10 Day Friend Challenge – Day 4

10 Day Friend Challenge – Day 4
Day 4: A friend that you feel you have the most in common with
It has to be this girl:
Charlotte from The Only Exception
We haven’t met face to face yet, but we talk pretty much every day, and she’s just so in tune with my way of thinking.
We like the same kind of stuff, and she always seems to know the right thing to say.
Simply put, the girl is amazing 🙂

10 Day Friend Challenge – Day 3

10 Day Friend Challenge – Day 3
Day 3: The friend that you have the most fun with
I don’t see this girl very often, mainly due to work and education (she’s studying to become a paediatric nurse), but she would have to be the friend I have the most fun with.
She’s just like a little sister to me. We’ve worked together, partied together, attended numerous events together and she never fails to make me laugh. She’s an absolute star, and I’m so glad to have her in my life, and to be able to have her in my unborn baby’s life – my baby is going to have so much fun with its Auntie Sophie!

10 Day Friend Challenge – Day 2

10 Day Friend Challenge – Day 2
The friend that knows the most about you:
It would have to be this girl:
I went to school with Laura (she’s three years above me) and then we ended up working together at our local Co-Op. We’ve been friends for ten years and she knows pretty much all there is to know about me, from the silly little stuff I used to worry about when I was 11 to the silly little things I worry about now I’m 21. She’s always there to lend an ear, and she is like a big sister to me.

10 Day Friend Challenge

10 Day Friend Challenge
Having seen this friend challenge on both Emma’s and Adele’s blogs, I thought I’d give this challenge a go.
Day 1: Your oldest friend
Day 2: The friend that knows the most about you
Day 3: The friend that you have the most fun with
Day 4: A friend that you feel you have the most in common with
Day 5: A friend you have been on holiday with
Day 6: The friend that you act crazy with
Day 7: A friend your parents love
Day 8: A friend you have had a road trip with
Day 9: A lifechanging event a friend shared
Day 10: Your best friend
So to begin with,
Day 1: Your oldest friend
This is Michelle, and she’s been my friend for 21 years – yes, all of my life. Our mum’s were friends already, and when we were born, they used to go shopping together. It was inevitable we’d become friends too.
We did have a period where we didn’t really talk for a while – not because we weren’t friends, just because we drifted apart at different secondary schools. However, we became proper friends again back in December 2005, and I couldn’t ask for a truer friend.
We dated best friends together (big mistake!), both went for the same guy a couple of times, we work together.. every aspect of life I think we pretty much have covered!
She’s always there for me, and was the first person to know I was pregnant. She is also the one who gave me the lovely heartfelt note that I mentioned in my baby shower post that so many of you loved.
I honestly couldn’t imagine life without this girl!

Baby Shower

Baby Shower
Now, seeing as I have been raving about it for weeks now, you can’t have failed to notice that I held my baby shower last night. It was quite a low-key affair, with just a handful of my friends turning up but that made it all the more personal and special to me.
Unlike most baby showers, I didn’t really go for decorations as it was just a little do in my local pub, however I did have a few games for my friends to play, and provided food and of course, cupcakes!
This was the first game of the night (and yes, that is my baby’s scan picture at the top). I asked everyone to bring a baby photo of themselves, and all but two did. My Mum was the ‘adjudicator’ of the game, shall we say, and passed the pictures around for us to write down our answers. I failed miserably!
I was so sure I would get my friend Michelle right, but I didn’t! What was worse was that she got me right! However, my friend Sophie was sure she’d get me right, and she didn’t – I got her though!
It came down to a tie-break between Sophie & Michelle, and a few of us pooled a few more photos together to do a tie-break round. Whoever got it right won the prize – Sophie won.
I promised you pictures of cupcakes, so here’s a picture of the gorgeous cupcakes the girls from eatcakelove lovingly made for my baby shower.
I did try to get pictures of my friends eating them, but they went down so well, I wasn’t quite quick enough.
You’ve already met this little beauty on a previous post – and I will tell you, he was absolutely yummy! 😉
I didn’t get pictures of the other food, because to be quite honest – I don’t think you’ll be interested in three platters of sandwiches and three bowls of crisps, would you?
There was so much food that my Mum and I brought back a whole platter for my Dad & Steve to munch their way through!
Although it is customary for the recipient of baby shower gifts to open them at the baby shower, I only opened a few – saving the bigger gifts for when I got home.
Would you like to see what I received?
First of all, I received some lovely cuddly toys from my friend Sophie – which I haven’t got a picture of, because my Mum fell in love with them & has hidden them away until the baby is born…Crazy Mum!!
Next, I received these:
My other friend called Sophie bought me this gorgeous cot bumper and quilt bedding set – Steve was ecstatic at receiving these because we’d literally been looking at bedding yesterday afternoon, & had just managed to resist buying any – so she’s definitely bought us something that we need! I did tell her off slightly, though, because she had bought so much for the baby – and she’s a uni student – she needs to save her pennies!
This is a mixture of gifts from Sophie, who gifted me the above, & her Mum, Celia.
The Cuddle & Dry robe is from Sophie, and the buggy blanket from her mum – very useful!
Another mix from Sophie and Celia – the plush from Celia, and the shower gel and body butter ( a gift especially for me!) from Sophie.
This beautiful box of essentials came from Michelle and her mum Debbie, and aunt Tracey.
It’s filled with all the little pieces we’ll need like baby shampoo, baby powder, soothers, a teether, a little bit of everything really.
& how gorgeous is the box they put it all in?
By far my most favourite item in the box pictured above was this little thing though:
Would you like to see whats inside?
It reads: Bex and Steve, here’s a little guide to be perfect parents…
The message is very personal and touching from Michelle, and I don’t want to share it all here as its something incredibly personal to me, but it basically says that to be perfect parents, me and Steve just have to be ourselves and that she loves us whatever we do.
Believe me, it almost made me cry! It was such a sweet touch, and I’m so thankful to have her as one of, if not my best, friends.
I also received some money from my friend Steph and a little feeding set & flannel from my friend Karen, who you may recall me mentioning when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last month.
All in all, I had a great night, with some great people. Although it was a very intimate affair, it was great to spend some girl time with my best friends.
Have you ever had a baby shower? I’d love to read about them!