Whilst I was away, I picked up a few bits and pieces. I’m actually quite shocked to realise I didn’t actually purchase that much, considering the amount of places I visited. Numerous charity shop trawls and a walk through Rye seemed to deliver nothing except some charming little coasters with Shakespearean quotes printed on them – which, typical me, I left down at our caravan in Camber Sands.
However, I did pick up a few things from Boots, Superdrug and the Florence & Fred range at Tesco – so enjoy.
You may wonder why I called this post ‘Homemaking‘. That would be because of this beautiful little diary I picked up in Boots – it’s perfect for all girls and women interested in a range of things from cookery to housekeeping to gardening. This little book is jam-packed full of recipes, household tips, maps, useful websites etcetera (including some great fashion & beauty sites) plus there is also plenty of space to write birthdays, anniversaries, expenses, addresses, notes – there’s even a party checklist and a Christmas checklist – this little diary will definitely keep you organised, and with a baby on the way, I’m definitely going to need this to remember everything!
My mum also picked up a few things whilst in Boots, taking advantage of the 3 for 2 offer on gifts, and bought a Loveheart perfume and lipbalm set and another sweet-inspired lipbalm set. Not needing about seven lipbalms, she gave me the two pictured above – Toffee Kisses and one of the Loveheart balms- I can’t wait to try them!
Now, with me receiving the two lip balms above and already having plenty of lip products in my makeup stash, you may wonder why I bought yet another tin of Vaseline. It is true – I didn’t really need it – however, I’m sure to hit pan on another tin in the not so distant future, and when Superdrug are offering 50 points on your Beautycard for buying 1 tin of Vaseline – I’d be a fool not to take up the offer!
Finally, and perhaps my most favourite purchase of all – the baby booties. These cost me £5 from the F+F range at Tesco, and I just couldn’t resist them. They were the only shoes that seemed appropriate for either a boy or a girl, and I just had to have them – what do you think of them? Aren’t they just the cutest little things ever?
Have you bought any nice things recently? Leave me a link to your hauls – I’d love to see them!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas
Having seen this kind of post floating around recently, I thought ‘hey-ho‘ and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too. Everyone struggles for ideas at Christmas time – there is always the one person in your life that you can’t quite work out who to buy for.
Here are my picks of the best gifts available right now (in short, the stuff that I may just happen to want myself…):
Pretty much a given that I’d have to include the beautiful Sarah (blog/shop). I absolutely adore everything she makes, and the customer service you receive is absolutely fantastic. I recently ordered some jewellery from her (read about it here) and I was more than impressed with my purchases.
Here are a few of my favourite items on the website:

Horse Cameo Necklace & Brooch £16.95/ Cupcake Lip Balm £2.80/ Alice In Wonderland Charm Bracelet £35.00/ Keep Calm and Carry On necklace £22.95/ Lucius Cocktail Ring £16.00 (My favourite item of all!)


As you can see, Sarah’s jewellery is absolutely stunning! Still struggling to choose a few things from her website? Why not opt for the 12 items for £20 Lucky Dip to save you the stress?
Massive congratulations to Sarah, by the way, on winning the Look magazine blogger competition – you thoroughly deserve it!!
Hero & Cape are a fantastic clothing company, only recently established, run by Sarah’s lovely other half (blog/shop). They have definitely proved popular with bloggers recently, and I can certainly see why – here are some of my favourite items:

Geek Chic Glasses Tee £21.00/ Temporary:Secretary Scalloped Peter Pan Collar Tee £24.00/ Paris Skyline Acrylic Necklace £25.00/ Rubber Grub Lunchbox Erasers £2.00
What would a Christmas gift guide look like without a touch of Lush? You’re probably sick & tired of seeing these little beauties everywhere, but they’re just so damn gorgeous, I had to include them!

Gingerbread House £2.95 for 100g/ Magic Wand £4.95 for 100g/  Candy Cane £2.75 for 100g/ Snow Fairy £3.25 for 100g/ Baby It’s Cold Outside gift set £18.95
How gorgeous is the Baby It’s Cold Outside gift set? I certainly wouldn’t complain if I received that as a Christmas present!
What are your picks for Christmas gifts this year?
Want some more gift ideas? Check out Fee’s peek at the Boots Christmas catalogue here!
Images sourced from the Temporary:Secretary, Hero & Cape and Lush wesbites for the purpose of this guide.

Five To Follow

Whilst I’m enjoying some time away, take a look at some of these blogs here, each definitely worth a follow!
There are plenty more of you lovely people that I could feature here, but I had to pick five – so these are my five picks of the week!
Have you found a blog that you adore recently? I’d love to know about it. I follow over 200 blogs and read them all – leave me a link to their blog, or even your blog, if you like!

Take advantage of your Advantage Card

Take advantage of your Advantage Card
I’m not too sure how interesting this post will be to some of you, but some of you have expressed interest in learning how to boost your Boots Advantage Card points.
I currently have over £30 on my Boots card. If you’d have told me this a few months ago, I would have fallen on the floor from laughing so much. I was the stereotypical Advantage Card holder – I’d get a certain amount of points, then realise payday was still a couple of days away, and use my points to pay for my Meal Deal. Don’t deny it, we’ve all done it.
Looking for ways to save my money (especially now with a baby on the way), I turned to MoneySavingExpert to see what advice they would give. I don’t contribute to the forums very often, but I do like to see other peoples ideas for making a little extra money. Someone mentioned the Advantage Card and I was instantly drawn in.
How is spending money in Boots saving money, you may ask? Well, when you’re buying the absolute essentials and earning points on them, then effectively you’re also stockpiling some money for a rainy day. By absolute essentials, I mean soap, shower gel, toothpaste etcetera. Yes, you could argue that you could always buy the most basic brand of toothpaste from Asda, however I have my preferred brand and if it’s the same price in both stores, yet I earn Advantage Card points in one, I’m going to go for that store, aren’t I?
Anyway, I digress. I said I was going to tell you ways to maximise your potential points, so follow these tips and hopefully you’ll see an increase very soon. You may have heard of some or all of them already.
Boots Treat Street
Sourced from Google Images
I have raved and raved about this scheme in a previous post (you can find it here) and I love it! If you simply must shop online, check Treat Street first to find out if the retailer is listed there. If they are, you could earn points on your purchases just by the click of a mouse. Interested? You can find Boots Treat Street right here. Be sure to check out my handy 4-step guide before you do, though! (Points can take up to 35 days to appear on your card and most retailers only offer 1 point per pound, however there are always special offers available – be sure to check first)
Health & Beauty magazine
Sourced from Google Images
Seen this little thing lying around your local Boots store? PICK IT UP. This magazine is a bi-monthly publication that costs £1 to non Advantage Card holders, but is free to those with a card. I can safely assume that if you’re reading this post about how to boost your points, you already have a card, so this should be free to you. Not only does this magazine have fantastic articles, they also regularly hold competitions within the pages, chat to everyday people like you and me about how they build up/spend their points, and the best thing ever – coupons/vouchers at the back. These can range from receiving a special offer of points per £1 instead of the usual 4, or getting a free gift. Don’t forget to check the vouchers out before recycling your copy of Health and Beauty, because there are always some hidden gems!
Your statement
If you have an Advantage Card, every now & again you should receive a statement through the post. This will tell you how many points you currently have and also tends to include some fab vouchers. My most recent one has plenty of vouchers just perfect for Christmas shopping, and also has a double points voucher, which in most circumstances can be used twice. Don’t waste these double points vouchers on your small top-up shops at Boots however, use them for your big shop in order to maximise your potential points.
Extra Offers Kiosk
Sourced from Google Images
Chances are, you’ve also seen one of these in your local store. Not every store has one, but if you do visit a store that has one, be sure to pop your card in and take a look at what extra offers you could be missing out on. Recently, I’ve been offered 100 points for purchasing a lipstick which would normally earn me 32 points, money off photo albums and photo frames, and many more offers. Of course, these may not be of interest to you, but it is definitely worth taking a look just in case. The Extra Offers Kiosk is also the place to pick up our Treat Street points. Just pop your card in and the kiosk will tell you exactly how many points have been added to your card, and from which retailer – absolutely fantastic!
Another thing to look out for is location-specific events. Your local Boots could be holding a points bonanza at any time, so be sure to keep checking – and always check POS (point of sale) when browsing in Boots, because you can often miss other amazing points offers that are staring you right in the face!
To keep in the know about such events, why not follow Boots on their Facebook or their YouTube?
I am in no way affiliated with Boots.com. I simply have an interest in boosting Advantage Card points and sharing how to do so with you, my readers.