In The Post

In The Post
Yet again, I received some lovely items through the post – take a look at these goodies:
What did I receive?
  • Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream – the lovelies over at the Rio Rosa Mosqueta Twitter page recently sent out a tweet to ask if any beauty bloggers would like to review their cream. Now I am not necessarily a beauty blogger, however I thought I’d give the product a try and they sent me out a sample tub of the product – a very generous size too! Look forward to a review coming very soon, and as always, expect total honesty from me. This may have been a free sample, but if I’m not satisfied with the product, expect me to say so.
  • Garnier BB Cream sample – Garnier have recently been offering free samples of their BB cream and having seen a variety of posts on the product (some positive, some negative), I thought I’d see what all the fuss is about. Review post coming soon.
  • Nivea For Men Revitalising Q10 gel – Thought this would be a nice little sample for the boy to try, but he’s being stubborn unfortunately. I will find someone to try it out for me though!
  • Dove Bodywash – Another sample, this time from Dove. I haven’t tried this out yet, but I will very soon.
  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo & conditioner – I love Herbal Essences products, and when I see them offering free samples, I’m always going to input my details in the hope of getting some. Do you use any Herbal Essences products? How do you find them?
Although all of the products seen above are free samples from either the companies websites or Facebook pages, any reviews of the above products will be completely honest, and I will always let you know whether I received the product for free or if I paid for it with my own money.
I also received some other goodies through the post this week, mainly competition wins. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of all of them, but this week I received an Anchor mug and cake tin from the Anchor Facebook page, a baby bath gift set (have no idea where this is from though), a So…? fragrance gift set from a blog giveaway and much more.
I also won an annual Merlin pass worth over £400 this week, and a bottle of Bacardi Oakheart this morning – it has definitely been a lucky week for me, competition wise! Do you ever enter competitions?

REVIEW: Good Things Miracle Mattifying Moisturiser

REVIEW: Good Things Miracle Mattifying Moisturiser
If you’re anything like me and you love a free sample, you’ll often be keeping an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for your favourite brands giving away small samples of their popular products. Recent sample giveaways have included the Burberry Body fragrance, numerous Olay products and this little beauty here – the Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser:
The product, packed with superfruit extracts such as blackcurrant & goji berry, claims to ‘moisturise and mattify skin prone to breakouts’. I have to admit that recently, my skin has been a lot better than normal – I’m putting that down to the pregnancy hormones- but I was interested to see what this product would be like.
Good Things pride themselves on being exactly what they say – full of good things. All their products are free from cosmetic nasties such as parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, animal products and mineral oils. They consistently use natural products, such as the superfruits above, to give us a great cosmetic product without the guilt.
Also, they package their products so beautifully – it is a wonder how anyone can resist owning a Good Things product! Just look at the sample above  – simple but eyecatching, and absolutely stunning. The packaging is what catches people eyes first, so products need to be aesthetically pleasing – and I think Good Things have got it spot on!
The moisturiser itself is white in colour, a little creamy but not too thick – but what attacks your senses first is not the look of the moisturiser itself but the smell – you can definitely smell the superfruits that are within the product. Although the fragrance is what hits you first, it isn’t overpowering which is great in a product, because who wants to be overpowered by the smell?
Application is easy, the product sinks in swiftly, leaving skin feeling refreshed – and the stomach almost hungry at the gorgeous smell of the superfruits! Whereas some mositurisers or creams can leave skin feeling greasy or oily, this particular moisturiser instead leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth – and although I am not as prone to breakouts right now, due to pregnancy, I haven’t noticed a single blemish or spot on my skin – this product definitely does what it says!
Have you ever tried the Good Things range? How did you find them?
I received this product as a free sample from the Good Things facebook page – however, although this was a free sample, all thoughts expressed in this review are entirely my own.

~New Feature~ The Bucket List: 1-10

Hands up how many of you have seen the film of the same name, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? I must admit, I myself haven’t, but I still understand the concept of such a list, and although I’ve seen plenty of 20 before 20, 30 before 30 and similar lists, there just isn’t enough that I want to do in such a short period of time.
However, over my lifetime, there is more than enough stuff that I would love to do, and I thought that I would introduce The Bucket List as a new feature on my blog – every now and then, giving ten things I’d love to do before I die.
This may seem morbid to you, but as someone who loves making lists (just like Bee from Vivatramp – check out her blog if you haven’t before!), I thought this would be a great idea to document what I would love to do, and let you know if I complete any of my goals.
Here are my first ten:
1. Learn to swim (I’m petrified of water due to an incident when I was 4)
2. Swim with dolphins (the only reason I want to do number 1!)
3. Write a novel (I have in fact written a whole book before, handwritten as well – however, being the clutz I am, I misplaced it)
4. Learn to drive (Not necessarily a want, but almost a necessity with a child on the way)
5. Have more children
6. Do an Open University course
7. Visit long lost family in Australia
8. Travel on the Orient-Express (As a lifelong Agatha Christie fan, this would be amazing!)
9. Marry Steve (Well, pretty obvious, really?)
10. Become godmother to a friends child (Who wouldn’t want to be considered for a role like this?)
What would you love to do before you die?

REVIEW: Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation

REVIEW: Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation
You may have seen me talking about the £1 beauty sample box from Latest In Beauty a few times on this blog, and this foundation is one of the samples I received in my first £1 box. The concept of this box is brilliant – it is aimed at those of us who want to try out new samples each month without necessarily having to pay a hefty price tag. Latest In Beauty do have other sample boxes for more than a pound, but I thought I would try this extremely affordable box – for £1 and six samples (2 of each product), how can you go wrong?
The first sample I am going to review is the Mary Kay foundation. I had never heard of Mary Kay before receiving this box, so I took the liberty of googling the name to find out a little more.
For 45 years, Mary Kay has helped women all over the world look great, feel great and achieve their dreams. Mary Kay United Kingdom offers powerhouse skin care for beautiful, healthy-looking skin and body care products that nurture, soften and protect from head to toe.
(taken from the Mary Kay website)
I am extremely fussy when it comes to foundations, and this instance bears no difference. Being paler than pale can be, I opted for the Ivory shade.
Whilst it came out looking quite ivory-toned on my hand, I have to say that once applied to my face, the same could not be said.
It wasn’t orange on my face as such, however, being used to better known brands like Rimmel and their ivory foundations, I found this shade to be a little less ivory, a little more orange-tinted once applied to my face.
No one seemed to notice a drastic difference from my normal foundation however, so although I felt there was an orange tint to it which didn’t suit my skin, it seems others didn’t notice.
On the plus side, the foundation stayed put all day – I applied it at 10am and was still perfect when I took it off that evening. Also, if you’re interested in getting a sample box from the Latest In Beauty range, I’d definitely suggest choosing this as a sample – for a tiny little sachet, there was more than enough product for one application – you could easily manage two, perhaps even three – the product just kept giving!
For a first-time application, I have to say, despite the orange tinge, I am greatly impressed with what this foundation has to offer – I just hope that the slight orange tint in my ivory shade is a one-off!
Have you tried any of the Latest In Beauty sample boxes?
Have you previously tried any Mary Kay cosmetic products?
I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings!

In The Post

In The Post
Quite an uninspiring week on the post front it seems. I received barely anything of interest in the last week, but arrived home last night to this little pile:
Now you can see what I mean by uninspiring. The ABC baby nutrition & feeding guide is from Aptamil – I’ve signed up to all the baby clubs that I can think of, because the freebies, discounts and information you receive can often be invaluable.
I entered a competition to win a holiday in the Shetlands – I did however tick the No box to receiving marketing information – yet they still sent me this tour guide free of charge. I’m quite glad they did though – I’m definitely curious about visiting the islands anyway, and this book has a certain rustic charm about it.
Finally, two free samples – one from Good Things Skincare and another from Olay. Would you like to see reviews on these? Let me know!
Hopefully this week in post will be a bit more exciting – I’m expecting some great competition wins in the next few days – so keep an eye out for those!