • Frequent charity shops – I love a charity shop, yet rarely visit them anymore.
  • Cook a meal for my family.
  • Read more – and not just chick lit.
  • Write more – and by that I don’t mean blogging.
  • Sleep – I know this is a hard one, because if I can’t sleep, then I can’t sleep – but I should really utilise my time better.
  • Try and be more crafty and attempt to make new outfits out of old ones, a la Vix over at Vintage Vixen.
  • Thank you, my followers, a little more. Thank You!
  • Don’t let myself get drawn into petty little arguments.
What would you do more often if you had the time, money or maybe even the bottle to do so?

Loving LuluB – A giveaway win

Loving LuluB – A giveaway win
Just a quick post today whilst I try and make the most of the little time I have left until the baby arrives.
I recently entered Lizzie’s blog giveaway and was really happy to find out I’d won at the beginning of the week.
My prizes arrived yesterday, & I’m so in love with how they were presented!

I didn’t take pictures of each separate item but my oh my, was there some fantastic stuff! Mini box of Celebrations, Nubar goodies, nail art pens, a headband… all the things I love!
& all packaged so beautifully!
I had to write a post about it just because of how much of a smile it put on my face when I opened it – I haven’t really been feeling 100% lately  🙁
Have you had any nice giveaway wins recently?

The Bucket List: 11-20 – Countries I’d love to visit

The Bucket List: 11-20 – Countries I’d love to visit
Everyone has those places they’d love to go.
Even if just for one day.
I haven’t really got explanations for why I want to visit these places, but these ten countries are definitely on my places to visit in my lifetime.
What are yours?
11. Canada
12. Australia
13. New Zealand
14. America
15. Finland
16. Iceland
17. Japan
18. Egypt
19. Ireland
20. Italy
Have you ever been to any of these places? What did you think of them?
You can find Part 1 of my Bucket List here.